Antifa Leader Jayden X Planned Utah’s ‘TERRIOTEST’ to Storm the Capitol on January 6, Is Reporting on War in Ukraine – NOT IN JAIL

The militant Antifa and Black Lives Matter leader who notoriously disguised himself as a Trump supporter during the January 6 Capitol riot, destroyed federal property and riled up the crowd to “Burn this shit down” and paid by the corporate press for footage of the Ashli Babbitt shooting is not in jail with other J6 defendants.

Instead, John Earle Sullivan, the federally indicted founder of Insurgence USA, is reporting on the War in Ukraine.

While scouring through research compiled by “sedition hunters,” The Gateway Pundit discovered John Earl Sullivan’s social media pages where he is posting regular updates on Ukraine.


Sullivan is posting exclusive footage, sometimes hourly, of bombs exploding in the war zone.

James Sullivan, John’s younger brother, is working with government prosecutors to finally put John behind bars, and hold him accountable for the crimes he committed on January 6 and during riots across the country prior to the Capitol riot to stop him from “hurting more people.”

James told this reporter that John is working as a war correspondent in Ukraine.

“Yes, he works for the Ukrainian government. He’s doing stuff over there. He’s been sending money over and supporting the different rebel groups and getting backers behind them,” James told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive. “He periodically goes — he will go back and forth.”

“He’s staying out of prison. He’s not even under house arrest anymore. He doesn’t have an ankle monitored. He’s able to go wherever he wants. He’s left the country. And he’s on video literally inciting violence. It’s absolutely insane. A lot of this is because of the people that are backing him and funding his life. It’s frustrating.

“He currently lives with my father at his house. I am estranged from him. I don’t really talk to him. I keep tabs on him at the house because I have access to CCTV footage there. When he went to Ukraine because I didn’t see him at the house for over a week. I asked my father, my father said he was overseas in Europe. And then I made the connection by going into social media that he is in the Ukraine and I confirmed that with my dad.

On January 14, 2021, TGP uncovered footage from Sullivan’s discord server showcasing Sullivan’s criminal activity on January 6, prompting his immediate arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

In the hour-and-a-half documentary, Sullivan is seen wearing a bulletproof vest, a camouflaged Make America Great Again hat and repeatedly weaving through a crush of protesters to record clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement.

If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this sh*t down!” he screamed as he made his way into the Capitol building.

With a cellphone mounted on an image-stabilizing gimbal, he captured footage of now-infamous defendants from the riot, including the “QAnon Saman.”


“I have a knife! I have a knife!” he repeatedly shouted, moments before he filmed the shooting of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she attempted to clamber through a broken window into the Speaker’s Lobby of the House floor.

According to the Department of Justice, Sullivan is charged with six felonies for his role in the Capitol riot, including Obstruction of an Official Proceeding; Civil Disorder; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building; Parading, Demonstrated, or Picketing in a Capitol Building; Aiding and Abetting.

J6 cases took a wicked turn when the DOJ ramped up misdemeanor trespassing charges for defendants who walked around the Capitol building to “seditious conspiracy,” an unprecedented interpretation of the crime that essentially outlaws thought crimes. Suddenly leaders of the Proud Boys who walked into the Capitol for approximately 20 minutes and committed no violent crimes were facing 20-year prison sentences for allegedly plotting a terror attack.  

Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes never entered the Capitol building or committed acts of violence on January 6 and was sentenced to 18 years in prison, Rhodes on May 25. US District Judge Amet Mehta added terror enhancements to Rhodes’ sentence for warning in an interview that “the 2020 election was not only stolen but taken by unconstitutional means.”

Former Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio, who did not attend the Capitol Riot and was not in DC on January 6, was detained in solitary confinement for over two years and will be sentenced on Aug. 30 for seditious conspiracy. “1776 Returns,” the only documented plan disseminated amongst the Proud Boys ahead of January 6 was created by the FBI, misleading some members of the group to believe there was a plan.

At least 1,033 of J6 defendants have been arrested. Approximately 277 defendants have been sentenced to time behind bars and roughly 113 defendants have been sentenced to a period of home detention. The FBI is still seeking the public’s help to identify people who took part in one of the most investigated riots in US history

Sullivan who actually premeditated and orchestrated Utah’s “Terriotest” group’s plan to storm the Capitol on January 6 is not charged with seditious conspiracy. 

During a December 2020 rally, Sullivan urged a crowd of protesters to drag Trump out of the White House.

“We got to fucking– we got to fucking rip Trump out of that office right over there and fucking pull him out that shit,” he yelled through a bullhorn.


J6 defendants are being handed lengthier sentences for fundraising to help support their families while incarcerated and legal fees. Jayden X is earning income from nearly 700 supporters on his Patreon account, where he posts exclusive content from the Ukraine war.

Jade Sacker, an investigative journalist, was filming a documentary about John and James and accompanied John at protests across the country. Sacker and John were interviewed by CNN on January 6.

In the days leading up to the Capitol riot, Sacker secretly recorded John to avoid being incriminated as John conspired in violent activity, James explained.

“We have footage of John being on Zoom calls, just from Jade’s footage, like — he trusted her a lot. She has footage of him being on his Zoom calls prior to January 6 where they discussed the [missed] opportunities that they could have taken on December 12, the first time that the patriots went to the Capitol. They were basically saying, ‘This is where they went, Freedom Plaza,’ ‘There is where we could ignite,’ basically ignite anarchy,’ ‘This is where we can get them [Trump supporters] to slip up, ‘We need to have our camera people here and here on January 6.’

“They had 16 cameramen, that were on all sides of the Capitol that were solely there just to catch patriots basically slip up. To get any type of dialogue John had one him and then he also had Jade Sacker recording him.

Jeff Rose on Twitter: "Out of over 100,000 protesters on J6, what are the odds Ray Epps, a suspected Fed, would be caught in a photo right beside John Sullivan, a

“She got him pushing Ashli Babbitt to the front of the crowd, he was directly behind her. She has him passing out metal poles that have, like, this special silver ball that’s made for breaking windows – passing it out to people so they could break windows to different offices and stuff. She has him basically laughing at Ashli Babbitt. She has footage of Ashli Babbitt dying, but she has footage of him laughing at her dying – like, on camera. It’s sickening, you can watch it. I’ll message Jade tonight and see if she will send me her share drive.”

John also met with Ray Epps on January 5 and 6.

“Jade said she didn’t really know who Ray Epps was until after the fact, but she thought it was weird that John was talking to an old man. She didn’t know, she kept asking ‘Who is this guy?’ The night before January 6, they met in front of the Hampton Hotel. We not only have the footage from Jade, but there’s also CCTV footage that she was able to get a hold of or just ask for and they gave it to her,” James said. “John had met with Epps about an hour before everyone was in Freedom Plaza rallying and stuff and getting amped for the next day.

“When Ray Epps was in the plaza saying that we should go storm the Capitol –just sounding absolutely autistic, you can look at that video — John is right next to him following him around. Jade told me, ‘Ray said he would show John the ropes of what needed to be done.’ After that, she just had him on camera walking with Ray from Hamilton to Freedom Plaza. It’s all connected. It’s not really a conspiracy.”

James warns men who were found guilty of seditious conspiracy are being accused of “exactly what John has done —  on camera. ”

“Just use. logic. If you use logic, for instance, the Proud Boys did a fraction of what John did,” he said.

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Reagan appointee who previously presided over former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s cases, allowed Sullivan to be released from jail following his arrest.

According to court documents filed on February 16, 2021, government prosecutors asked for Sullivan to be released under the conditions he remains on house arrest and GPS monitoring, and be prohibited from using Twitter, Facebook and encrypted social media platforms.

Judge Sullivan rejected the government’s proposals for precondition release noting, neither recommendation “has been demonstrated to be necessary to protect the safety of the community or assure Mr. Sullivan’s [court] appearance as required.” The judge, however, prohibited Sullivan from “travel outside of the state of Utah without prior permission from pretrial services” and “travel outside the continental United States without pretrial court approval.” Sullivan was also required to “surrender any passports” and prohibited from obtaining new passports.

Judge Sullivan warned John that violating the terms of his pretrial release conditions could lead to another motion to hold him in custody while he awaits trial, or an issue a warrant for his arrest.

No motion has been filed on the docket in Sullivan’s case authorizing his travel outside the United States. While attorneys of J6 defendants and their families are burdened with the expense of travel to Washington DC to attend their trial, all of Sullivan’s court hearings have been held “via videoconference and telephonically in compliance with the COVID-19 pandemic stay-safer-at-home orders.”

Federally indicted defendants are not permitted to leave the country without authorization from a probation officer or a judge.

The Department of Justice has not replied to TGP inquiries regarding Sullivan’s authorization to leave the US and work for the Ukrainian government at the time of this publication.

Sullivan’s attorneys argue in a June 19 motion that  Sullivan’s indictment should be dismissed because “there is not a single mention of John Sullivan in the report on the Select Committee,” Trump is responsible for the riot “has not to date been charged.” and Sullivan is subject to “selective prosecution”

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