Jail Officials Place Widely Reviled J6er into DC Gulag Wing Causing Violence – At Least 14 Inmates Moved to Alternative Detainment

J6 prisoners inside the DCCTF “Gulag” – March 5, 2023

With reporting from Mel Hawley (TMI) and Ashton Richie (CondemnedUSA)

Sources inside the District of Columbia Correctional Treatment Facility, report a “rough day” inside the jail after a fight broke out between several inmates inside the “Patriot Wing” of the facility. 

As was Friday reported by The Gateway Pundit, tensions were running high, and a dangerous situation was developing as one of the latest J6 Defendants, Taylor Taranto, was admitted into the prison where many January 6th defendants are currently housed.

According to multiple sources, who asked not to be identified, long-standing internal friction among J6 prisoners mixed with incompetent administrative decisions and led to a perfect storm. 

Violence ensued, and at least 14 prisoners have now been removed from the wing. 

 DJ, Barry Ramey, Brian Jackson, Bonowitz, and Shane Jenkins were taken out of here along with that Antifa guy (Taranto).”

“It’s been a rough day, and we are all on lockdown,” the source added while noting that Jake Lang and Mason Courson have also been removed for questioning about the incident. 

Sources say the situation worsened after inmates informed a guard, Officer Pender, that releasing Taranto into general population was a terrible idea. 

“The vast majority of us who couldn’t stand this guy had our own meeting to discuss how we were going to handle this. We came to an agreement that we weren’t going to resort to violence, but we were going to inquire as to why this guy was disrespecting Ashli Babbitt’s murder in front of her very mother and for him to go back to his cell.”

As the situation quickly spun out of control, Taranto is said to have “doubled down” on his insults toward Ashli Babbitt — reportedly saying “he didn’t give a fuck about” Ashli or her mother, Michelle Witthoeft. 

Michelle Witthoeft and Nicole Reffitt walking in DC – August 2022

Taranto reportedly expressed that he was “within his right to advertise her death,” at which point J6 prisoner reportedly “came to his defense and agreed with him, and then things became violent after that.”

While details remain sketchy, and reports are still coming in that more inmates are presently being removed from the wing, it’s obvious that no warnings were heeded. An easily avoidable and dangerous altercation was allowed to occur by DC CTF administrators. 

Another source expressed disappointment with what happened and thanked God that he wasn’t directly involved. 

“Well, there has been a ruckus, that’s for sure. It has been brewing for days. The jail brought Taylor Taranto into the Gulag, I and others told the C/ O’s that there would be trouble, but the jail knows best! Today they let Taranto out of his cell, and a few guys jumped him in one of the TV rooms. Two guys were already in that TV room talking to him (friendly) when the others went in there after a private meeting.”

“Sad day for the J•6 gulag to behave this way. We should adhere to a higher standard,” the source explained. 

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