WATCH: “Should Secretary Mayorkas Be Impeached?” – Border Patrol Chief Rául Ortiz Confronted by RAV Correspondent Ben Bergquam After Admitting That We DO NOT Have Control Of The Southern Border “Crisis”

Ben Bergquam, the greatest reporter on the southern border crisis in our country, confronted Chief Raul Ortiz yesterday over Alejandro Mayorkas’ handling of our southern border after Ortiz admitted that the US has lost control of the border under Joe Biden.

Over five million illegal aliens flooded across the border during the first two years of the Biden administration, yet DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has repeated the claim that the “border is secure.” This is criminal negligence, if not a coverup of the federal government’s cooperation with the Sinaloa Cartels to systemically destroy America.

Mayorkas must be immediately impeached and investigated for his crimes.

GOP Congressman Paul Gosar recently told The Gateway Pundit to “stay tuned” for investigations and inquiries into Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley and Secretary Mayorkas for their handling of our national security.

Congressman Eli Crane also told The Gateway Pundit, “I will absolutely vote to impeach Secretary Mayorkas because there’s been a complete dereliction of duty at the southern border.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that on Wednesday, US Border Patrol Chief Raúl Ortiz defied DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden by saying the border is in “crisis” and the US does not have control of its border.

Chief Ortiz also testified that Biden should complete the US border wall with Mexico.

Border Patrol Chief Defies Joe Biden: Testifies Border Patrol DOES NOT Have Control of Border, It is a “Crisis,” and They Should Finish Trump Wall (VIDEO)

After making this admission, Chief Ortiz was confronted by Real America’s Voice Correspondent Ben Bergquam, asking, “should Secretary Mayorkas be impeached, sir?” Ortiz actually responded, “no, sir.”

Bergquam then said, “how can you say no when you know he’s broken his oath? You’ve had 17 suicides. How can you say the morale of Border Patrol has not been affected? Border Patrol deserves better, sir.”

Ortiz refused to answer any more of Ben’s questions and ducked into a room to avoid disobeying Mayorkas and Biden again.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on leaked videos showing Border Patrol agents ripping Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to their faces. Border Patrol agents who risk their lives to protect our borders have no faith in their leadership.

Bergquam tweeted the clip below:

“Wrong answer,” said Bergquam.

Bergquam: After admitting that Border Patrol does not have “operational control” on the southern border I questioned Border Patrol Chief, Raul Ortiz – “Should Secratary Mayorkas be impeached?” He actually answered the question. Sadly with the wrong answer! Border Patrol deserves better

No confidence in Ortiz!

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