Biden Admin Releases Thanksgiving Dinner Cheat Sheet for Family Arguments: When “that Uncle” Comes “at You” About @POTUS

“Happy Thanksgiving! Did you hear how Joe Biden lowered gas prices?”

“Biden sold off our strategic reserves and fist bumped MBS but gas is still higher than under Trump.”

“Pass the cranberry sauce, you MAGA maggot.”

Turkey pardons turkey, file screen image.

The Biden administration posted a Thanksgiving Day cheat sheet Wednesday to stoke family arguments at tomorrow’s holiday gatherings (complete with embarrassing typo.)

White House officials, including Chief of Staff Ron Klain, tweeted the cheat sheet, “One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: some talking points when “that Uncle” comes “at you” about @POTUS”.

The typo:

Things could get spicy around the dinner table if the MAGA uncle pulls out this Thanksgiving 20 percent inflation chart from his back pocket.

Source: Farm Bureau.

The stuffing might start flying if uncle pulls out his smartphone and shows Steve Cortes on inflation.

The purple haired aunties at the table might get the vapors if shown how Biden drained the SPR to buy votes in the November election.

Dueling drum sticks might be wielded if uncle pulls out Bill Melugin border invasion videos.

The nukes might start flying if Ukraine is brought up.

Pray for peace (at the dinner table.)

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