The New York Times and Washington Post Suddenly Concerned About the Upcoming Midterm Elections

The leaders in the Mainstream Media are beginning to realize that their lies are no longer working and Americans are fed up with these lies and the lies of the Biden Administration.  

The New York Times on Sunday shared its concerns that GOP is focused on candidates in Texas in areas that were traditionally Democrat:

The crowd — awash in boots and red-white-and-blue accessories — is in high spirits, fueled by sliders, guac and chips and margaritas. A mariachi band waits in the wings for the grand finale. Onstage, Ms. Flores, whose surprise victory in a special election in June made her the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in the U.S. House since 1871, gives a shout-out to the local candidates working the crowd. “Elections at the local level matter just as much,” she tells those assembled. “I need you to vote Republican from top to bottom. Every election matters,” she stresses. “Their election matters just as much as mine.”

She is not wrong. And Democrats would be wise to start freaking out a little more about the Republican Party’s growing focus on local races in its quest to transform the political landscape of South Texas…

To make this happen, Republicans are working to exploit a couple of key weaknesses in the opposition. One is Democrats’ complacency about the electorate in South Texas, born of the assumption that it has always been and will always be blue — a dangerous corollary of the equally dangerous conventional wisdom that Hispanic voters will always vote blue.

The far-left Washington Post also shared that independents are concerned about the horrible economy and super-high gas prices:

The liberal Navigator public tracking poll flashed a major warning sign for Democrats in mid-October, reporting a 20 percentage point jump since September in the share of independent voters concerned about the economy and gas prices.

That was not the only data showing a turning of the tide in the battle for Congress. Regional challenges had shown up in internal Democratic polls from deep blue sanctums in the Pacific Northwest, New York and even Rhode Island, Democratic strategists say. Crime, a major focus of Republican advertising, has also risen as a major issue in several races.

Candidates say they have felt the ground shift.

“The economic concern is definitely worse, and I think that is probably part of what has corroded concern about abortion rights,” said Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, 34, a Democratic candidate for Congress in southern Washington State.

These horribly dishonest publications that push stories for the Deep State in place of reporting on the news are finally seeing reality strike.

Conservatives are beyond frustrated with these publications pushing the Russia collusion lies given to them by the Mueller gang while covering up for the stolen 2020 election.  These entities are what Lee Smith was referring to when he argues that the American media is no longer media but more a tool of the intel communities to keep the American people in line.

“We’re Looking at Something Very Different – The Press Being Part of the Intelligence Community” – Lee Smith Describes the Latest Role of the Fake News (VIDEO)

Thanks to publications like The Gateway Pundit, the truth is getting out there.  These corrupt Deep State-led organizations that promote lies are seeing what happens when the truth makes it out to the people. 

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