“We’re Looking at Something Very Different – The Press Being Part of the Intelligence Community” – Lee Smith Describes the Latest Role of the Fake News (VIDEO)

Author and investigative journalist Lee Smith explained the dangerous development inside our national media.

According to Lee Smith, and what appears to be quite evident, the American mainstream media is now part of the intelligence community. This was proven time and time again during the Trump years.

The purpose of today’s mainstream press is not to inform, but to move the masses in the direction designated by the intelligence community.

There are several examples of this:

** The Trump-Russia dossier
** The Trump peepee tapes
** The Alfa Bank lies
** Hunter Biden’s laptop of family crimes
** Joe Biden’s sniffing and rubbing
** Joe Biden’s clear dementia
** Elections are secure
** Vaccines are safe
** Vaccines stop the spread
** The COVID-19 virus was from a wet market
** Trump organized an insurrection

In each of these instances, the intel community along with Democrat leaders led the mainstream media to lie to the American public either by planting false information or by ignoring stories that harmed their cause.

Lee Smith: The important point and I emphasize this every time I speak to people about this issue is this. It’s not that the press is lazy. It’s not that the press is ignorant. The press is the outward face of the national security apparatus right now. This didn’t always use to be the case. We’re all familiar with the fact that the press has historically leaned to the left. That’s not what we’re looking at now. We’re looking at something very, very different. We’re looking at the press being a part of the intelligence community.

They’re the ones who are putting these operations out there. Whether we’re looking at the media’s effort to hide Hunter Biden’s laptop. Remember what happened here? We had the 50 plus intelligence officials saying, “Oh, that’s Russian disinformation.” That’s pushed into places like The New York Times and CNN. And how all of these outfits including social media are preventing this real news from getting out there. When the New York Post published it, they blocked it. They threw the New York Post’s account off of Twitter. So again as we move forward this is the fundamental thing to understand.

This is also why the intelligence community uses many of the same far-left reporters to spread their lies, time after time.

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