EXCLUSIVE – ANDREW WEISSMANN PART V: Weissmann Concealed the FBI’s Source Used in Indictments in the Early 1990’s Was Mafia Hitman Responsible for 50 Murders

While working at the Eastern District of New York’s Department of Justice in the early 1990’s, Andrew Weissmann was known as a “pathological liar”.  This is the same man who reportedly led the Mueller gang and is still trying to stop President Trump from ever sitting in the White House again.

On Wednesday we shared the story about Weissmann and the FBI and his actions in indicting the mob.

Attorney David Schoen shared with The Gateway Pundit his understanding of the Michael Sessa story yesterday.  Schoen as you recall, was the attorney for President Trump during one of the impeachments by the corrupt politicians in DC of President Trump.

Attorney Schoen shared the following:

I consider this to be the most corrupt prosecution by the Department of Justice in the history of the Justice Department and I’m familiar with other candidates.”

According to Schoen:

I have said, from my personal experience at least with this case, I consider Andrew Weissmann to be the most ethically bankrupt prosecutor I have ever encountered, and that’s a pretty broad spectrum of prosecutors over the course of my career…

…I’ll tell you this, in all of this universe of misconduct that happened in this case, only one lawyer for the government was ever singled out that I am aware of , ever singled out by name by a judge.  And that’s federal judge, and Chief Judge at the time, Sifken wrote an order in the case characterizing Weissmann’s since of ethics in the case as “myopic” and something that needed to be addressed.

Judge Sifton succumbed to requests to remove Weissmann’s name from the opinion per a request from the EDNY but here is the document before it was changed showing Weissmann’s name:


According to a piece by Schoen at Sara Carter’s website:

Government informants have reported to us repeatedly that Weissmann and his colleagues lied to the court regularly and that the judges seemed intimidated.  One of Weissmann’s primary witnesses was caught on tape saying that he was told what he was to testify to over and over again.

When I began investigating these cases, I met with Vic Orena’s lawyer, one of New York’s most respected criminal defense lawyers for decades.  He was outraged by what he had seen from Weissmann.  He told me that he refers to Weissmann as “the pathological liar” after the SNL character and he chuckled.  I asked him how he could laugh about it.  He said that he has found Weissmann to be so evil and his behavior so outrageous that they never know what dirty trick he will use next and then deny and so all he could do was shake his head and laugh at how absurd it was that he kept getting away with it.

Finally, in 1997, it seemed like Weissmann would be stopped.  The Chief federal judge in Brooklyn wrote an opinion addressing the corrupt relationship between the agent and Scarpa that Weissmann had concealed, that by then finally had come to light.  In his opinion the judge singled out and excoriated Weissmann by name for his “myopic” view of his ethical obligations and his “reprehensible” conduct in withholding this critical evidence from defendants.  [Noted by Schoen above.] However, Weissmann’s boss wrote to the judge asking him to remove Weissmann’s name, for fear it would impact his career.  Shockingly, the judge complied and issued a new opinion without Weissmann’s name.  I have both opinions and the letter.  This clearly set Weissmann on the path to believing correctly that he would be able to make a career out of engaging in prosecutorial misconduct and obtaining wrongful convictions with impunity.

At the same time in the early 1990’s Weissmann and his team were using a mafia hitman, Greg Scarpa, responsible for over 50 murders, as a source in their cases against the mob.

Weissmann and his colleagues claimed that there was an internal feud within the so-called Colombo organized crime family in New York.  It is now clear that this “war” was a battle initiated by perhaps the most corrupt FBI agent in history, in league with government informants.  The agent chose sides in the family and pitted one faction against another.  The agent worked in tandem with a brutal mafia killer, Gregory Scarpa [below], who admitted to over 50 murders and actually committed many more.  The agent effectively gave Scarpa a license to kill and, according to Scarpa’s son, who I have interviewed extensively, the agent participated in crimes with Scarpa (and his son), including several murders, and was paid for his help in providing information to Scarpa about his next victims.  Ultimately the agent was charged with several murders and with helping on others.  All of this took place while the agent was Weissmann’s case agent.

In fact, we now know that in 1992, when Scarpa was arrested on a gun charge in the middle of his killing spree, the corrupt agent went to Weissmann and his colleagues to get Scarpa out of the charges and they intervened, continuing his license to kill.  And killing is exactly what Scarpa did.  He did not confine his killing to fellow mafiosos.  Rather, through the license Scarpa effectively was given, completely innocent civilians were killed, including a 17 year old boy and a doctor.

When Weissmann ultimately was confronted with indisputable evidence of the corrupt relationship between the agent and Scarpa, according to a former federal prosecutor involved with the cases, Weissmann instructed her that the government had no obligation to disclose this corruption to the defendants in any of the cases they were working, including cases in which Scarpa had been the source of information against the defendant and in which the corrupt agent testified under oath.

A 302 filled out by Wiessmann covering this time period was eventually unearthed.  The 302 had numerous edits on it.  This 302 was filled out by Weissmann two months before the Michael Sessa trial where killer Scarpa was used as a source by the FBI.  This 302 shows that Weissmann knew that Scarpa was an FBI informant but this was withheld from the trial.  Sessa sits in prison now 30 years because of this omission.

FD-302 (Rev. 3-10-82) – Weissmann by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Andrew Weissmann is one of the most corrupt individuals to work in the DOJ.  He doesn’t seem to care who he hurts, it’s all about the end game. 

None of Weissmann’s actions in the Sessa case prevented Weissmann from running the Enron Task force with Robert Mueller which led to over 80,000 Arthur Andersen professionals needlessly losing their jobs in the early 2000s. 

None of Weissmann’s actions prevented four Merrill Lynch professionals from facing time in prison, one in solitary, who were later found innocent in the mid-2000s.

None of this prevented Weissmann from leading the Mueller witchhunt in its attempted coup of the President of the United States.  The list of unethical and arguably criminal actions by Weissmann in the Mueller witchhunt is as well unending.

This was the beginning of the many corrupt acts attributable to Andrew Weissmann and the DOJ over the past three decades. 

Weissmann today is still trying to get President Trump. 


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