EXCLUSIVE – ANDREW WEISSMANN PART I: The Many Corrupt Acts of Former DOJ Attorney and Mueller ‘Pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann and his part in decades of criminal activities. 

We first heard about Andrew Weissmann during the Mueller Special Counsel.  It was uncovered that Weissmann was at Hillary’s 2016 Inauguration [funeral] party.

This made no sense to this former international audit executive.  There are ethics practices in auditing that prevent partaking in audits where you have a conflict of interest, whether real or perceived.  This guy Weissmann should never have been assigned to the Mueller team.  Something was up.

Either the US Has a System of Justice or It Doesn’t – Mueller Witchhunt Conflicts of Interest Are Key

Some believe the Mueller gang was led by Weissmann.  This gang deviated from standard practices or committed crimes over 130 times in their attempted coup against President Trump.  Again, Weissmann was a key member in this gang.

THE UPDATED LIST: 130 Times the FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang “Deviated from Standard Practice” or Committed Crimes in Efforts to Exonerate Hillary and Indict President Trump

We accumulated a list of numerous actions by the Mueller gang and Weissmann that appeared corrupt or even criminal during the Trump Presidency.

Mueller and His Team of Angry Democrats Withheld Evidence, Lied to the Court and Indicted Innocent Men… Are These Crooks Looking at Jail Time?

At the time we didn’t know it, but this was only the beginning of the many corrupt acts attributable to Andrew Weissmann at the DOJ over decades.  This is the man trying to indict President Trump. 

Much more to come…

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