EXCLUSIVE – ANDREW WEISSMANN PART IV: “I Consider Andrew Weissmann to be the Most Ethically Bankrupt Prosecutor I Have Ever Encountered” – Attorney David Schoen (VIDEO)

Attorney David Schoen joined The Gateway Pundit to discuss the actions of corrupt DOJ attorney Andrew Weissmann.

David Schoen is well-versed in the actions of the Eastern New York Department of Justice in the early and mid-1990s.  One case that he is particularly interested in is the one involving Michael Sessa.

Michael Sessa sits in prison today.  He has been in prison for 30 years due to Andrew Weissmann’s actions in his case in the early 1990s.  Weissman’s actions in Sessa’s case led to the most corrupt prosecution in the history of the DOJ.

We shared the story about Michael Sessa yesterday.

EXCLUSIVE – ANDREW WEISSMANN PART III: For 30 Years a Condemned Man Sits in Prison Because of Weissman’s Actions in the Most Corrupt Prosecution in DOJ History

Today, attorney David Schoen shared with The Gateway Pundit his understanding of the Michael Sessa story.  Schoen as you recall, was the attorney for President Trump during one of the impeachments by the corrupt politicians in DC of President Trump.

Attorney Schoen shared the following:

I consider this to be the most corrupt prosecution by the Department of Justice in the history of the Justice Department and I’m familiar with other candidates.  For a time, I represented the family of James Bulger which also had terrible government misconduct.  But this here was a campaign of government misconduct just about from start to finish.

There was an agenda by the prosecution to make their names on this case.  The case involved the so-called Columbo crime family in New York.  The story the government told was there was an internacine fight, a struggle for control, but it turns out really that the government fomented this war that took place.

The government used as an informant, the reported underboss of Columbo family, Gregory Scarpa, Sr., stone cold killer, and they took steps to ensure that he stayed on the street.  They knew he was killing people.

(Above is a picture of Gregory Scarpa, mentioned above, this man is responsible for at least 60 murders and was the star witness for Weissmann in the Michael Sessa case.)

According to Schoen, at one point Scarpa was arrested with a gun, and with the help of Weissmann and others, he stayed on the street.  According to Schoen:

Andrew Weissmann was right in the heart of it.  I have said, from my personal experience at least with this case, I consider Andrew Weissmann to be the most ethically bankrupt prosecutor I have ever encountered, and that’s a pretty broad spectrum of prosecutors over the course of my career…

…I’ll tell you this, in all of this universe of misconduct that happened in this case, only one lawyer for the government was ever singled out that I am aware of , ever singled out by name by a judge.  And that’s federal judge, and Chief Judge at the time, Sifken wrote an order in the case characterizing Weissmann’s since of ethics in the case as “myopic” and something that needed to be addressed.

Judge Sifton succumbed to requests to remove Weissmann’s name from the opinion per a request from the EDNY but here is the document before it was changed showing Weissmann’s name:

Schoen went on to say:

Once this evidence of the corruption came out, the corrupt relationship [with Scarpa], the next big trial was before Judge Ed Korman and this was with several defendants from the same organization, same underlying facts, supposedly the same war – all of them were acquitted because Judge Korman ordered that the jury be told about this corrupt relationship that was withheld entirely from Michael Sessa’s jury.

Weissmann went on to be Mueller’s counsel at the FBI.  A whole gang of people followed Weissmann into the DOJ and FBI.

Every other defendant in similar cases as Michael Sessa was acquitted but Michael Sessa sits in prison.

48 different jurors heard cases related to this and all of them came to the conclusion of not guilty.

Schoen ended with this:

When you have a corrupt prosecution, you imperil first of all the integrity of the system itself, but secondly, the defendent who was on trial whose rights were denied, that person has a family, loved ones, wife, parents, children, all of those people have their lives changed irretrievably.

As you say, Michael Sessa’s been in prison over half of his life perhaps…There’s no end to it because people are afraid.  People are afraid to challenge the government or they buy into this ends justify the means.  Our system cannot withstain that kind of mentality.

See the entire interview with David Schoen below.

Andrew Weissmann is one of the most corrupt individuals to work in the DOJ.  He doesn’t seem to care who he hurts, it’s all about the end game. 

None of Weissmann’s actions in the Sessa case prevented Weissmann from running the Enron Task force with Robert Mueller which led to over 80,000 Arthur Andersen professionals needlessly losing their jobs in the early 2000s. 

None of Weissmann’s actions prevented four Merrill Lynch professionals from facing time in prison, one in solitary, who were later found innocent in the mid-2000s.

None of this prevented Weissmann from leading the Mueller witchhunt in its attempted coup of the President of the United States.  The list of unethical and arguably criminal actions by Weissmann in the Mueller witchhunt is as well unending.

This was the beginning of the many corrupt acts attributable to Andrew Weissmann and the DOJ over the past three decades. 

Weissmann today is still trying to get President Trump. 


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