“Freedom and Democracy are in Grave Danger” – 20 Masked Antifa Attack Conservative Candidate in Germany in Broad Daylight

Guest post by Richard Abelson in Europe

While the hunt is on for Trump supporters in the US, Europe leads the way as far as political persecution of conservatives and suppression of free speech.

A German Member of Parliament was attacked on the street by 20 violent Antifa thugs on Saturday and government truth commissions now want to censor online news content. 

(Above Schwarz before the attack)

On Saturday morning at 9:45 am, three members of the conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) party were attacked by 20 masked hoodlums at a campaign booth in Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg, including Bundestag member Jürgen Braun, State Senate candidate Stephan Schwarz and an 80-year-old volunteer. While Braun managed to escape unharmed, Schwarz was pummeled to the ground with clubs and metal rods and had to be hospitalized. The  80-year-old man was clubbed as well. The attack was well organized and planned, Braun said, the Antifa thugs hid their attack with a banner so passers-by couldn’t see what was going on. Five suspects were arrested on Saturday. In similar cases like the attack on Frank Magnitz or at the Berlin Film Fest, there are usually never any arrests made.

While the leftist media like to portray the AfD as a danger to democracy, a recent parliamentary query revealed that roughly half of all political violence in Germany is directed against the AfD (47%), almost as much as all other parties together. The German Federal Police recorded 694 violent attacks on the AfD 2020 out of a total of 1,534 incidents of political violence, usually committed by left-wing attackers.

At the same time, the Merkel government has announced it will spend 1 billion taxpayer Euros 2021-2024 to fight the “far-right” and “racism”, which also means any conservative politicians who disagree with mainstream leftist ideology. It is technically illegal for the government to spend taxpayer money on political propaganda. That doesn’t stop the “Open Borders” Merkel government from funding groups that openly support violent Antifa, as Gateway Pundit reported.

Now, German state media authorities have announced they will come after alternative media sites for so-called “Fake News”. Technically, the German constitution guarantees freedom of the press. However, in a country run by former Communist Youth League propaganda officer Angela Merkel, this doesn’t seem to matter anymore. The State Media Board of Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) sent a letter to conservative news site “Freie Welt” last week, run by conservative activist Sven von Storch, announcing it is responsible for “policing content” and “violations of journalistic integrity”.

The letter cites two articles on the COVID pandemic it believes “may violate journalistic standards” and orders “Freie Welt” to “examine and change” these articles as well as “your entire platform”. Otherwise, the Media Board threatens to take “legal action”. It is not clear what law the news portal is claimed to have violated. Article 5 of the German Constitution, written after the Third Reich, specifically prohibits censorship.

The State Media Board of Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) co-sponsors the famed Berlin Film Festival and co-funds many Hollywood film productions, such as Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”, Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” and “French Dispatch” or the 5th Season of Fox’s “Homeland”. The city of Berlin is run by a leftist red-green coalition that includes members of the former East German Communist Party. Last spring Interior Secretary Andreas Geisel accused President Trump of trying to steal a shipment of PPE headed for Germany in Bangkok, a claim which turned out to be completely fake.

German mainstream media made headlines in recent years with rampant anti-Trump fake news, including the entirely bogus stories made up by CNN award-winning journalist Claas Relotius of “Der Spiegel” about allegedly gun-toting, bible-thumping racist Trump supporters. While in Berlin, former US Ambassador Richard Grenell frequently called out “Der Spiegel” over its vile anti-American racism, and demanded an ethics inquiry into the leftist rag which never happened. There are no reports of media authorities sending threatening letters to “Der Spiegel” magazine.

“This is a scandal which leaves you speechless”, AfD Bundestag vice-chair Beatrix von Storch said in a video, whose husband runs the “Freie Welt” website. “We will not stand for this, together with all the citizens who want the freedom of the press. Our freedom and democracy are in grave danger. We will not permit this to happen.”

The German political police have already publicly announced it will place parts of the AfD it considers “far-right” under surveillance, which Gateway Pundit predicted as early as 2018. In the current election year, the Merkel government is apparently looking for a reason to use Gestapo methods against the political opposition, as police raided the home of alternative journalist Hermann S. last July on made-up charges.

Recent leaks from Berlin showed the left-wing Interior Secretary Andreas Geisel putting pressure on his own secret police and firing people who had objected that the AfD does not qualify as “far-right”. Geisel was a member of the East German Communist Party from 1987 to 1989.

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