US Ambassador to Germany Accuses #FakeNews Mag Der Spiegel of Anti-American Bias

Top German reporter at the liberal mag Der Spiegel was fired last week.

Claas Relotius at Germany’s far left Der Spiegel magazine fabricated his stories.

He got caught after he trashed Trump supporters in a recent piece. It was a completely made up story.

Claas Relotius won CNN’s journalist of the year award in 2014.

Claas admitted to fabricating interviews and sources in at least 14 articles.
The left loved him.
CNN gave him their top journalist award to this Fake News reporter in 2014.

On Friday US Ambassador Richard Grenell challenged Der Spiegel on their anti-US bias.


The magazine has yet to give Grenell an answer.

The AJC Berlin agreed with Ambassador Grenell.

AJC (translated): Again and again, this is @Spiegel contested by anti-American clichés. Not just since the scandal #Relotius. His lies fed well into the magazine’s often propagated American image. We hope that the scandal will be used as an opportunity to reflect on it.

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