DISGUSTING: Anti-American Magazine Der Spiegel Smears US Ambassador Richard Grenell – Slanders Him as Neo-Nazi

Top German reporter at the liberal mag Der Spiegel was fired in late December.

Claas Relotius at Germany’s far left Der Spiegel magazine fabricated his stories.

He got caught after he trashed Trump supporters in a recent piece. It was a completely made up story.

Claas Relotius won CNN’s journalist of the year award in 2014.

Claas admitted to fabricating interviews and sources in at least 14 articles.
The left loved him.
CNN gave him their top journalist award to this Fake News reporter in 2014.

Following this fake news revelation US Ambassador Richard Grenell challenged Der Spiegel on their anti-US bias.


Grenell asked them to explain how this could have happened.


On Friday Der Spiegel delivered their response.

Rather than answering the US Ambassador’s question they linked him to neo-nazi group The Daily Stormer.

But there’s no anti-American bias at Der Spiegel, right?

Voice of Europe reported:

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” launched an unprecedented attack on the chief representative of the United States, Ambassador Richard Grenell, associating him with Neo-Nazis.

In the wake of the scandal surrounding Fake News reporting by “Der Spiegel”, the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell charged Germany’s leading newsweekly with anti-American bias and requested an independent inquiry into the magazine’s editorial practices in December.

Instead of an apology and self-critical introspection, the “Spiegel” has now launched an unprecedented attack on the chief representative of the United States, the nation that has guaranteed Germany’s security and defense for 70 years.

Petr Bystron, the AfD spokesman on the foreign policy committee of the German Bundestag, commented: “Richard Grenell is a cancer survivor, the first openly gay US Ambassador, and the intellectual thought leader of the current US administration in Europe, who actively speaks out for citizens, for a strong German-American partnership, for the values of Western democracy, for Israel and against Iranian terror. If such a remarkable personality were left-wing, “Der Spiegel” and the entire German media would be fawning over him like a rock star.”

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