Will Judge Amy Berman Jackson Succeed In Giving Roger Stone Death Penalty?

President Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone was convicted in the Mueller Witch hunt on five counts of lying to Congress and a grab-bag in which all these charges were wrapped together for a seventh charge of obstruction.

Now, Judge Amy Berman Jackson has sentenced Stone to death for these nonviolent process crimes!

Late Friday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson ignored the substance of Stone’s motion to either delay his surrender date or mandate home confinement due to the dangers of Coronavirus, and ordered him to report to prison on July 14.

Given the lack of transparency and the uncertain situation regarding the dangers of Coronavirus at the Jesup corrections facility in Georgia. Prison guards, employees and their union have complained about the lack of masks, the lack of gloves, no hand-washing regimens and no efforts at internal social distancing. At 67 years old and with a history of asthma, Jackson’s ruling is the same as giving Stone the death penalty, while Stone’s case is under appeal.

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The Federal Guidelines for these offenses is 18 months. The original four prosecutors in Stone’s case, who the fake news media endlessly and incorrectly described as “non-political career line prosecutors,” but all of whom had deep ties to either Obama or Clinton, resigned when superiors at the DOJ declined to sign off on a 7 to 9 years sentence. Nonetheless, the real career prosecutor recommended and won a term of 40 months Trump hating Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s ruling is self-serving. She knows that if the appeal of Stone’s conviction filed with the DC Court of Appeals is heard a year from now, her epic corruption and the corruption of the little cabal of her clerks that control her as well as the corruption of Mueller’s dirty cops will be exposed. She can’t afford to let that happen.

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Late last Friday Judge Jackson, an Obama appointee who’s deep animus for Stone was on full display at Stone’s trial, denied an emergency motion by Stone’s lawyers to bypass the designation of a prison in Jesup, Georgia that they said posed a significant potential risk of Coronavirus for the 67 year old Stone, who suffers from asthma. They requested Stone to be assigned to home confinement consistent with directives by Attorney General Bill Barr to the US Bureau of Prisons that inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes be moved from incarceration to home confinement during this pandemic. Jackson ignored the substance of the motion, put Stone under immediate house arrest and delayed his incarceration a scant two weeks.

Roger Stone Juror, Tomeka Hart, Hates President Trump and Even Retweeted Nasty Tweet about Roger Stone in January 2019

Stone has appealed his conviction and filed a separate appeal of a decision by Judge Jackson to refuse Stone a new trial in the face of blatant juror misconduct by the Jury Forewoman Tomeka Hart, but the odds are now overwhelming that Stone will not live to win his appeal.

To make sure the trial was stacked against Stone right from the beginning, the Office of the Special Counsel argued that Stone’s case should be before Judge Amy Berman Jackson because they said his case was related to the still untried case in which Mueller charged 16 Russians for the alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee. Mueller’s team said the Russian case was related to Stone’s for two reasons: first, that certain “stolen documents” are a topic in both cases, and second, that warrants used in the Russian hacker case surfaced “certain evidence that is relevant” to my case. In fact, no evidence from the Russian hacking case was ever disclosed to Stone or introduced at Stone’s trial, yet another defrauding of the court by Mueller’s dirty cops. On this premise, Mueller was allowed to “judge shop” to insure Stone’s case was heard by the Trump-hating partisan Amy Berman Jackson. A challenge to this, filed by Stone’s lawyers was of course denied by Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Jackson showed her hatred of Stone throughout the trial and had the trial wired from the beginning. At the end, in sentencing, she let the mask slip and revealed that she has neither the temperament of the impartiality to be a federal judge.

CRAZED Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson Lied Repeatedly During Sentencing – Says Stone Threatened Her — Should be Imprisoned for 9 Years!

Through a series of questionable rulings that limited Stone’s defenses, and her manipulation of the jury selection process, Jackson ensured that Stone could not get a fair trial going so far as to cover up the misconduct of the Jury Forewoman she successfully guided to the jury box.

Jackson knew Stone’s trial would be rigged. First by granting a series of motions by the government, essentially prohibiting any powerful line of defense.

Incredibly Judge Jackson approved a motion barring Stone’s attorneys from raising any questions regarding the misconduct of the Special Prosecutor, the DOJ, the FBI, or Members of Congress. “There will be no investigating of the investigators in my courtroom” she said.

Why would the prosecution move to hide their own corruption unless they knew there was something to hide?

The judge’s ruling granting the government’s motion prohibiting Stone from in any way challenging the integrity of the Mueller team’s investigation and prosecution denied Stone of his fundamental constitutional right to pursue a legitimate, fully supportable defense theory of the case. It also violated long-standing precedent from the United States Supreme Court, that holds that the integrity of the investigation or indictment in a criminal case is always at issue.

The underlying premise of the federal indictment contained in the first two pages of Stone’s indictment, was that the Russians hacked the DNC and provided this allegedly hacked data to WikiLeaks. All of the questions Stone allegedly lied about to Congress relate to this alleged action, yet Judge Amy Berman Jackson would not allow Stone’s lawyers to disprove this by presenting forensic evidence and calling expert witnesses such as former NSA Counter-terrorism IT Expert  Bill Binney. Binney filed an affidavit with the court explaining the overwhelming evidence that there was no on-line hack of the DNC and that data stolen from the DNC had been downloaded to a portable drive. Having based their prosecution on this premise, when pushed, federal prosecutors insisted it was irrelevant. Jackson barred Stone’s  lawyers from raising it.

When the government admitted in discovery that the FBI had never inspected the DNC computer servers and had instead relied on a redacted draft memo from Crowdstrike, an IT firm closely tied to Hillary Clinton, the admission got broad media coverage. The Government then filed an additional sur-reply in Stone’s case, signed by Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Kravis claiming to have other sources of confirmation that the DNC had been hacked by the Russians, but declined to produce any proof of this claim. The judge took it at face value and did not question the government’s assertions. Documents recently declassified by then Acting DNI Director Rick Grennell prove this claim was a fraud upon the Court and no additional proof of the alleged hacking exists. With origins of the Steele Dossier coming to light, the Russian troll farm case falling apart Mueller had to protect the only fabrication he had left, the alleged hacking of the DNC by the Russians, still an article of faith with the media, but completely without any proof or even strong evidence. Jackson would not allow Stone to challenge the assertion that the “Russians hacked the DNC and gave the data to Wikileaks” and prove otherwise at trial.

President Trump tweeted minutes after Stone’s conviction “Now they have convicted Roger Stone for lying to Congress and want to give him a long prison term. What about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Ohr, Steele and Mueller himself all lied and not been prosecuted. This is double -standard like never seen before in our country.” Indeed, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, Ohr and Mueller all lied under oath to Congress on consequential matters, but Judge Jackson specifically prohibited Stone’s defense lawyers from arguing that his case was one of “selective prosecution” in her pre-trial motions.

Further proof that Stone did not receive a fair trial is the conduct of Tomeka Hart, the Jury Forewoman an attorney and Democratic party activist who ran for Congress in Tennessee and is a protégé of former DNC Chairwoman and Hillary Campaign Manager Donna Brazile.  We now know Hart attacked Stone by name on Twitter and Facebook, starting the day Stone was arrested in 2019 and subsequently, attacked President Trump on these same social media platforms throughout that year. This was not detected in the due diligence by Stone’s attorneys during jury selection, because Hart had her accounts on these platforms set on private during jury selection and the trial, and deleted them after the trial to hide her bias and illegal conduct. The US Supreme Court has ruled that every defendant is entitled to an “impartial and indifferent” jury. Tomeka Hart, the Jury Forewoman in question was anything but impartial. Although among the things she posted on Facebook was a news story about Stone’s indictment, yet Hart said during the voire dire jury selection process that she hadn’t been following the Mueller Investigation and she couldn’t recollect who Stone was.

Roger Stone Juror, Tomeka Hart, Hates President Trump and Even Retweeted Nasty Tweet about Roger Stone in January 2019

Like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland- “First the sentence-then the verdict” Jackson insisted on sentencing Stone first and then hearing Stone’s lawyers motion to vacate his conviction and win a new trial. In the hearing over whether to grant Stone a new trial, Jackson acted like corrupt Jury Forewoman Tomeka Hart’s defense attorney and shielded Hart from any intense questioning. Jackson refused to allow Stone’s lawyer to question each and every juror, selecting two jurors as a “sample”. Of course as one of the two, Jackson selected Seth Cousins, a Beto O’Rourke donor who had already opined in an op-ed in the Washington Post about how just Stone’s sentence was. In an act of obstruction, Jackson refused a request by Stone’s lawyers to subpoena the material that Hart deleted from Twitter and Facebook after Stone’s trial.

It was in the stunning 45-minute rant in Stone’s sentencing, Judge Jackson put her mental instability and unalloyed hate for both Stone and President Trump on full display. 

Incredibly, Jackson insisted in her unhinged diatribe against Stone that his case had nothing to do with politics, which is consistent with her rulings that having a Jury made up completely of Democratic Party Activists, veteran political appointees in the Clinton, Obama Administration and left-wing political activists including donors to Donald Trump’s 2020 opponents was not problematic. Then, Jackson reversed field and insisted that the investigation was really about Stone’s improper efforts to learn the substance of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, which if true, would make the conflict of interest by Mueller prosecutor Jeannie Rhee even more apparent.

Oblivious to the facts of the case and the political nature of the Mueller investigation and the left wing credentials of all four prosecutors in Stone’s case, Jackson declared “He has not been prosecuted by his adversary or anyone else’s adversary, and he was not prosecuted to enable anyone to gain political advantage.”

As deeply demented as she is, even Jackson had to admit in her “foaming-at-the mouth” rant that “This defendant was not charged with or convicted of having any role in conspiring with the Russians. He was not even charged with or convicted of lying about Russian collusion or about who was behind the hack.”

Jackson then went on to quote Steve Bannon’s testimony at Stone’s trial. We now know, of course, that Bannon’s sworn testimony at Stone’s trial is specifically contradicted by his sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee as recently declassified. This means the prosecutors in Stone’s case knowingly suborned perjury by allowing Bannon to testify at Stone’s trial.

Jackson virtually exploded about the criticism of her nakedly partisan conduct at Stone’s trial by President Donald Trump, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson and Infowars provocateur Alex Jones claiming that any criticism of her or her court “undermined the Judicial process”. Clearly, Jackson remains completely unaware of the First Amendment rights of these three Americans and the fact any US citizen has a right to criticize her, her conduct of court proceedings, the Mueller prosecution and indeed the entire judicial system.

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After earlier insisting that Stone’s case was not about “politics”, Jackson reversed herself again and said that “Stone was convicted of covering up for Donald Trump” although that was not among the charges for which Stone was indicted or convicted and despite the fact that Stone’s misstatements to Congress were largely immaterial and his errors were clearly without intent or motive since they hid no underlying crime. The contention of the prosecution that the Trump campaign’s interest in the Wikileaks disclosures would “look bad for Donald Trump” is ludicrous in view of the fact that candidate Trump himself brought up the coming Wikileaks disclosures on 182 occasions in September and October as reported by MSNBC.

Jackson also said in her wild-eyed and hateful rant that there “was nothing phony about the (Mueller) investigation,” an assertion we now know to be entirely false based on recently declassified documents that indisputably prove there was never any legitimate or legal basis to open the Mueller Witch Hunt.

After first saying “I am not passing judgment on Roger Stone as a man Jackson then turned psychiatrist and attacked Stone for being an “insecure person who craved publicity” and attacked Stone’s “belligerence” even though he never testified in his trial and by law a Judge is not permitted to take anything into consideration that does not take place a trial or in pleadings in reaching a verdict. Perhaps Stone’s “belligerence” was his refusal to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit or to buckle to pressure from Mueller’s thugs to provide false testimony against the President.

Jackson accused Stone of “threatening conduct toward the court and Mueller team,” a lie for which there is no evidence. Jackson also put forward the knee-slapper that she is “neutral” in Stone’s case.

Jackson did this because she hates free speech she attacked Stone for “using the tools of social media to achieve the broadest dissemination possible” of his belief that his prosecution was politically motivated, oblivious to the fact that the Jury Forewoman Jackson covered-up for and who chose social media to spread her bias and to elicit responses that could well have influenced Stone’s trial.

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Jackson praised the Jury for “serving with integrity”. Incredibly, only days later when Stone’s attorneys filed a motion asking Jackson to recuse herself based on this assertion she rejected the motion as a “publicity stunt”.

Nonetheless, Judge Amy Berman Jackson now seems to be on the cusp of hiding her epic bias and misconduct in Stone’s trial as well as the stunning misconduct of the Mueller prosecutors by sending Stone to die in a squalid potential hotbox of Coronavirus infection at a federal correctional institution in Jessup, Georgia.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a stain on the American Judicial system and should be removed from the bench immediately.


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