Roger Stone Denied New Trial, Deranged Judge Amy Berman Jackson Ignores Tainted Jury Forewoman

In a nearly 120 page ruling, corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson has denied Trump confidant and advisor Roger Stone a new trial based on the revelations that jury forewoman Tomeka Hart posted countless times on social media attacking both Roger Stone and President Donald Trump.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has spent the better part of a year soiling the bench with tirades that resemble that of a feminazi TV host like Rachel Maddow, claimed that Stone failed to prove that forewoman Tomeka Hart lied on her jury questionaire or that she violated the judges orders by continuing to post about the trial while it was in progress. Hart’s original Facebook account was deleted to presumably hide even more damning evidence of her hatred for President Trump and Roger Stone, while another one was opened shortly after. The judge refused to require Facebook to provide the content of the original account.

Roger Stone Juror, Tomeka Hart, Hates President Trump and Even Retweeted Nasty Tweet about Roger Stone in January 2019

Hart’s  Twitter was also chock full of Trump Derangement Syndrome. As of the ruling, Stone is technically required to voluntarily turn himself in to the Bureau of Prisons in two-weeks. However, it is unknown how the Bureau of Prisons could reason that the 67-year old be forced into a Coronavirus infested prison, while at the same time allowing predators to be set loose across America. Stone was convicted of non-violent process crimes, unlike actual crimes that put the public at risk when the prisons are sending tens of thousands of hardcore career criminals back home.

If President Trump does not issue a pardon before Stone is due to present himself to the Bureau of Prisons, he would have to launch his appeal efforts from behind bars and likely have to spend several millions of dollars to regain his freedom. Many in the America First movement believe President Trump will ultimately make the right decision and pardon Roger Stone, something hundreds of thousands have signed petitions for since his conviction.

Stone has been able to raise millions of dollars for his legal defense effort, mainly before Judge Amy Berman Jackson illegally suspended his free speech rights. With the denial for a new trial, Mr. Stone can find a silver lining in having the gag order lifted. Sources tell this GP reporter that he is huddled with his attorney’s determining his next steps and is expected to make a major primetime media appearance in the next 24hours.

Stone and his wife Nydia have been hunkered down in South Florida amid the statewide lockdown to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

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