A MUST-READ: How Mueller Thugs Targeted and Abused This Gateway Pundit Journalist and Conservative Activists During the Stone Investigation

By Jacob Engels

Now that the gag order has been lifted on Roger Stone, this Gateway Pundit reporter is now able to speak freely about what actually happened.

America knows the pressures presented by a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury in Washington DC. It can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, can cause unrest in your personal relationships, and puts you at the mercy of a jury infested by people with extreme hatred for traditional America and anyone who supports President Donald J. Trump.

In the months following the propagandist CNN televised raid and arrest of Roger Stone, those working closely with Roger or with those around him began being harassed by United States Marshalls or FBI agents sent by Robert Mueller’s partisan hit-squad of far-left prosecutors. Tyler Ziolkowski, the founder of the Florida Chapter of the Proud Boys was visited by the FBI at his house in February of 2019. They demanded to know the whereabouts of this Gateway Pundit reporter in a very threatening and aggressive manner. This was not the first time federal agents harassed Ziolowski.

Two years earlier, when he first started traveling with Roger Stone to help coordinate his book tour, the U.S. Marshalls showed up at his home on the same day that Parkland school shooter Nicholas Cruz threatened a mass shooting.

How ridiculous is that? They were more concerned about intimidating a political activist for engaging in their constitutionally protected free speech rights than they were preventing a mass shooting.

Ziolkowski would be summoned to DC a year later to testify before a federal grand jury as part of the investigation of Roger Stone. He has confirmed to TGP that the questions and behavior of prosecutor Michael Mirando were “unstable and concerning.”

“The interview before my grand jury appearance was very uncomfortable. A federal agent interrogated me and asked outlandish, rude, personal questions meant to humiliate me. Most of them had no relation to what they claimed to be investigating publicly.”

Ziolkowski also shared that once he entered the grand jury room, prosecutor Michael Mirando transformed into a nasty and unstable personality. Ziolkowski’s appearance mirrors that of Proud Boys Chairman and congressional candidate Enrique Tarrio, who was also summoned to appear before the same DC grand jury. Speaking exclusively to TGP, Tarrio said that he knew what kind of pressure they were trying to apply and was ashamed that our justice system was being used in such a partisan manner.

“For the Mueller investigation to be given so much unchecked power is a clear violation of what our founders intended. This was a partisan witch-hunt designed to reverse the results of the 2016 election.”

Tarrio said that he was supposed to be provided a hotel room and reimbursement for food and travel costs, as is legally required when demanding someone’s presence before a federal grand jury, but that he was never reimbursed and had to spend nearly $1,000 out of pocket in order to make the appearance before the federal grand jury.

This Gateway Pundit reporter was also not reimbursed for his expenses related to an April 2019 appearance before that same federal grand jury. In the months leading up to the appearance, federal agents harassed my significant other at home, sometimes banging violently on our front door at least three times a day. Finally, about a month before the scheduled grand jury hearing, a federal agent accosted this GP reporter while gardening in the front yard.

The whole ordeal cost nearly $10,000 dollars in legal fees and travel costs that were never reimbursed. The prosecutor asked extremely inappropriate questions and behaved like some third-rate prosecutor on a botched Law and Order spin-off that was never picked up by a major network. These hearings are designed to push you to the breaking point financially, mentally, and emotionally so that you end up admitting or accepting the concocted lies crafted by prosecutors.

Thankfully neither myself, Tarrio, or Ziolkowski succumbed to the pressure placed upon us. To think that a journalist could be interrogated for simply reporting the news or that political activists could be targeted for engaging in their constitutionally protected free speech rights is as abhorrent as it is frightening. This is what happens when you have an investigation that was never meant to investigate real crimes, but to punish individuals for derailing the Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

Wake up America. These are your tax dollars at work. It’s high time that both federal judges and federal prosecutors are directly held accountable by the citizens.



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