Communists, Islamists and Radicals Behind the BLM Movement Hijack America – While Others Sheepishly Comply

We reported a month ago that recent riots in the US in many Democrat-led cities around the country are hardly spontaneous. They are coordinated. The groups behind these riots are linked to communists, Islamic groups and the Democrat party.

A major problem is that many US politicians, the mainstream media and companies are complying and supporting this hijacking.

There clearly was no reason for the mass riots taking place around the country after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Everyone who saw the police brutality was appalled and outraged at the sight of the policeman kneeling on the victim’s neck for an incredibly long period of time. The man died. But nothing warrants the wholesale destruction of property and riots around the US since that event.

We now know the following groups are involved with this movement:

1. US Based Islamist groups

In LA rioters vandalized a Jewish synagogue and then came back later in the night to burn it down:

In Minnesota, the Governor’s daughter and Ilhan Omar’s daughter were both sharing Intel with rioters.

Of course, Ilhan Omar is a devout Islamist with connections to radical Islamists in the Middle East.  We know for example that Ilhan Omar’s father was a top propaganda official of the Genocidal Barre Regime in Somalia – then he changed his name and entered the US illegally:

2. Communists Both Domestic and Foreign

We know that China is doing all it can to stoke the fires in the US (much like the Democrats and MSM proclaimed Russia did in the 2016 election).  China has an initiative to rule to media and today’s media is certainly tied to China in ideology and reporting.

We reported the following from a former CIA Operations Officer Charles “Sam” Faddis who penned a post where he outlines China’s efforts to rule the media in the US today.  Below are pieces from his article published at

We are now weeks into what amounts to a nationwide insurrection. Monuments have been defaced, statues toppled, and the commercial centers of our great cities gutted. Yet, throughout, most of our mass media has characterized violence and lawlessness on an unprecedented scale as “peaceful protests.” The scope of the destruction has been concealed. The demands of the anarchists and Marxists rampaging across America seemingly systematically mischaracterized simply as demands for justice and reform.

What’s going on? How, in a nation rooted in the rule of law and respect for the democratic process, have we reached a point where violence and lawlessness are not only condoned but championed? Why are the guardians of the First Amendment seemingly in league with groups dedicated to destroying the existing social order?

Some of the explanation no doubt lies in the fact that much of what passes for our mainstream media is simply so blind in its hate for Donald Trump that it will support anyone and anything that seems to oppose him. There are other factors at work, however, and some of what is transpiring may, in fact, be due to a decidedly anti-American agenda and the desire of a particular foreign actor not only to damage this great nation but to promote its own particular ideology.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses propaganda and influence operations as a means of projecting its power and weakening its enemies. Chief amongst the targets for these kinds of operations is the United States. These operations are not run on some kind of ad hoc basis. They are coordinated and directed at a national level by the CCP’s United Front Work Department.

The CCP’s United Front system mobilizes the party’s “friends” to strike the party’s enemies. The system has existed for a long time, but it has been greatly energized and expanded in recent years by Xi Jinping. It operates inside foreign political parties, diaspora communities, colleges and corporations, all with the goal of promoting the party’s interests. The express goals of the United Front system include undermining social cohesion, exacerbating racial tension, and influencing politics.

We also know there are connections between leaders of the Black Lives Matter riot leaders and communist regimes like Opal Tometi with communist dictator Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela:

3. Domestic Terrorists

Across the country we have seen numerous incidents of domestic terrorists tearing the big cities apart from groups like Antifa.

In Portland, Oregon, Antifa showed up as was expected:

In Boston more masked rioters:

The same in Washington DC where Antifa set a church on fire and attacked the people’s house – the White House:

In Santa Monica, Antifa set a police car on fire and chased the police away:

4. Democrats and their media lackeys

The worst part of these riots is that the Democrats and their MSM are in sync with and behind the riots.  Labeling the rioters as protesters or even “peaceful protesters,” for example.  In New York City, the mayor’s daughter is involved and was arrested in the protests:

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn the looters and rioters, she only attacked President Trump:

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden looked weak while meeting with members of Black Lives Matter (another domestic group involved in the riots):

At Least 13 Joe Biden Staffers Donate to a radical group supporting violent Minnesota looters and rioters

The problem with all of this is the reaction from politicians and the mainstream media but also from US companies and other organizations.

In an effort to remain supportive of the anti-discriminatory mindset, US companies are doing all they can to prevent being labeled as ‘racists’.   One action is to mandate that their employees watch garbage videos created by BLM related groups which are paid for the video.

(One such example is here – a horrible Anti-American video promoting a racist USA.)

These liberal leaders of these companies, of course, are not offended by this training because it is offensive and supportive of the riots going on in America.  Actions at American universities are worse.

It is disgusting to even consider that Americans are racists.  Most Americans and certainly most Christian Americans maintain a position of love and kindness towards their fellow man.  They don’t need to be force-fed BLM guilt garbage.

In addition, there is pressure on companies to prevent any dissent from false, fraudulent, Anti-American, dishonest, pro-communist messages in the MSM.  Many companies, under pressure for leftist-communist groups in turn put pressure on entities like Facebook and Twitter to curtail pro-American conservative thought.

Facebook over the weekend announced that it will put more sanctions on conservative free speech, like that reported at this site, in an attempt to comply with liberal, communist and radical Islamic pressure.  (Of course, the liberals at Facebook have no problem with shutting down conservative pro-Trump messages.  They’ve been doing it for years.)

It’s clear that the recent riots around the country are not spontaneous. They are coordinated and planned. There is a very high probability these riots are related to the same individuals involved in similar activities over the past year.

It is becoming clear, these people are related to US based Islamist Organizations, domestic terrorists and others related to the Democrat Party. These people hate America.

American companies and politicians need to stand up and stop this madness, not sheepishly comply.  These weak actions will not lead to prosperity and safety.  They will be the end of America.

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