Portland Police Are DONE With Rioting BS: Volleys Of Flash Bangs And Tear Gas Fly Through The Streets (VIDEO)

After years of being ordered to stand down, run and hide, and cede the city to the antifa rioters, Portland Police have responded in force for two nights in a row now to the rioting masses.

Even Portland is done with the rioters.

The police have launched continual volleys of flash-bangs and tear gas all throughout downtown to break up the protesters.

Here’s video from right in front as the tear gas started to fly:

Rioters threw debris at the police, police threw canisters at the crowd, and people started throwing the canisters back at the police.

Police immediately moved in and continually pursued the protesters through the streets, continuing to lob flash bangs and tear gas:

Here’s the live feed from KOIN 6, and things get fun at around 4:00 mark and continued for several minutes:


So what happened? Why is the Portland Police Bureau all of sudden actually acting against the rioters? Mayor Ted Wheeler is up for re-election, and the powerful downtown Portland Business Alliance likely has a lot of money to throw at a new mayoral candidate.

Meanwhile,  just a few hours earlier, it appeared as though a truce had been made between protesters and police, and the Portland police joined many other agencies across the nation and knelt with protesters.


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