BOSTON: SUV Careens Through Crowd Of Rioters, Police Move In With Tear Gas, Cars Ablaze, National Guard Called In (VIDEOS)

As the protesters turn into rioters in Boston, one motorist wasn’t going to be a victim, as they plowed through the crowd during WCVB’s live broadcast:

WCVB reported:

During a live report Sunday night on the violence in downtown Boston, an SUV went through a crowd and appeared to hit several people.

The incident occurred on Tremont Street while reporter Peter Eliopoulos was describing the chaotic scene.

“Several people just got hit,” he said. “Several people just run over by a car. The front windshield was shattered.”

Violent confrontations and looting occurred throughout the area after a day of mostly peaceful protests calling for justice in the death of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis on Memorial Day when a police officer kneeled on his neck during an arrest.

Thugs piled on a police SUV:

This may or may not be the same vehicle, on fire:

And the aftermath:

A jewelry store was busted up and looted:

WCVB is now reporting that the National Guard is coming in to assist police.

Rioters launched a firework at police and started throwing objects at them, while dumping debris in the streets:

Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets:

Protesters claim that things were peaceful until the police showed up:

News vehicles were also vandalized:

Like with many other places, it’s possible that a bunch of spoiled suburban white kids were the catalyst for the violence:



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