Animal Rights Wacktivists Stage Huge “DIE-IN” Protest In Portland (VIDEO)

Everyone’s favorite wacked out animal rights organization, Direct Action Everywhere, has now expanded to Portland (believe it or not, they didn’t actually start in Portland). With signs such as “UNTIL EVERY PIG IS FREE” and “UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS EMPTY”, these brave defenders of poultry and livestock took to the streets of Portland to march and protest for animal rights.

The facebook official event page reads:


The Official Animal Rights March is an annual vegan march founded by UK animal rights organisation Surge. The march began in London in 2016 with 2,500 vegans and in 2017 the march doubled to 5,000 vegans marching for animal liberation through London. In 2018 we’re bringing The Official Animal Rights March to Portland in order to spread the message of animal liberation across the globe.

In order to make this march succeed, we need your help. Invite your friends, tell every vegan you meet, this is the day where we unite, where we stand up, rise up and say no more, not in our name.

The future is vegan, but we must continue to speak out on behalf of the animals until the day that their suffering ends.

Save the date, spread the word – and let’s make history for the animals.

Hundreds gathered in the streets, shouting through the megaphones and delivering the standard chants. Some even made animal heads to wear.

There was even a sign about cows being killed for their milk. Apparently these people don’t realize that you don’t kill the cow to get milk. They also refer to dairy as RAPE. One can’t help but wonder how rape victims feel about that sign.

This guy here takes offense to the protest, while another yells at the protesters for blocking the train tracks.

They ended the festivities by staging a “die in” in the middle of the streets, with hundreds of people laying down to represent the tasty animals that die.

Video courtesy of Leo Stratton:

Direct Action Everywhere is the animal rights wackos that have been featured and mocked relentlessly over the years. These are the people who staged the in-store protest where a girl (?) started reading a eulogy about her chicken. They’ve been kicked out of grocery stores. They held an animal rights conference where they spoke about “queer animal liberation” and opposed “human supremacy.” Last summer they berated a fisherman and held a human shearing protest.


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