Most Insane Liberal Ever? Man Yells at Fishermen, Claims Fish Have Same Abilities as Human Children (VIDEO)

In a bizarre viral video, an “animal rights activist” in St. Petersburg, Florida, harassed two men fishing and threw their catch back into the water.

“You guys just gonna let this fish die like this? What if this was a human child?” shouted an unidentified man from the group ‘Direct Action Everywhere Pinellas’. “They have the same abilities and emotions as a human child! That’s fact sir. That’s facts from science sir! I’m not harassing you, you’re harassing this fish sir!”


THE OTHER SIDE: We showed you a video of a confrontation between people fishing and animal activists in St. Pete. In response, we received this video from the activists, who identify themselves as That Vegan Activist Family, showing the confrontation from their point of view. The video is presented as we received it.Our story on the confrontation:

Posted by 10News WTSP on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The insane video was sent to 10News WTSP in an attempt to vindicate the “animal rights activists” after the station aired video of the activists harassing Bob Hope and his family at Crescent Lake in St. Pete.

The activists brought a 9-year-old boy to first confront the men fishing. The boy asked “Did you know fish feel pain?”

Claiming “these grown men were extremely hostile and laughed in his face,” Kayla Leaming of Direct Action Everywhere Pinellas sent the video her group filmed of the incident to 10News. The video proves the exact opposite of what she asserted. The two men fishing were respectful of the boy, as well as the radical activists yelling at them not to fish.

St. Petersburg police made no arrest at the scene, despite the activists’s harassment, petty theft, and possible child endangerment.

The radical activist group previously invaded a Chic-Fil-A restaurant and yelled about the murder of chickens.

This reporter is left wondering when the animal rights activists will take a fish that has “the same abilities and emotions as a human child” to kindergarten and teach it spelling.

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