VIDEO: Animal Rights Group Stages “HUMAN SHEARING” Demonstration

Our *favorite* animal rights wackos, “Direct Action Everywhere”, apparently think that sheep need to be killed in order to harvest their wool. In one of their recent cringe-worthy stunts, they take to the streets to stage a human shearing demo, in which they chop the hair off of fellow activists (mental ward escapees?) and leave the (fake) bloody bodies for dead, apparently in some attempt to represent the 80,000 lambs that are “tortured” and killed each year for their wool.

Except that’s not actually how it happens.

The process is relatively easy for the animals, and in most cases, their human handlers treat the sheep well. And oh yeah, amazingly enough, the sheep don’t actually die during the process. In fact, it’s in the farmer’s best interest to provide quality care for their livestock so they don’t die, so the farms don’t have to spend more money and time procuring more animals. This is just basic business sense, which I’m sure the animal rights wackos know nothing about.

In this demonstration here, we see that the sheep needs to be propped up to make the process easy. They don’t struggle once they are upright. The instructor here tells us that if the wool isn’t sheared, then flies lay eggs in their coats, and once hatched, the larvae could actually kill the sheep.

Turns out that sheep need to be sheared regularly, and they enjoy a fresh hair cut and a chance to regrow their wool. In fact, in Australia, animal rights groups rescue sheep that AREN’T getting sheared regularly. Take a look at this guy who hadn’t been sheared in years, and was happy to get a hair cut.

So I guess Direct Action Everywhere would rather see sheep suffer and die rather than get shorn once a year.

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