Twitter Hashtag #CNNDirt Goes VIRAL After Thousands Scan CNN Employees’ Social Media Pages Looking For Dirt

Independent journalist, Jack Posobiec launched the next phase of the ‘Great Meme War’ against CNN, following the network’s attempt to threaten into silence the creator of a meme tweeted about President Trump.

Posobiec kicked things off Friday evening with a post showcasing a host of Anti-White, Pro-rape tweets by CNN journalist Rashard Elijah.

Per Jack Posobiec:

CNN Journalist Rashard Elijah Posted Jokes About Rape, Anti-White Tweets

Research into CNN journalist Rashard Elijah has uncovered shocking statements made on his verified twitter account.

Some of these statements were made when he was already at least 20 or 21 years old. He now works at CNN and is 27.

Soon after, Elijah began deleting tweets, then eventually deleted his Twitter account.

CNN’s Senior Photo Editor Clint Alwahab tweeted “F*ck Vice.” It’s clear there is no love lost between competitors.

Alwahab advised ‘sucking d*ck’ to keep freelance clients happy.

Here is the same CNN employee saying he doesn’t like white people.

Shortly after #CNNDirt when viral, the photo editor protected his tweets.

The viral campaign prompted Twitter users to tweet out racist and sex-related incidents involving CNN.


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