Terrific!~ American Bison Rip Down Obama Barricade at Teton National Park

The US government has been shut down several times in the past. By no means was this the first time the government has been shutdown. What makes this shutdown different is that Barack Obama spent taxpayer dollars to erect barricades at open air national monuments and at national parks to keep the American people out.

But not everybody is standing for it.
American bison at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming ripped down the Obama barricade that kept visitors from entering the park this weekend.

Via HotAir’s Green Room:

Maybe Obama will arrest them.

From the video:

This barricade was sitting on a turn out next to the Gros Ventre road about a mile north of Kelly Wyoming. Guess the bison don’t like the government shutdown either. Somehow I feel humans will be blamed for this vandalism, so I’m sending a link to the proper authorities. 🙂

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