Shutdown Bullies: Obama’s Thugs Threaten To Arrest 90 Yr Old Vets From Ohio

Obama’s progressive enforcers are threatening to arrest a group of 90 year old WWII vets from Ohio if they visit the national memorial in DC during the shutdown!

Jump to 1:15 in the video below:

Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio has a trip scheduled to depart from Toledo next Wednesday, October 9.

“We will make the call this Friday to determine if the flight is still a go, or if we will have to re-schedule,” [Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio President Lee] Armstrong explains.

He says they are considering going ahead with the trip even if the government is still on shutdown, but when he called the parks service, he was told they would face arrest. “I said, are you kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial? If it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be there. She said, ‘That’s correct sir.'”

Shameful! This is how progressive America reflexively treats it’s veterans when they don’t get 100% of their way in a budget dispute. Pathetic.

Is Barack Obama the most petty, spiteful and vindictive president ever?

h/t Christopher Cook


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