MSNBC Guest: Old White Seniors Distrust Obama Because of Race

By: Rachel Pulaski

Vice President of Policy and Outreach at the Progressive think tank Heather McGhee made an appearance on MSNBC’s show “Up With Chris Hayes” this weekend.   She attacked older white seniors for their lack of support for Obama’s medicare plan and made Obama’s race the reason for their discontent.
Mediaite reported:

Via Mediaite:

“There is an inability for white seniors to trust Barack Obama on Medicare,” she continued, “and it doesn’t have anything to do with the policies that he’s put out. It has to do with the demographics –”

“I like the way you’re using the word ‘demographics,’” Hayes interrupted. “You mean race.”

“Well, yes, I’m sorry. By no means am I afraid to use the word ‘race,’” she responded. “It has to do with race, and it has to do with familiarity and has to do with the fact that, in 2010, the Republican Tea Party ran on cuts to Medicare that were in the ACA.”

For the record, Seniors are skeptical of Obama because under Obamacare they have less access to physicians, higher taxes and fewer plan choices.

In 2008  49% of voting Seniors voted for Obama.

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