Sick. Far Left Cranks Defend Weiner’s Lecherous Online Activities

The far left outdoes itself once again…
Just when you thought they had hit rock bottom, the far left goes out and defends Rep. Anthony Weiner’s lecherous online activity with teen girls, porn stars and coeds.

Rep. Weiner reportedly sent a shot of his erection to a young coed last weekend who he followed on Twitter.

Help bring the Weinergate hacker to justice.

Reward offered.


She was not alone.
Gennette was not the only young attractive woman who made it on Rep. Weiner’s select list. More than 45,000 people followed Rep. Anthony Weiner on twitter. He followed only 198. Several of his follows were young women. Rep. Weiner was using his twitter account for more than just the latest political news. He even “followed” and was writing a teenage girl and wrote twitter notes to a pornstar.

Newlywed Rep. Weiner followed several attractive young, and very young, women.

But if you thought this would bother the far left you would be wrong.
They defended his lewd behavior and they attacked this blog for pointing it out.

The creeps at Pandagon wrote:

Jim Hoft has, in a completely detached and non-creepy fashion, gathered up all of Weiner’s “luscious” Twitter followers, because that’s apparently okay to do now.

Media Matters added:

CNN presented the fatuous blogger (Breitbart) as some sort of expert who could walk people through the Weiner story, which he’s been hyping for days. (The whole right-wing blogosphere launched itself into a creepy tizzy over the holiday weekend regarding the story.)

Mediaite crank Tommy Christopher attacked this blog for revealing Weiner’s predatory habits.

How about it? Any decent #tcot think Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit should take down his jailbait gallery? Anybody? Bueller?

Of course, Media Matters’ in-house idiot Eric Boehlert found it “creepy” to expose Weiner’s creepiness.

Curious, did @andrewbreitbart blogger Jim Hoft find a reason to blog the names/pics of teenage girls today? #creep

And, predictable alien Charles Johnson jumped in to troll for links.

You’re a sicko who posts names & pictures of women on your hate blog, & calls them “lucious.” RT @gatewaypundit: @EricBoehlert @tommyxtopher

You get the picture.
Rather than attack Rep. Weiner for openly hitting on young girls and women, the far left would rather attack the blog that pointed it out.
Now, that’s creepy.

More… SarainItaly added:

Your post was an edited version of people Weiner followed.

How can they be mad at you, and accuse you of posting a “jailbait gallery” but not take issue with Weiner, for following the “jailbait gallery” in the first place?

These two web sites did a similar story, and they have some different images, so it’s obviously something anyone and everyone, can view, and compile.

New York Post

Daily Mail

UPDATE: One more attack from liar Amanda Marqotte at The Guardian:

One rightwing blogger has already floated the suggestion that Representative Weiner’s Twitter followers be looked over carefully, so that other women deemed “luscious” can be similarly singled out for a barrage of online abuse.

Sorry Amanda, no one was singled out for abuse.
Get a grip.

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