Liberal Dem Anthony Weiner Sends Lewd Photos on Twitter …Update: Photo of His Girlfriend

Big Government reported:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY 9″) finds himself in a late night online pickle.

This evening a photo surfaced on Congressman Weiner’s yfrog account and in his verified Twitter timeline of a man in his underwear with an erection. The photo was reportedly sent to a woman on Twitter. We’ve protected her name and her account, which was at one time verified to be active but has since been deleted after the photo in question was deleted. Coincidentally, the rest of the photos in the congressman’s alleged yfrog account were also deleted around 11 p.m. eastern.

It’s too bad Megyn Kelly is out on maternity leave.
Would love to hear her take on this considering their epic battles.

Patterico has more on Weiner’s tweets.


UPDATE: Here’s a photo of Rep. Weiner’s girlfriend:

Doug Ross has more photos.

UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain has more on Weiner’s girlfriend.

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