Gennette Was Not Alone… Weiner’s Twitter Friends Include Pages of Young Luscious Fans

Gennette Nicole was not alone.

On Friday far left Rep. Anthony Weiner said his twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked. He said this after a picture of his penis was reportedly sent out to a young woman in Seattle.
Here’s her picture.

Gennette was not the only young attractive woman who made it on Rep. Weiner’s select list.
More than 45,000 people followed Rep. Anthony Weiner on twitter. He followed only 198.

Here are a few of the people Rep. Weiner looked to for his news and entertainment… But mostly entertainment.

Melody Gambino

195 Following 151 Followers 4 Listed

Nicole Aquino

99 Following 491 Followers 0 Listed

Maggie Henning
(She’s a teenager)

114 Following 134 Followers 2 Listed

Anna Pilar

315 Following 149 Followers 2 Listed


242 Following 131 Followers 9 Listed

Kim Pham

29 Following 12 Followers 1 Listed

Sherrise Palomino

57 Following 25 Followers 0 Listed


29 Following 10 Followers 0 Listed

You get the idea. That was only the first few pages.
It looks like Rep. Weiner was using his twitter account for more than just the latest political news.

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