Crazed MSNBC Leftist Hosts Bash Obama For "Letting Bush Off Easy" (Video)

And, they wonder why their ratings suck?

Apparently, these radicals are still reeling that we won the war…
The anti-military, antiwar hosts at MSNBC howled last night after Barack Obama let President Bush “off easy” during his lackluster speech on the Iraq War.
Via Breitbart TV:

You know its a bad night when Keith Olbermann sounds like the sane one.

Chris Matthews was upset about the 100,000 deaths in Iraq (not one-million)… who were killed by terrorists. Funny, you never heard him whine about the 500,000 dead Iraqi babies that Madeleine Albright confessed were lost during the Clinton years.


And, Rachel Maddow continued to make no sense. She’s still upset that America won this war, liberated 25,000,000 people and set up a democracy in Iraq despite the best efforts of the democratic-media complex.
What a sad and unhinged display.

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