Harry Reid: Teddy's Death Will Help Us Pass Obamacare

Do it for Teddy– Pass socialized health care.

Sharp Elbows took this at the IBEW St. Louis rally for Obamacare.

Harry Reid is expecting Teddy Kennedy’s death will help the democratic majority pass Obamacare.
The Hill Blog reported:

The passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) could help Senate Democrats struggling this year to advance health care reform, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said during an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, published yesterday.From the transcript:

“Q: How will U.S. Sen. (Edward) Kennedy’s death affect things?

Reid: I think it’s going to help us. He hasn’t been around for some time. We’re going to have a new chairman of that committee, it’ll be, I don’t know for sure, but I think Sen. (Chris) Dodd, (D-Conn.). He has a right to take it. Either him or (U.S. Sen. Tom) Harkin, (D-Iowa), whichever one wants it can have it. I think he (Kennedy) will be a help. He’s an inspiration for us. That was the issue of his life and he didn’t get it done.”

Reid also declared the August recess has improved Democrats’ chances of passing health care reform in the near future:

Reid: “For one thing I think the American people have seen the wrongness of trying to interrupt meetings and yell and scream at people. That’s lost a lot of its pizzazz.

When he was talking about interrupting meetings did he mean like this?… Or this?
Just wondering.

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