Bush Plays "Hoax" Card… Will Lift Ban On Offshore Drilling

Ruh-Roh… Bush plays the hoax card on Pelosi and the Democrats.
…In case you missed it– Last week Speaker Pelosi said she believed drilling for oil was a hoax:
(16 seconds)

For over 30 years Democrats in Congress have banned domestic oil, coal, nuclear energy production, but Speaker Pelosi believes drilling for oil is a “hoax?”

This probably won’t make her day then…
President Bush will announce today that he is lifting the executive branch ban on offshore drilling.
This puts the pressure on the Democratic Pelosi-Reid Congress to do the same.
FOX News reported:

President Bush will lift an executive ban on offshore oil drilling, although new oil exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf will remain off limits until Congress also takes action.

The president will make a Rose Garden statement on Monday, where he is expected to announce his lifting of the ban.

White House press secretary Dana Perino says Bush is acting now in hopes of spurring Congress to act. So far, lawmakers have shown no interest in doing so.

Good for Bush.
Let the Democrats go on record for again opposing American energy production.


UPDATE: She does it again!
Speaker Pelosi responded to the “hoax” later today.

UPDATE 2: Freedom’s Watch released this video today on liberals twiddling their thumbs on high gas prices:

Sign the Freedom’s Watch petition HERE to have democrats lift the outdated federal ban that prohibits domestic energy production.

It’s no hoax, Nancy!

UPDATE 3: Let Freedom Ring has more on Pelosi’s latest hoax card.

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