Rev. Al Sharpton Heading Back to #Ferguson for Halloween – Did White House Send Him? …Update: Iyanla to Join Him

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 10:07 AM

sharpton ferguson
Rev. Al spoke at Michael Brown’s funeral in August.

Rev. Al Sharpton is heading back to Ferguson, Missouri for a four day Halloween visit.
KSDK reported:

Rev. Al Sharpton is returning to Ferguson, Missouri, to bring awareness to the Michael Brown case.

“It is imperative that from Ferguson to Staten Island, that we let them know, that we are not going to let them allow anything but a fair and just hearing of the evidence,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton will be in Ferguson from Oct. 31 until Nov. 3, one day for each hour Brown’s body laid in the street.

So, Reverend Al is coming to Ferguson for four days right before the midterm elections. We also know that he often collaborates with the White House. So, do you suppose the Obama White House sent him to Ferguson?

UPDATE: Author-TV host Iyanla will join the Rev in St. Louis.



Ferguson Activists Promise to “Disrupt Life Until We Can Live”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 9:42 AM

memorial brown
The Michael Brown memorial on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri. (Photo Antonio French)

Recently Ferguson activist leader Deray McKesson penned a letter that is making the rounds on social media.

The activist mob promises to continue to protest and disrupt the community until they see Officer Darren Wilson indicted – regardless of the facts of the case.

The author Deray claims all blacks are unsafe to breathe, walk and speak in America.
(Especially blacks who beat cops and grab at their guns!)

In every main street and dark corner of this nation, Black people are unsafe to breathe, walk, speak, lead, move, grow, learn and be without the distinct possibility that our blackness will be seen as enough weapon to justify the taking of our lives.

The activists promise to “disrupt life” until “we can live.”

An American Horror Story — Open Letter from Ferguson Protestors and Allies (10.17.14) by dmckesso

The letter closes with this:

Even in the face of this terror, we will continue to force the readers and writers of this, a most American of horror stories, to face the blackness that they fear, the blackness they have spent this entire story trying to erase, trying to soften, trying to co-opt, trying to escape.

We will no longer allow you to escape this story and pretend that the epidemic of black lives dying by white hands is merely a figment of an active Black imagination. You must come face to face with the horror that we live daily.

You must come to know and profess the truth of this story, and be determined to end it.

We are not concerned if this inconveniences you.

Dead children are more than an inconvenience.

We are not concerned if this disturbs your comfort.

Freedom outweighs that privilege.

We are not concerned if this upsets order.

Your calm is built on our terror.

We are not concerned if this disrupts normalcy.

We will disrupt life until we can live.

This is an American Horror Story. Together, we are writing the final chapter.



Harry Reid Radio Ad Ties GOP Candidate to Trayvon Martin’s Death (Audio)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 9:04 AM

trayvon bird
Trayvon Marin was shot dead in February 2012 after jumping a neighborhood watchman. The shooter, George Zimmerman, suffered a fractured nose and lacerations on the back of her head. Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder but was found not guilty by a Florida jury.

This week Harry Reid’s Super PAC tied Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis to the death of Trayvon Martin in an attempt to motivate black voters to get out and vote.

“Tillis won’t fight for us,” the ad says, per the New Yorker. “Instead, he made it harder for communities of color to vote, by restricting early voting and voter registration. Tillis even led the effort to pass the type of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws that caused the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.”

National Review says the ad is not only extremely ugly, it is also flatly dishonest.

Stand You Ground had absolutely nothing to do with Trayvon Martin’s death. And nor, for that matter, did George Zimmerman even hint at invoking the defense.

But, Harry Reid does not value facts – he values any lie that will motivate Democrats to get out and vote.

Here’s the ad that even the left-leaning New Yorker says relies on a “fallacy”:


NY Man Beheads Woman, Kicks Her Head Across Street, Then Jumps In Front of Train

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 8:14 AM

A New York man beheaded a woman and kicked her head head 20 feet before jumping in front of a moving train.

Police believe the beheading victim was the man’s mother.

The New York Post reported:

A man beheaded a woman at her Long Island apartment Tuesday night and dragged her out into the street where he kicked her severed head about 20 feet before jumping in front of a train, cops and witnesses said.

The woman, who appeared to be in her 60s, was discovered dead outside an apartment building in Farmingdale at around 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nassau County police said.

“I looked through my window and saw the body down there,” said neighbor Nick Gordon.

“I saw the lady laying right in front and her head was across the street, close to the corner. I thought ‘holy sh–!’”

Gordon said the gory scene extended out into the street from inside the apartment building.

“There was blood all over the floor,” he said. “You can see smears going down the stairs… as if somebody were pulling a body.”

Some of the neighbors thought the headless body in the street was a Halloween prank, only to lift the lifeless body and discover it was real, witnesses said.

Video below the fold.


EBOLA PANIC IN MAINE After Nurse Kaci Hickox Says She Won’t Obey Quarantine — WITH VIDEO

Posted by Kristinn Taylor on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 10:57 PM

kaci hickox

Kaci Hickox, the Progressive CDC nurse who is fighting quarantine efforts after returning to the United States from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, is spreading panic and fear in her hometown of Fort Kent, Maine.

TODAY interviewed Hickox on Wednesday morning.
Hickox told Matt Lauer she won’t obey the quarantine.

“I don’t plan on sticking to the guidelines. I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me.”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Hickox is not believed to be in Fort Kent, but her location is being kept secret. A reporter for the New York Times tweeted a photo Tuesday of Hickox “resting in Maine.”

An attorney for Kaci Hickox said she will not comply with Maine’s requirements to remain under quarantine for 21 days.

Local news reports say Hickox is the talk of the small town by ‘scared’ locals. Fort Kent residents are canceling medical procedures out of fear of Hickox returning to Fort Kent after being released from quarantine in New Jersey. Students at the college of her nursing student boyfriend Ted Wilbur, the University of Maine at Fort Kent, were said to be ‘panicked’ that the boyfriend would return to campus after spending time with Hickox–with some students talking a boycott.

People are canceling X-rays and other elective procedures,” Peter Sirois, chief executive officer at Northern Maine Medical Center, said Tuesday afternoon after a press conference at the hospital attended by representatives of multiple local and national media outlets. “Those cancellations are totally inappropriate [because] Kaci Hickox was never here, and even if she had been, the public would be perfectly safe.””

“On Tuesday alone, Sirois said, more than 10 elective procedures had been canceled at the hospital by people concerned about Hickox’s anticipated presence in Fort Kent and possible Ebola exposure.”

News of Hickox’s intended return was the talk of the town this week in Fort Kent, which has about 4,100 residents and sweeping vistas of rolling hills overlooking the St. John River valley and Canada on the far side.

“It seemed to be all people talked about from storefronts on Main Street to the Town Office across the street from the border bridge to Canada to a lunch spot on Market Street, which abuts a railroad lined with stacks of newly cut trees ready to be transported.”

…”“They’re just really nervous,” said Tammy Daigle behind the lunch counter at Stevie D’s Panini Plus. “I think they are having a hard time understanding why she wants to come up here for quarantine.

…”“We don’t see any of that around here. Of all the places, it’s happening here,” Daigle said. “I hope (Hickox) understands we’re not against her, we’re just afraid. It’s scary.”

…”University officials learned Monday night that Wilbur would not return to campus until after the 21-day incubation period.”

…” Students at the university campus said Monday that some classmates were panicked by the possibility that Wilbur might return to campus after being in contact with Hickox, and some vowed to boycott classes if Wilbur did return.”

Hickox registered a fever of 101 degrees when tested at Newark Liberty International Airport last Friday, but Hickox blamed that on her hot temper over being detained. Two tests for Ebola were negative, but Maine health officials are concerned the tests were taken too soon for Hickox to develop antibodies that would be detected in the Ebola test.

Maine officials are demanding Hickox be quarantined for the 21 day Ebola incubation period. One of Hickox’s lawyers said Tuesday night she would not obey a quarantine and would only agree to self-isolate for two days


Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson: I Am Not Resigning (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 10:54 PM

Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Tom Jackson announced Tuesday that he will not be resigning.

Chief Jackson received an enormous amount of abuse from protesters and far left activists after he released information on Michael Brown’s strong-arm robbery to the press.

Today Chief Jackson made the announcement.

KMOV reported:

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told News 4 he is not resigning despite reports to the contrary.

It had been reported that Jackson planned to step down. However, shortly after the report came out, Jackson said the report was not correct.

“I have not been told I must resign nor have I been fired. If I do resign in the future it will be my choice. However, it is not imminent,” Jackson told News 4’s Matt Sczesny.

Some have speculated that Jackson may step down as part of an overhaul and reform of the department.


State Dept Plan to Bring Ebola Patients to US Will Cost $300,000 PER PATIENT (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 8:50 PM

FOX News obtained a State Department memo detailing the Obama Administration’s plans on transferring non-citizen African Ebola patients to the United States for treatment.

** The plan will cost American taxpayers approximately $300,000 per patient.
–Not including the $2,000 to MEDEVAC the patients to America.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) told reporters about the memo on Monday. The White House denied it existed. Today FOX News obtained a copy of the memo.

FOX News has more on the State Department Ebola memo.

The “purpose” of the memo states: “Come to an agreed State Department position on the extent to which non-U.S. citizens will be admitted to the United States for treatment of Ebola Virus Disease.”

The document goes on to discuss – and advocate for — devising such a plan. The memo recommends that “State and DHS devise a system for expeditious parole of Ebola-infected non-citizens into the United States as long as they are otherwise eligible for medical evacuation from the Ebola affected countries and for entry into the United States.”

Explaining that recommendation, the memo says the U.S., for instance, has an “obligation” to help non-citizen employees of U.S. agencies and U.S.-based private firms. It says the U.S. “needs to show leadership and act as we are asking others to act by admitting certain non-citizens into the country for medical treatment for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) during the Ebola crisis.”

The memo was obtained after House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson a week ago asking if either department was formulating a plan to allow non-U.S. citizens with Ebola to come to the U.S. for medical treatment.

Goodlatte also told Fox News Monday night that his office had received “information from within the administration” that such plans were being developed.

$300,000 per patient!


SARAH PALIN Says She May Run Again: “I’m Gonna Bug the Crap Out of Them” (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 7:49 PM

Sarah Palin told FOX Business on Tuesday that she may run again just to bug the liberals.
“I’m gonna bug the crap out of them.”

The Daily Beast reported:

Is Sarah Palin getting back in the game? You betcha. The former Alaska governor told Fox Business that she might be running again, specifically to annoy all her critics. “Those haters out there don’t understand that it invigorates me,” she said.

“The more they’re pouring on the more I’m gonna bug the crap out of them by being out there with a voice, with a message, hopefully running for office in the future, too.”

Read more here.


Confirmed: State Dept. Memo Shows Obama Admin. Is Going to Move Ebola Patients to US (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 5:54 PM

FOX News obtained a State Department memo showing the Obama administration is planning on moving infected Ebola patients to the US.

White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest was asked about the memo but would not confirm nor deny the documemt
Via Special Report:

FOX News reported earlier Tuesday that the Obama Administration was denying the claims:

The Obama administration is denying claims that they are exploring plans to bring non-U.S. citizens infected with Ebola to the United States for treatment.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, initially told Fox News that his office has received “information from within the administration” that such plans are being developed. So far, only American Ebola patients have been brought back to the U.S. for treatment from the disease epicenter in West Africa.

Goodlatte warned that expanding that policy could put the country at more risk.

“Members of the media, my office have received confidential communications saying that those plans are being developed,” Goodlatte said Monday night.

“This is simply a matter of common sense that if you are concerned about this problem spreading — and this is a deadly disease that we’re even concerned about the great health care workers when they come back not spreading it — we certainly shouldn’t be bringing in the patients.”

But a State Department official said Tuesday that they’re only talking about letting other countries use U.S. planes to transport Ebola patients to their own home countries.


Maryland Officials Probe Republican-to Democrat Ballot Switch Claims

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 5:27 PM

Earlier this month Republican candidate Jim Moynihan (R-56) claimed Chicago voting machines gave his vote to his opponent. Moynihan says the voting machine registered a number of votes for the Democrat.

Moynihan later tweeted about his experience.

It looks like it happened again.
Citizens in Maryland say voting machines are changing their Republican votes to Democrat.
CBS Local reported:

Early voting just started last week in Maryland, but there are already accusations that some voting machines are changing Republican votes to Democrat. Now Republicans are calling for an investigation by the State Board of Elections.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the machine controversy.

As Marylanders go to the polls, there are concerns that the vote you cast may not be for the candidate you want.

“We’ve heard from scores of citizens in our district and around the state who have had this problem where they hit one button to vote for one person, and when they go to the summary they see that the other person was checked,” said Del Nik Kipke, (R) Anne Arundel County.

Republicans say they’ve received several dozen reports of Republican votes being changed to Democrat.

Del. Kathy Szeliga says it happened to her.

“I kept pushing the Republican guy’s name and the machine kept going beep, beep, beep,” said Szeliga, (R) Baltimore & Harford co.

Now GOP leaders are calling for an investigation.



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