20-Yr Disney Employee, Father-of-Two, Arrested On Child Porn Charges After Photos of Children Under 10 Having Sex With Adult Men Were Found On His Computer: “hot teens in mouse ears are a weakness of mine”

It’s bad enough the Disney Corporation is relentlessly pushing its woke agenda on young children, including its indoctrination of the LGBTQXYZ+ lifestyle on our kids, but curiously, their employees are frequently making news after being arrested and or charged with sex crimes against children.

Hero Police Officer Who Took Down TX Mall Shooter and Ran Into Rifle Fire as Everyone Else Ran Away is Requesting Privacy as he “processes this life-altering tragedy”

The unidentified police officer who bravely took down the Texas mall shooter over the weekend is requesting privacy as he “processes this life-altering tragedy.” 100 Percent Fed Up reports – On Saturday, a gunman carrying an AR-15-style assault weapon opened fire at a mall in Allen, Texas.

Horrified Father Watched as Brazilian Doctor Climbed Onto Wife’s Belly and Allegedly Pulled Head Off Their Baby During Delivery

100 Percent Fed Up reports – A Brazilian doctor is under investigation after allegedly ripping the head off the baby of 33-year-old Ranielly Coelho Santos while her husband watched during the delivery of their baby in the Hospital das Clinicas da UFMG, in the Santa Efigenia neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state.

Unarmed “Security Ambassadors” Who Replaced Police Officers in Dem-Run City Stand By and Watch While Violent Confrontation Happens Directly In Front of Them [VIDEO]

On Friday, actor James Woods tweeted a video showing how much of a joke the Democrat-run city of West Hollywood has become after they replaced police officers with unarmed “security ambassadors.” 100 Percent Fed Up reports – In January 2022, woke West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne – who was, at the time, a councilwoman – led a vote to cut funding for the sheriff’s department and instead hire unarmed “safety ambassadors.” Shyne praised this move as getting the best “bang for the buck” and preached about the need for the city to practice fiscal responsibility.

CCP-Tied Battery Plant Pushed By Democrats To Be Built Next To 3rd Largest Watershed In MI…Will Reportedly Consume Twice The Amount of Water Per Day As Major Water Bottling Plant [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up reports – On April 20, the Democrat-controlled MI Senate Appropriations Committee approved a plan to take $175 million from MI taxpayers who are already struggling to get by in a crushing economy and give it to Gotion, a Chinese electric battery manufacturer, as an incentive for them to build a new plant in Big Rapids, MI.