Sheriff’s Office Confirms Suspicious Questions By Middle Eastern Men Regarding Bagnell Dam

The FBI was alerted after a large quantity of cell phones was purchased at several mid-Missouri Walmarts last week.
walmart phone

Early Saturday morning two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri and purchased 60 cellphones. The purchase was made around 4 AM in the morning. Police were called but released the men saying they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.

** Six Walmarts in mid-Missouri reported bulk purchases of cell phones the same week.

** Explosives were found in Mark Twain Forest in mid-Missouri in October.

** Dozens of propane tanks were stolen near Kansas City in early December.

Now this…
The Camden County Sheriff’s office in southern Missouri confirmed it received a tip regarding a group of Middle Eastern men asking suspicious questions about Bagnell Dam.
bagnell dam
Bagnell Dam impounds the Osage River and was constructed in Southern Missouri to create Lake of the Ozarks.

Lake News Online reported:

Lake of the Ozarks

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office has verified that it received a tip regarding a group of Middle Eastern men asking about Bagnell Dam and have forwarded the report to the FBI and a joint task force on terrorism. That does not mean that there is any reason to be scared or panicked that an attack is planned at the Lake of the Ozarks, CCSD Cpl. Scott Hines said, advising though that people should always be aware and alert as they go about their business.

According to Hines, a Camden County deputy was out to lunch in the area last week when a staff member of the restaurant relayed an incident that occurred there a few days to a week prior that they thought was kind of weird. A group of Middle Eastern men were apparently asking about the dam and boat tours of the dam. The reporting person thought it was kind of odd, said Hines, but didn’t call to report it at the time, only mentioning it to the deputy when he happened to be at the restaurant.

When a deputy receives a tip like that, the department has a set way to handle it, notifying several groups. They have talked to the FBI, said Hines, and the intelligence has been reported to the joint terrorism task force for Missouri hosted out of the US Attorney’s Office of Missouri and through the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Highway Patrol, which has a liaison to the Department of Homeland Security. The task force is a conglomeration of multiple law enforcement agencies that collects and analyzes intelligence, such as the recent prepaid cell phone purchases around the state as well as other tips and reports.

The sheriff’s office is not conducting an investigation, and things are business as for the local agency. They are not running any extra deputies or patrols, said Hines.

The reports do not necessarily mean an attack is planned. Bagnell Dam is a legitimate attraction of interest for visitors, and the Lake of the Ozarks sees tourists from around the country and the world.

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  • Wayne Ville

    Only Trump understands how to solve this problem.

  • June Jones

    Officials at press conference after mass terrorist attack in Missouri: “All of those reported incidents of Middle Eastern men conducting suspicious activities led us to absolutely no conclusion that they might be planning something.”

  • meangirl

    Ok so, if they plan to blow up the dam with “dozens” of propane tanks… would that work? That looks like a big Dam. I know NOTHING about the potential of explosives.

  • Jim

    I wonder if it’s Obama’s mid-east cousins or his sons that are up to something.

  • Jim

    Propane cylinders would be used in a terrorist attack. It takes “big” stuff to break a dam.

  • meangirl

    Yeah. That looks like a very well built Dam. But then again… I never messed with explosives before and never really took interest in the subject. I’m as as ignorant about it as it gets and now days I’m afraid to Google about it and end up in No Fly List or something.

  • June Jones

    “the authorities” said not to worry about the stolen propane tanks being used in a terrorist attack, so why would you think they could be? (I’m guessing common sense)
    If those propane tanks are so benign why the warning labels on them and the areas they are stored?

  • Jim

    Without getting into a “bad” area, propane is explosive. Nuff said.

  • Mark

    It would take tons of high level explosive to cause a catastrophic breach in a major dam. The explosive would have to be placed with real sophistication even to have a chance at that.

  • Dale

    I have driven across Bagnell Dam hundreds of times. Propane tanks are not going to put a dent in that dam. Guaranteed.

  • cavt

    I live in Redlands and would drive by the terrorists condo every day. Never thought we’d have people/events of jihadi terrorism connected to our peaceful, out of the way town. Now I know these terrorists are everywhere and the folks responsible for this damn better be on alert–


    Maybe the Dam story about men asking questions was a distraction…they may have a different target altogether…

  • Dom

    It’s common for an enemy-force to probe a number of targets as a means to obfuscate the primary objective…..

    Propane tanks can hold many types of compressed liquids and gases; enough said?

    Reportable quantities of flamables and explosives are supposed to be under the watchful eye of a fire official.

    Keep your eyes and ears open; no-such thing as peace time any more.

    God Bless our LEOs for all the bad things that have not happened….

  • LRob

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be at all worried if I lived down stream.

    KA BOOOM !

    Eff ing muslims.

  • PhilipJames

    Nothing to worry about here…. after all, with thousands and even millions of unknown people walking across the southern border all the time, who cares… the US if fkd already. If someone said that there are already 1500 Islamic terrorist sleepers in the US, who could dispute that?

  • ZZZzzzz

    Middle Eastern men asking about Bagnell Dam at Lake of the Ozarks…OH JOY!!! Missouri has had a LOT of suspicious activity of late and the FBI and powers that be better be paying attention. This is very disturbing.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Nice to know.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Have you folks noticed how they always claim we are being ‘scared” by this that or the other? Americans are arming up at an almost alarming rate, certainly a record rate, and it is not because we are “scared” of anything.

    We are pissed of and sick of people telling us we are scared, fed up with “law enforcement” that is so bent on giving us seat belt tickets that that cannot catch even the most obvious of terrorists, and preparing to do battle with ALL those who are trying to usurp what belongs to each and every one of us, our Liberty.

    LEOs, and politicians too, We Are Not Scared. Got that? SO stop saying it. Tell the truth. We are done, 100% done with your folks lying your hind ends off, daily, and getting paid by us to do so.

  • Mike in Illinois

    It is probing. Fake the right hook, throw the straight left hard.

  • Palinprodigy


  • American Patriot

    Stake your life on it?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And he’s going to have to fight the entire Left first to get it done.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    They would say that same thing no matter what diabolical plots were uncovered.

  • Cynthia

    As a native of this area not too many people tour the dam this time of year .

  • Indiana Mike

    Missouri is exactly in the middle of the Country. Perfect symbolism for muslim maniacs to attack.

  • jmarie

    Where is your engineering degree from?

  • gsp9993

    This country is now infested with the enemy. Wake up America.

  • bob e

    just a matter of time for a large scale successful jihadi mass casualty attack ..

  • andanotherthing

    Yeah, let’s not get concerned. Just keep your heads in the sand, Nothing bad is going to happen. Well, that’s what the government would LIKE you to believe. After the 9-11 attacks I said that the NEXT time something happened it would likely be in the central part of the country. Just to prove that these rags could attack anyplace they liked. These recent mass cell phone purchases and the recent theft of multiple propane tanks, and now, reports that “middle eastern” men are asking a lot of questions about Bagnell Dam. Yeah, let’s just IGNORE the warning signs…………….

    I would be concerned with ALL of the dams in the area. Including Table Rock dam in Branson. That, to me anyway, would be a more likely target as there are a lot more people living downstream. There should be concern as well for the Callaway Nuclear Power Plant. But, again, according to the government, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with a few rags asking question, buying cell phones and stealing propane tanks……

  • Annegret Tenhengel

    They will if they are made into what the article below shows.

  • Annegret Tenhengel
  • paulgilpin

    mine is from oklahoma state university.
    where is your engineering degree from?

  • paulgilpin


  • paulgilpin


  • paulgilpin

    thank you for posting your BS link.
    after about 9 or 10 months of 24/7 bombardment, yes, a dent will appear.

  • paulgilpin

    mother nature is a bigger threat to this structure than any terrorist threat discussed here.
    can this damn be broken? heck yes. mother nature snaps her fingers and the damn goes bye-bye.
    set off a couple of timothy mcveigh truck bombs on top of it will have no effect. make a lot of noise. destroy the overpass/road.
    even if the ragheads get into the control room, all they can do is open all the tainter gates. downstream flooding will be massive. but the damn structure will remain.

  • wtd

    “…’bulk purchases of cell phones’, ‘explosives were found in Mark Twain Forest’ , ‘Dozens of propane tanks were stolen’…”
    Not to mention, the burglars who stole drones and radio controlled vehicles from a North Miami hobby shop?

  • ohio granny

    And the democRATs will blame Americans and our treatment of muslims.

  • ZZZzzzz

    You are so right about Muslims and their symbolism, they live on it. Hussein Obama has sent a lot of symbolic signals to these throwback savage barbarians over the last 7+ years. It’s so pathetic.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    The media is getting very proficient at setting up these scenarios for the public’s psyche to be further manipulated. The masses incapable of discernment makes the task simple for the minions.

  • Ken Snyder

    Stay vigilant Missouri!

  • ofallon

    Thanks Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit for connecting the dots. We are not afraid. We are informed.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    Wow. Not even a “dent”? I was not aware that dozens of exploding propane tanks were incapable of causing any damage to concrete.

    I feel so relieved that you have an engineering “degree”.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Oh, the media is the problem. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • OldSailor

    Not exactly the words I’d use but exactly my sentiments on this. And now the opposition has an idea of what information the authorities have on them. I think we can assume they have good OPSEC covering their real plan(s).

    You guys watch your butts this Christmas season, my “Spider-sense” is going nutz. I’m thinking multiple attacks in the heavy shopping days just before or after Christmas.

  • Drifter

    You know, Bagnell dam was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read about these suspicious characters acquiring the parts to assemble remote controlled bombs. That dam not only supplies power for a lot of Missouri, but the Lake of the Ozarks is a huge recreation area that generates millions.

    Hope someone is keeping their eye on it.

  • OldSailor

    Good job young lady.

  • OldSailor


  • OldSailor

    Propane tanks, not likely the explosive of choice against a hardened structure like a dam. I consider those more effective against “soft” targets like crowds (fireballs and shrapnel.)

    Large bombs made of fuel oil / fertilizer or high explosives would be more effective I think, especially if placed at the base or on the upstream side of the structure (“Dam Busters” or “Force 10 from Navarone.”)

    Not to say the terrs won’t try something at the dam, they might but probably not with propane.

  • BillyBob Bob

    ‘ Hines encourages residents to report any suspicious behavior to the Sheriff’s Office or other local law enforcement.’

    It’s a setup! You’ll be reported to Loretta Lynch and the DOJ. It’s only a dam. It’s not worth 30 years in prison for hate speech mentioning ‘middle eastern looking men’.

  • 0hiojoe

    Nothing to fear here islam is the religion of peace. Surely these middle eastern men were just studying the construction of the dam in order to bring Hydro electric power to their fine country!
    As if!

  • Dom

    From any agency other than a sherrif’s; a person should think twice before making statements to the authorities (especially to a federal fusion center) about any of the “protected” groups.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    The media seems obedient enough to just follow the governments direction as to what to report. You could only imagine a much larger amount of activity is taking place.

  • oldeagle145

    Look for a flotilla of suicide boaters when they decide to make the attack.

  • Right wing

    Too bad AMERICANS aren’t a protected group in America any more!

  • Dom

    True; but since everything is getting closer to a full 180 degree flip; it’s becoming easier for more Americans to spot the enemy’s attributes…..we are becoming better at seeing the wolf under the sheepskin….

    The sublime purpose is….. INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

  • Cheryl

    the Left and the Right by the looks of things. This new spending bill is nothing but an act of Treason against the USA. There is no way we will not collapse under it’s weight.

  • OldSailor

    Hey Mike? If you “scare” Americans with the threat of violence what is the first thing, VERY FIRST thing most do?

    They arm themselves. We aren’t Europeans, our “wild west” or “western expansion” days are not that far behind us. We are even more heavily armed than the nation was in the “rifle behind every blade of grass” days Admiral Yamamoto spoke of.

    Well, at least the majority who aren’t card carrying leftist wusses are.

  • OldSailor

    Those phones and supplies can be anywhere in the country by now shipmate. EVERYONE stay vigilant.

  • Cheryl

    According the Left all the new Terrorist Attacks with be the direct result of Trump’s Rhetoric. Everyone knows these peaceful Muslims were pushed into Jihad because Trump supporters aren’t saying what they want to hear.

  • Malatrope

    Engineer here. Propane is a low-energy explosion. It won’t hurt concrete, unless it is contained within a closed structure such that the over-pressure exceeds the design of the space.

    It is entirely likely that the dam exploration has nothing to do with the propane tanks, and even possible that the cell phones have nothing to do with either. If the Jihad balloon has gone up, we can expect actions all over the country.

  • paulgilpin

    not to worry. engineers are used to people like your self relieving yourselves at others/our expense.
    you just can’t help it i’m sure.
    and if you could you wouldn’t.
    if you are ever in the vicinity of eufaula dam, let me know.
    i’ll be more than happy to show you, up close and personal, how a tainter gate really does operate.

  • yennikcm

    Ditto, Christmas day would be my guess…just a feeling, hope Im wrong.

  • fedupMan

    0dude promised he would fix everything, remember? Can one person tell me thing that 0 made better. DON”T tell me healthcare b/c my relatives are staggering under the $3-4%,000 deductibles just because they work. Oh course the free dudes even muslims just love it.

  • Calamity Jane

    Thank You, good sir!

  • Eagle61

    The radial gates on the spillway are 22-feet tall. A well placed explosive on one of the gate’s steel struts (arms) could cause an uncontrolled release of potentially 22 feet of lake depth which would lower the pool to a
    point where the hydro electric generators may have little head for power generating capacity.

    Additionally, the loss of water would affect a good number of people who rely on the lake for a drinking water supply (although most of the area apparently uses groundwater).

    The big impact would probably be to revenues generated from recreational activities on the lake.

  • tham

    A dam like that seems pretty hard to mess with. However, there are many many softer targets, smaller dams, power grid towers. Still, they like killing people in public settings so I consider malls and public events much more likely.

  • Bill Smith2

    So did two 100+ story buildings..

  • tham

    Hijacked planes, completely different from small pipe bombs, propane tanks and some semi-auto rifles. Not to mention the political incompetence that led to 9/11. They still won’t release the classified part of the report that some congressmen saw. Basically it would link Saudi government officials to the hijackers. ISIS does targeted assassinations. So again, they start using small sleeper cells to target co-workers, shops, theaters, general terrorism kinds of things. Makes the population afraid to go about daily activity.

  • Draki

    Agreed, most are headed to Branson and the shopping outlets. Glad our sheriff and everyone is watching out.

  • Bill Smith2

    Didn’t stop them from trying to bomb it first..

  • Draki

    Good news, is that we’re able to separate the odd acting people from the arab princes who pilot their race boats here.

  • Mike in Illinois

    For people like you and me Old Sailor, that is a true statement, except we are already armed to start with. For the younger crowd, their first response is to go vote for more intrusive, more powerful government that claims to want to disarm the “bad guys’. This is a product of what has been taught in schools. I am tellin ya brother, schools aren’t just anti-gun….they are full blown anti-self defense and bow and beg government for “protection”. It is soooo sickening and so few are willing to challenge their School Boards on this point.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I hear ya and am with ya. I thought for sure black friday was gonna be bloody and I missed the mark on that one. Maybe the day after Christmas? My gutchecks are going ballistic too! I sure will keep the 6 covered and you do the same. Something is close at hand, something big. Maybe it will be abroad, but I ain’t about to count on that.

  • OldSailor

    Biggest shopping days are Christmas Eve and December 26 (exchange day), those would be my best guesses.

    Yah, I’m praying I’m wrong too.

  • OldSailor

    Trust me Mike, I try to stay away from Malls and shopping centers / WalMarts between Thanksgiving and a few days after Christmas … crowds and I don’t play well together. And I’m not moving quickly now because I busted my ankle in 3 places and had to have it screwed back together. At 62 I don’t heal quick any more and you NEED to be able to duck and dodge quick in those circumstances. 😉

    All y’all be safe and like Mike says, “check 6” (“watch your butt” for you civies.)

  • raybojabo
  • OldSailor

    My thoughts exactly sir, “all over the country” is what worries me. It won’t take many non-suicidal Jihadis each with multiple targets to cause enough mayhem to drive the authorities crazy.

  • OldSailor

    Too true about the schools bro. Fortunately there are still more than a few like us out there even among the younger folks (the folks we raised.)

  • Drifter

    I heard that it’s racist to suspect Middle Eastern men of anything.

  • OldSailor

    Aye and Amen.

  • OldSailor

    Maybe that’s the real reason behind the new FAA rules requiring licensing of drones. I don’t think it’ll work though for the same reason the FCC gave up on licensing CB radios … there were just too many out there.

  • Dr. Kev COL(R)

    Suspicious questions like: How much concrete is in this dam and do you think explosives will crack it? Hey, do you know where I can get burner phones and some large propane tanks? I am quite surprised that our brain trust government even got wind of this activity. If Obama were still in town then they would have been ordered to stand down due to profiling.

  • 0hiojoe

    I ran into a young lady in Wal Mart about 2 years ago, she told me she qualified for obungle don’t care but was not able to use it since she had a huge deductible. Everything he has done to America is a pox that will take years to recover from.

  • Dr. Kev COL(R)

    Don’t worry Missouri, Obama is releasing a bunch more Gitmo folks for the holidays. Perhaps some will replace those folks you just caught. Good luck on the dam and I hope you all can swim.


    I know the people in that part of the country. Look for Middle Eastern men to be in very, very short supply in those hills real soon.

  • Drifter

    Yep. They would basically be saying “if we can hit you in the center of he heartland, nowhere is safe”.

  • ozark240

    This is not exactly the prime tourist season. There ain’t much to do around there this time of year, especially for a group of men that appear to be on vacation.

  • tank

    See something, say something doesn’t apply to those who want to kill us. Just constitutionalists, patriots, Christians, Tea party members and gun owners.

  • Mike in Illinois

    You got that right! As a matter of fact, my daughter came home today and was astonished at the way some of her classmates are acting about possible presents they may or may not get. She said, it is like they are expecting this or that and saying they will be mad if they don’t get it. She said, those kids obviously don’t know what Christmas is all about.

    Put a smile on my face. Cuz see, you are right. We are raising em right, even if others aren’t!

  • Mark

    Exactly, the explosive would use the water as a tamper.

  • Mark

    I do, and it will not. Propane needs to mix with oxygen to become explosive and is the wrong approach. That’s all on the how to.

  • Mark

    Snort. Fuel air explosives have no contact with the critical points in the structure and won’t work.

  • Mark


  • Mark

    They cannot breach the dam without truckloads of HE placed correctly.

  • ozark240

    Yeah, and if we do say something, nothing will be done. Loretta Lynch monitors all of us for what she thinks is negative comments but when Muslims post terror related comments online, there’s a stand down order, nothing is done.

  • Mark

    You are referring to anti personnel IEDs. Heavy demolition is a whole different matter. These wanker devices would barely leave scorch marks.

  • Mark

    The gates are the weakest points, but would not yield a catastrophic breach, even if the sand dopes could boat up to them and place explosives.

  • lee

    When these Middle East men (Muslim sandbaggers) start asking this kind of stuff they need to be dealt with quickly. By the people being asked or an American that respects the 2nd amendment. The government IS not going to keep you safe.

  • tank

    I’ve always said that we should no longer go through security at airports, stadiums, etc. It’s all one big joke which shows you who the security apparatus is for in the first place. American citizens being taught to be slaves under a police state grid. it has nothing to do with manufactured terror.

  • leewacker

    I visited Bagnell Dam in 1946 when we were in Missouri visiting family! Dad went down to the power station, and toured it while the rest of the family waited on top. He said it was quite impressive at the time, and revisited it, I think in the 1950s, and told me the place had been upgraded to keep pace with the times. I’ll bet they have done so over and again, and should terrorists hit that dam; actually destroying it, it would be total devastation for miles around!

  • leewacker

    Sure hope they run afoul of moonshiners! That would be exciting, and the muslims would lose!

  • CharlieSeattle

    Trump is correct! Muslim “Control” Instead Of Gun Control!

    Deport all muslims from the west at once!
    Ban all muslims from traveling to the west, ..FOREVER!!

    islam is NOT a religion of peace.
    islam is a sick and twisted terrorist ideology that is
    completely incompatible with western civilization.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Obama saying ISIL is a snide, left handed way for Obama to align himself with ISIL’s regional goals, which includes Israel.

    The “Levant” region generally consists of Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Syria, Turkey , and Israel. …yes, ISRAEL!

    ….ISI”S” does NOT include Israel, only “S”ryia!

    Only Traitors and their sycophant apologists use the the name ISIL.

    The “good muslims” shelter and support the “other? muslims” attacking us. If they do not, they are attacked or pay they tribute to avoid it, like the Saudi’s and the Arab states do.

    The “other? muslims” are explicitly implementing islam as laid out in the koran. A “true muslim” implements islam violently. muslim’s use sanctioned deception called “Taqiyya ” to Lie, Cheat, Attack, Subjugate, Rape and Murder all infidels in order to do so!

    A real “radical” muslim is one that is tolerant of all races and their faiths and does not kill innocents! But such charity is antithesis to the Koran’s true teachings. These softhearted “radical muslim’s” are brutally killed by “true muslim’s” just for playing nice with Jews!

    That is why Obama does NOT say the words “radical islam.” It does NOT exist!

    …radical islam, as I define it, does not suit the political agenda of ISIL, or Obama.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Once Obama retires, we should be sure to give ISIS Obama’s new address. Since it will just be a new tourist attraction and all!

  • Big Sam

    Very good show…And this type of equipment and this kind of material have been put into the hands of the unskilled and unpatriotic in the U.S. ….

  • imakymama

    And every time that POSPOTUS says “ISIL” he is sending a coded signal to ISIS regarding Israel.

  • imakymama

    This Sunday will be extremely busy for shopping. I was going to go out, but have changed my mind. Will stay home and make cookies and fudge for the grandkids.

  • imakymama

    I thought about Christmas Day, too, but most people will be home with their families. I know Christmas Day would be a symbolic thing for them, but big crowds make for more carnage and terror.

  • Dian_Cecht

    Gee Wally, I hope nobody’s civil rights got violated.

  • glenn47

    With all the other things happening in Mo. You can’t ignore this. Cell phone. Gas tanks. Buried explosives, etc.
    I have been to that dam, it could be used to flood, poison or destroy electricity it provides.
    Being PC in these times will get you killed.

  • glenn47

    Or it could be a test to see if we are paying attention. To much attention here, they may move on. Time for everyone to be vigilant and no more PC crap. Our children’s lives depend on it.

  • glenn47

    We need to investigate and see what dates mean something to thing.

  • glenn47

    Airports? Train stations? You can bet within the next few months they will do something as soon as we are feeling secure again.

  • glenn47

    The brave left can run interference for us if they so desire. Me, I intend to be vigilant. Being PC is stupid.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Precisely, and so many are in the dark as to what this means…..the O doesn’t wish to acknowledge Israel as sovereign territory.

  • Mike in Illinois

    They do pick their dates carefully, that is for sure. I once looked into Al Qaeda’s games there. Did ya know that ground was broken to build the pentagon on – wait for it – 9-11 ? Uh huh. Another thing I found along Al Qaedas 16 to 18 month pattern of attacks….there is one attack missing in their timeline that just happens to coincide roughly with wen West Nile showed up in – wait for it- New York. Hmmmm.

  • Jim

    See the WWII movie – “The Dam Busters”. It covers the problem and the solution.

  • Mark

    The military has resources the terrorists do not. Thank God.

  • fedupMan

    I have relatives and friends that are staggering under the deductibles. I am retired and my docs are still around but the wife’s docs moved around b/c of ACA. Many of our friends had to move to new docs.