Large Quantity of Cellphones Bought By “Immigrants” at Rural Missouri Walmart Sets Off Alarms


Two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri and purchased 60 cellphones. The purchase was made around 4 AM last Saturday morning. Police were called but released the men saying they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.
KY3 reported:

A large number of cellphones bought in the early morning hours set off concern in Lebanon.

Police say just before 4am Saturday morning, two men purchased about 60 phones from the Walmart store.

Police were called, but after talking with them police say they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.

But they did call the FBI.

“I’m not going to say just because they’re a different religion or because they’re Muslim. But these people were, they were foreign-speaking. You need to take notice, you need to let us know about it because it doesn’t hurt to check on it. You’re not being racist or anything like that. You’re just protecting yourself,” said Laclede County Sheriff Wayne Merritt.

After the San Bernardino shooting, several media outlets reported some neighbors noticed suspicious activity at the home of shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

No reports were made, however, out of fear of being accused of racial profiling.

Police say cellphones can be potential tools in the hands of terrorists.

Besides their use in communication, they can also be used as detonators for bombs.

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  • jeffunde

    Get ready for the lawsuits! Walmart is going to be sued.

  • Linda

    Good job, Walmart employee! And good job, Lebanon cops for notifying the FBI. But there must be something those creeps could have been arrested for! Now they’re gone. I wonder if the cops recorded their ID’s, etc? Even if they did, the ID’s were probably fake anyway.

  • Ron Peterson

    I’m sure these phones will be given away to good boys and girls as Christmas presents as part of the CAIR program of community outreach. (sarc)

  • SanjS

    Relax everyone, they’re Obama phones being given away freely…nothing to see here

  • celestiallady

    Testing detonations before the actual thing.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Keep profiling them muzzies. Don’t give them an inch.

  • American Patriot

    By the Just-US department……..

  • PimpAllah

    But that is racist to profile and inform on these peaceful citizens that happen to be muslims. The Attorney General is not going to allow these types heinous actions

  • 0hiojoe

    loretta will be getting right on that.

  • RestoreAmerica

    Start doing like cough syrup and spray paint. Require a photo ID for any quantity over 2.

  • RestoreAmerica

    CAIR and the ACLU will do that….

  • PimpAllah

    For sure they’ll get an invitation to visit to the white house and get further instructions.

  • K. E.

    Trying to think of a reason why anyone would go out at 4 am to buy dozens of cell phones that doesn’t include terrorism. Hope these guys are being watched very closely by the FBI.

  • K. E.

    You mean, getting after Walmart for reporting such a racist, profiling event? Yep. She’ll be there in a heartbeat.

  • E. Newton

    Muslims are very talkative. That’s why they need lots of phones. Can’t they get their phones for free via the Obama phones for Jihadist program?

  • Kenmar

    Black Friday?

  • Sniffy Pop

    Immigrants with money for 60 cell phones

    Bet those boys out there in Lebanon are loaded for Bear

    This is absolute bull Ssssss

  • Cahal the Mad™

    60 remote detonators for IEDs.

  • Sniffy Pop


    You called it

    This is scary Sssssss

  • kangaroo

    Guess they couldn’t get an o.bama phone.

  • SineWaveII

    Sheesh. Haven’t they ever seen “The Wire”. You should only buy two or three from each store.

  • kangaroo

    ‘Lebanon’ Missouri has potential terrorists buying phones, can’t make it up

  • SineWaveII

    No instead they got a bunch of osama phones.

  • SineWaveII

    Or a means to discuss terror plans without anyone listening in.

  • kangaroo

    Hope those guys get a Darwin award,

  • US.Patriot1776

    A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World

    What I am about to share is the ultimate truth that has been lived, experienced and suffered by me for more than 30 years. This experience was gained by living in my home country of Egypt which is now a pure Muslim society. Like so many others I have been burned by this transformation. This transformation has seen me witness and experience Islam turn my home country to ruins and its followers are now threatening to bring the same fate to your own country.

    Islam is not like any other religion. Islam is a supremacist racist political and social ideology wrapped in a thin peel of religious rituals. It seeks domination and supremacy over all other systems and religions. Islam is worse than Nazism and fascism systems combined without any doubt.

    Followers of Islam believe they are the only righteous people on earth and the only nation who hold the truth. Muslims believe Islam is the only true religion.

    Due to this Muslims believe everyone else who has a different religion, or has no faith and does not follow Islam are“Kaffirs” (a derogatory term means unbelievers). Muslims are influenced by many frivolous koranic verses and hadiths (words and deeds of their prophet) teaching them they are the best nation that has ever emerged on earth. For example, according to surat (verse) 3:110 from the Quran, Allah said to Muslims: “Thus We have made you the best nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger (Muhammad) be a witness over you”.

    Muslims are in your country, but they live not to integrate or to be part of your society or at least to be equal with others, but to dominate and to be the only privileged group. Muslims achieve this by turning you into a second class citizen in your own country.

    They immigrate to your countries holding the same belief system that turned their lives into hell on earth. This same belief, same religion made their lives unsupportable in their original societies. It is the same religion that transformed their countries into war zones of endless conflicts. Muslims now homeless want to apply this system and live and apply the same destruction in your own country.

    Muslims are not in your country to help build it or to make it prosper. Many believe this, including politicians. Muslims are in your country to drain its resources and to suck the blood out of society. For example Muslims represent the majority of all your country’s welfare recipients.

    A real Muslim’s loyalty is not and will never be to your countries but to the global Islamic “Umma” (nation) only. . . .

  • Sniffy Pop

    Hope the Sheriff out there has bomb sniffing dogs. They will come in handy.

    Every time they pull one of these guys over, they need to cal in a dog to sniff down that car.

  • Foreign speaking? Like these?

  • Circa53

    About 5 years ago in the Deeeetroit area 3 afro muslims were found in possession of over 100 cell phones as they were going from store to store.
    Concerned Americans called the police, They were found and questioned by the POlice.
    They were released as the POlice said there was no other information available.
    The story quickly went away.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Dry Run Testing.
    Next up?
    A Daily Koser will now go buy cell 60 cell phones at wal mart at 4 in the morning to show that they won’t be bothered like muslims were.

    Won’t they be shocked when they get to talk to the FBI too?
    Wake up folks, Muslims are playing games. Stupid games.
    Time to give em stupid prizes.

  • Circa53

    The Brits are going nuts about TRUMP..….

  • snixy

    Yeah, I always run out a 4 in the morning to buy me 60 cell phones – happens all the time.

  • Mike in Illinois

    But then, the “great deal’ excuse falls asunder because those “deals” always have “limits’.

    Nobody buys 60 phones, bro. Cmon. Not at wal mart at four in the morning.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Well, at least they think nobody listening in.

  • Mike in Illinois

    We have no choice.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Chicago getting frisky folks. Better pay attention. Get the popcorn.
    Rahm will have to resign before this is over. Anita as well.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer pair.
    Get the popcorn! Get the PopCorn!!!

  • Circa53

    Lots of pushing and shoving, afros and wiggers Demanding that rahm be gone…LOL..
    Fox Biz..Liz Claman is on it..

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hilarious Ain’t it? BLM trained on Rahms removal. I love it. And Rahm and Anita have literally no way out. None. The more the crowd walks down the streets, the more the Baltimore action gets closer. Chicago is a powder keg and the fuse is already lit.

    The only thing that will stop it is for Rahm and Anita both resign, quickly. And then THAT will embolden them more! Like I said, the lefties have no way out of this now, it has to run its course now.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I am betting that if someone looks, there is a set of many numbers out there being tried. A few, a dozen, twenty, thirty, and sixty. It is all testing to see at what level is it really noticed…

  • ZZZzzzz

    60 phones at 4 AM, really?? Maybe these 2 Muslims goons thought they were in Beirut. I’m glad the FBI were called and put on notice. Let’s hope they watch them closely.

  • STLstudent

    The federal and state governments have betrayed the American people. Our leaders are a treacherous evil.

  • Brett Favre

    CAIR lawsuit over racism in 3…2…1….

  • JY1

    Drug dealers?

  • Libtards Lie


  • JY1

    For Walmart, spray paint, paint thinner, acetone, xylene, any solvent, gets a demand for photo ID with the purchase of a single can.

    A single package of cold medicine (the stuff that actually works) get’s the information on the ID copied down onto their log-of-customers clip board in the pharmacy department.

    I’m afraid to even ask what I would have to do to buy some ammonium nitrate for my garden, even if I could find someone that would sell it.

  • M. Black

    mike, i’m movin to iL. Ill

  • Circa53

    Let’s see them start throwing garbage cans and bus benches through the Christmas decorated windows of the stores..
    Let’s see what obongo and lynch have to say..

  • cavt

    Hope whoever reported this has skipped town and stays undercover. DOJ will be after them for bad-mouthing muslims and they are likely to end up in a cell next to the guy who made the video–


    I’m fromMissouri and I can assure you if Muslim terrorists kill a bunch of good ole boy’s families there: the payback will make the Crusades look like a Happy Meal…

    Trump 2016!!!

  • Meadowbrook

    Are you kidding me???? 60 phones for what???? thank goodness Walmart had the good sense to at least contact the police but then they are more worried about political correctness than our safety?

  • firedup49

    AG Lynch will probably prosecute them for profiling ; /

  • ridgerunner
  • ratedrnightwing

    They just needed parts to make clocks

  • Michael Lloyd

    Loretta Lynch will be serving these folks from Wal-Mart with warrants soon.

  • gastorgrab

    US intelligence should search for similar patterns of sim card sales in the middle east hot spots, and set up a computer to randomly dial those numbers which are suspected of being used for terror purposes.

    If they ring as normal, then no harm done.

    If they set off an explosive, then the Jihadists will be closer to Allah.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Glad ta have ya.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Quite possible. They tend not to be very smart either. But they usually stick to having their underlings by a couple to stay low key. Gangs have very coordinated structure and tend not to make mistakes like this. If it was dealers it would be up and comers who wouldn’t last too long at the street level – and for making boneheaded mistakes such as this.

  • Mike in Illinois

    You can get it in rural America in small amounts and even that is cataloged. Farmers ain’t playin on that front.

  • Mike in Illinois

    CAIR has been in lawsuit mode for a while, but they got bit recently and are still licking their wounds. I think they steer clear of this one.

  • tham

    Right on I-44, so these guys weren’t locals either. One can’t help but get the feeling there’s alot going on. When an event like Paris or San Bernardino happens, we start getting snippets of other activity. We start learning what they are usually NOT telling us. I’m only surprised we haven’t had a string of coordinated attacks yet.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Great point – 60 phones cost a chunk of cash that snap won’t provide.

  • Zelda

    Really? Wouldn’t any true evil genius make numerous smaller purchases at numerous different stores during regular business hours and not make a show of “foreign speaking?” If these are terrorists we have nothing to worry about.

  • tham

    They are long gone, just popped off the interstate for the purchase.

  • tham

    Christmas is racist is what they’ll say.

  • Derpocrat

    Nothing to see here. If you’re suspicious of this, please report to your nearest GOP/DNC reeducation center.

    That is all.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Been a couple scuffles but it seems neither side wants it to escalate just yet. It is only Wednesday so they have a couple days to ramp it up for the real show. They are serious about Rahms resignation and if Rahm ignores that, Chicago will blow. I have zero doubt about that.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Been saying that a long time. Forcing black Santas is a staple here in Illinois.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Yeah, folks in a particular office in California thought they had nothing to worry about too. And folks in Paris thought they could consider flowers instead of guns as well. Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about, right? Uh huh.

    Go back to your nintendo, Zelda.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I thought for sure black friday was going to be a bloodbath. Got that one wrong.

  • darrell_b8

    OBAMAPHONE replacements no doubt; to be given away as Kwanza presents….to locals….

  • Paulonthe400

    We can refuse to learn from the
    Islamic disasters in Germany France, Belgium, Norway Denmark Great
    Britain and the Netherlands, or we can do something about the scourge
    1 Stop building mosques. It can be Proven that they subvert civil society by teaching, and hiding the Jihadists. This Death Cult does not deserve the public trust. Until they reform, we will not help it ruin our country.
    2 Stop Islamic immigration. Older Muslims are some of the most gentle people I know. However, the newest 7the century Jihadists use our technology, better than us, and can spread their evil even quicker than before. Stop the assimilation myth. We submit to them, this muslim supremacy is the only way they think. They don’t assimilate ANYWHERE!
    3 Ban insidious Sharia law. Duh
    4 Stop the welfare fraud. Why are we importing OTHER COUNTRIES POOR? Immigration is supposed to benefit the Country, not create a dependent class that elects liberals.
    5 Arrest those who incite violence. Even if they can’t be convicted. It will be all over the news and the Muslims will know we won’t be fucked with.
    6 Stop the Halal certification extortion racket that finances their terrorist activities. Speak to your fluffy liberal friends, after all, animals are bigger victims than any Muslim.
    7 Stop political correctness and social engineering nonsense that exhibits our weakness and emboldens Islam’s worst.

    We want our leaders to act like leaders before they kill more of us.
    Get your CW permit in the States, or your PAL in Canada before the gun grab starts.
    Step up.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Not a religion.
    It is a war plan of total world domination.
    We must have the courage to call it what it is.

  • Cheryl

    I like how you think

  • Cheryl

    I realize they didn’t break any laws by buying 60 cellphones at 4:00 AM but this just proves there is nothing the law can do until after the fact.

  • Paulonthe400

    Thanks Mike. I changed “Religion” to Death Cult.®

  • Ed VanHalen

    Yes, they won’t be wired to gas pumps across the nation or anything like that…..

  • SAR2012

    One must wonder if the FBI agents were told, like our military on 9-11-12, to stand down & let the jizzlamic pigs carry on? We are being sold out by the testosterone-free dregs in this regime & their good buddies in the GOPe. The Founding Fathers are watching in horror as their worst nightmares come forth at the hands of these sniveling vermin.

  • showmerancher

    I’m sure the FBI is checking, but it would be interesting to see the cell phone sales at other Wal-Marts along I-44 that maybe weren’t as large, and/or weren’t reported.

  • Pigg Pie

    You forgot the biggest boost to this effort, that being elect Trump in 2016

  • showmerancher

    I would suppose that after having been “outed”, those particular phones are probably in a dumpster somewhere.

  • cookiebob

    What did they give as a reason for buying 60 phones? Do the phones have trackers?
    Look for 60 bombs in our near future.
    Somehow Christmas season is not as fun as it should be with this hanging over our heads.
    Wait Star Wars comes out when? I hope some one is looking out for what could happen in a packed theater opening night.

  • cookiebob

    Why they just walked. I’m not even sure you can track a burner phone.

  • Nash Montana

    No one ever accused muslims of being smart. They’re extremely dumb in their own way.




    I’ve been to Lebanon, MO lots of times. It’s on the way to the Lake. Good folks down there..up there actually… maybe one will publish the sales ticket and or arrest record so Americans can have some names? Here’s an opportunity for a “real journalist” to help our country by the way.

  • gastorgrab

    It’s not the phones that carry the identifying electronic marks. It’s the SIM cards.

    What I’m suggesting is that the CIA hack into the Pakistani telecom who is supplying the cell service to Afghanistan (and it’s counterparts in Iraq), and track all new cellphone accounts. I don’t have any problem at all with the CIA violating the privacy rights of foreign terrorist co-conspirators.

    Large purchases paid for by a single customer is a red flag. Constant, repeat customers is a double red flag. GPS data sent back from the phones could also be used to narrow down the list of suspects. Those repeat customers who keep traveling outside their expected zones, again, throws up another red flag.

    Dummy cell towers in suspect areas could also narrow the list of potential terrorist-bombers.

  • iwillnotsubmit

    I’d like to give them all an inch… .223″ at a time.

  • FL_BigFoot

    Something serious is heading our way…Soon.

  • LouAnnWatson

    if the boston bombers are any indication, being watched by the fbi means they’ll just know where to find them after they bomb their target

  • showmerancher

    As soon as they are activated they can be tracked.

  • Amanda Prideaux

    Walmart at 4AM is worse than I thought.

    Bravo to the person who reported suspicious behavior and risked being branded an islamaphobe.

  • TonysTake

    I want to say that the cops should have taken them out back and shot them but that would not be politically correct… so I won’t say it.

  • FLSteamer

    That’s just a normal 4am occurrence at the Walmart in Lebanon. I bet the person who called in has been labeled a racist by CAIR by now.

    Everyone buys 60 cell phones at once, don’t they? I bet it was a dry run to see how people would react in small town America.

  • paulgilpin

    i call it lawfare.

  • SineWaveII

    No doubt

  • We Own The Night

    Islam is NOT a race.

  • Vetfromhell

    Ban muslims period.

  • Vetfromhell

    It is a murdering cult of scumbags.

  • Buckeye1

    Why the hell did Wall Mart sell them?
    Why didn’t Wall Mart tell them to eat sand
    Then call the police and homeland security,,,, see something say something

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Remember the good ol days when they would have been beaten to snot and had their cell phones smashed to pieces?

  • Bob TheBuilder

    Wake up people ISLAM is a MURDEING CULT they have no religious protections – PERIOD

  • Bubba Gump

    Go phones are activated used a couple of times and disposed of. Move to the next.

  • Anon2

    No report was made, BS.

  • NoLibZone

    SIM cards are carrier specific. However each phone has an IMEI which basically is an electronic serial number. Wherever that phone goes on what ever network it can show up. Carriers can also deny service to that phone if it is reported stolen.

  • notgood
  • NoBamaYoMama

    They ain’t necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed! A product of generations of inbreeding. But that doesn’t mean they don’t bear the utmost of vigilance.

  • notgood

    and Macon

  • Americadies

    At least they were not profiled. liberalism is insanity on parade.

  • Oh, just great! I drive through there a lot. Just what we need ieds!

  • Thanks Obama. If you want your terrorist, you can keep your terrorist. This is your hope and change he was talking about. I know I keep saying it.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    The worst thing you can do is get a CW/PAL permit. It’s a data collection scheme so they know who to go after first when confiscation starts.

  • Paulonthe400

    You get your permit and join the NRA or the CSSA. Then, fight for your rights.

  • Ang in IL.

    that whole cough syrup thing is bogus.. Something in Nyquil doesnt agree with me so I get theraflu, husband prefers nyquil.. Well you cant buy both at the same time.. I could see a problem if we were buying 60 bottles But 2? come on..