MISSOURI ON ALERT: 4 Bulk Cell Phone Purchases – Now Dozens of Propane Tanks Stolen in KC

The FBI was alerted after a large quantity of cell phones was purchased at several mid-Missouri Walmarts in the last week.
walmart phone

Early Saturday morning two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri and purchased 60 cellphones. The purchase was made around 4 AM in the morning. Police were called but released the men saying they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.

The Macon County Sheriff’s office is investigating a second suspicious purchase of dozens of cellphones at the Columbia Walmart on Conley Road.

A third suspicious purchase was made at a Walmart in Macon, Missouri.

On Thursday a fourth Walmart in Jefferson City in mid-Missouri reported another bulk cell phone purchase.

Now this…
Dozens of propane tanks were recently stolen near Kansas City.
propane tanks
FOX 4 KC reported:

Several Missouri law enforcement agencies have notified the FBI about a large amount of cell phone purchases from area Walmarts.

Now, another incident has some people wondering if we are in danger of a terrorist attack in our area. A large number of propane tanks have been reported stolen from several locations is Independence and Lee`s Summit.

At the end of November, a BP gas station in Lee`s Summit reported 18-20 propane tanks stolen from the outside cages. That same night the CVS on Southwest 3rd Street reported the exact same crime.

Two weeks later, the CVS on East 23rd Street in Independence was hit, and 28 tanks were stolen from that location.

Sources within law enforcement say they received an urgent safety email about the propane thefts.

While there are several ways those tanks and cell phones phones can be used, in this climate, terror attacks are always a consideration.

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  • V the K

    I think what’s going on here is obvious. The Religion of Peace is going to throw a big barbecue to show their gratitude for America’s support and generosity and they’re going to give away free cell phones.

  • Libtards Lie

    Not going to end well.

  • ridgerunner

    There is no connection between the liberal bastions of Ferguson/Mizzou and the bulk cell phone purchases and propane cylinder thefts.

  • formwiz


  • bonnieblue2A

    Halal BBQ pork short ribs? Oh wait, never mind……

  • robcrawford2

    Don’t meth labs use propane?

  • Bill Smith2

    There’s two types: Radicalized ones and the non-radicalized ones.. The radicalized ones want to kill you.. The non-radicalized ones want the radicalized ones to kill you..

  • V the K

    Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect.

  • JY1

    Last night, KSDK reported five Walmart locations had reported bulk cell phone purchases. And did not post the story to their website.

    The map looked like someone drew a line down the middle of the state from Iowa to Arkansas and stopped at every store the line went through.

  • bonnieblue2A

    I would expect terrorists to steal anhydrous ammonia tanks sitting out in row crop farm fields all over mid-MO right now.

  • Here WeGo

    Geeze, I just burst out laughing…thanks..

  • V the K

    Police believe he has become “radicalized” and are seeking a Person of Interest known as ‘Rusty Shackleford.’

  • bonnieblue2A

    What was the 5th store reported?

  • Bill Smith2

    White guy, blonde hair, beard w/o mustache?? Straw hat, white shirt, black vest, black pants?? Horse n buggy with an orange traffic triangle on the back??

  • ridgerunner

    Too heavy, not trained to make a transfer into a smaller cylinder with out killing themselves, farmers have guns and they are innovative enough to think of it.

  • ridgerunner

    “not innovative enough”

  • JY1

    (KFVS) -Large quantities of cell phones recently sold at Walmart stores at Jackson, Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Macon, and Lebanon, Mo. have set off some alarms.

    Jackson Police Captain Rodney Barnes confirms 48 pre-paid cell phones were purchased at the Walmart in Jackson on Friday, Dec. 4.

    Cape Girardeau Police Chief Wes Blair says up to 10 pre-paid cell phones were purchased the same day at the Cape Girardeau Walmart.

    Both the Jackson and Cape Girardeau police departments turned over their investigations to the FBI.

    Leave it to the rural TV stations, who did not convert their websites over to smart phone format, to actually post the transcripts of their news stories…

  • ofallon

    I hope someone is keeping an eye on the St. Louis Arch.

  • ridgerunner

    After consulting with Obama, the FBI has issued this picture of their primary suspect

  • haywire63

    The FBI::See something say something then we will do nothing.

  • islam is the religion of peace and these are nothing but widows and orphans… how do we know this? Because dear leader (BLANK be upon him) told us so, and he will stand with islam should the winds be a blowin’. So, do not believe your eyes, do not believe your ears, do not pay attention to the evil hiding behind the curtain whose hands are very busy… 0bastards got this. *SPIT!* / Thanks Jim for your fantastic coverage!

  • Middle-aged right-wing extremist- CHECK!
    Propane & propane accessories- CHECK!

  • Jim

    If any of these phones and tanks are involved in a terrorist act, that would guarantee Trump’s election.
    Trump 2016

  • Trumper Tantrum

    Hmm…. let’s see. Dozens of cell phones and propane tanks….. Whatever could those items be used for together? Hmm…

    Well, in either case I’m not worried. ‘Jeh’ Johnson is on the job.

  • wtd

    Not just four locations….five
    1. S.E. Jefferson City,
    2. Columbia,
    3. Lebanon,
    4. Macon, Missouri, AND
    5. Cape Girardeau too

    BOLO – Missing Afghan Military Trainees Still on Loose – Names and Passport Photo’s Released… “…police and FBI would NOT be releasing their identities if this was NOT a security threat. This release increases the likelihood there is something very sketchy afoot…”

    two missing Afghan national air force students: Shirzad Rohullah, Kohestani Mirwais


    Deer cam captures unusual movement taken in very rural Frederiscktown Missouri private land surrounded by state/federal private land, on a mountain w/limited access.
    3 consecutive images – only one moving quick – most people would know where there is a corn pile/there is a camera. Same man seen by John Wooldridge next day and reported he spoke foreign language. Police report made. (text truncated from blurred image)


    related to San Bernardino shooters…Chernykh, 25 & her sister Tatiana married to Syed Raheel Farook , the brother of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook worked at the Montebello Mall – Chernykh sold cell phone cases at kiosks, a business owned by Tatiana, according to state records.
    Rehaif told investigators he owned ten cellphones but pawned eight of them. He didn’t explain why, according to the affidavit.
    Local10News video: Burglars steal pricey items (drones and radio controlled vehicles) from North Miami hobby shop surveillance cameras caught clear images of the two burglars’ faces.

  • Brett Favre

    these guys got it covered

  • ncskeptic

    See something say something then our AG will arrest you.

  • ridgerunner

    Texan, CHECK!

  • From Russia with Love
  • Excellent post, thank you.

  • PhilipJames

    It was probably one of Obama’s maybe sons who got converted to Islam while in prison since there is a massive Muslim conversion system operating in the prisons across America. Perfect place to recruit.
    Join the Muslims in prison and be protected by your “gang” and then when you get out, as a seasoned criminal, do your Islamic thing. PERFECT transformation of America that Obama has wanted.

  • Thatcatisback

    I can just about assure you those bulk purchases of phones will be re-sold at a profit to “Obamaphone clients” meaning they will likely be activated and sold at a profit to the usual “low-income and entitlement funded customers” in places like Ferguson and parts of St. Louis. Same for the gas propane tanks. Probably will show up locally behind someone’s turkey fryer or BBQ grill.

  • donh

    Clock boy is just building another science fair project designed to shame you all for profiling.

  • Brett Favre

    Unless its a fake clock that looks like a bomb, then we will make sure you are sued


    Let them try!!
    I wish they would!
    It would be worth it!!

  • wtd

    Different clockboy…but same idea …GatewayPundit: Hamid Rehaif participated in a YouTube video on how to dissect a clock.

  • NY-FLA Con


  • TJ

    Do we really think any would be terrorist are that stupid to walk into Walmart and buy bulk cell phones in cash knowing that would raise all sorts of red flags when they can do it all online. Is there any other descriptions of the perps other than foreign speaking. Would the person who reported them know the differences from Arabic, Pashto or Punjabi. The more logical reason is that the phones will end up for sale in some ethnic convenience store with a 100% mark up. Buying them at Walmart retail prices is easier and maybe even cheaper than any wholesale prices. Like the owner of a store buying his stock at Costco.

    Were the propane takes full or empty. Any gas station would take issue with filling 28 tanks at a time and putting them all into a Uhaul truck. They will end up at the scrap yard for pennies on the dollar even for brand new tanks.

  • brian

    Cool story bro.


    Cash is less traceable…

  • tham

    Yes, it’s possible it’s just a business scam with the cellphones. It’s also possible it is not. You haven’t a clue and the behavior is suspicious given the route from Lebanon to Jeff City to Columbia to Macon.

  • FireAm 85✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Thoughtful,and salient points tham, don’t waste them on TJ.

  • tham

    Lots of countries bombing them so why should we be surprised they would hit back in the only way they really can. It’s a war after all. I agree, I get a “something is brewing” feeling as well. If we make it past the holidays with nothing big happening, we might be good for awhile.

  • Patty

    easy peasy to get hands on weapons of mass destruction. We are accommodating people.

    Make me pretty sick to think about it.

  • Dantes

    Contrary to popular belief, propane is not that dangerous. In a propane cylinder it is a liquid, and obiously vapors are exposive in closed places, but making a “bomb” out of it is usually pretty futile.

  • FireAm 85✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    I’m certainly no expert in this arena, but I remember hearing the same points about pressure cookers a few years ago. If someone wants something badly enough, anything is possible.
    Stay Vigilant.

  • ShantiGirl

    ISIS or BLM?

  • Wingman

    BREAKING NEWS: Congress and White House proposing ban on civilian ownership of propane cylinders.

  • Americadies

    Obama Sons or followers of the Religion of Peace?

  • Americadies

    Let’s hope they are heading to San Francisco.

  • showmerancher

    Not to fear. Obama from behind countless layers of security, will be issuing his royal edict on gun control and therefore we the peons, shall all be safe and secure.

  • Storm

    No need for advanced algebra to know that A(20/PT)B(cell phones)/C(Mideast men)*DHS^worthless ineptitude= Total Terror

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Military Vet? – CHECK!

  • Southern Hounds

    Gas control. It’s coming.

  • Ragman69

    And Trumps’ the idiot? The racist? The non compassionate one? Whatever happened to security cameras all over the place? CVS doesn’t have them?lol “For “gods” sake…don’t let the stupid Americans see who stole the tanks!” I hear Lynch isn’t quite ready to arrest Americans for looking at mooslums wrong yet.

  • cargosquid

    President Pussy has put our top men…..TOP men on the case. Everyone go about your business. Nothing to see here. All is well. Hey…look! Trump said something! Stone him!

  • meangirl

    I’m sure we have nothing to worry about…It’s not cell phones are dangerous or anything…

    “Executed by remote control: ISIS releases their latest video where they kill two victims by detonating a bomb with a cell-phone”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3356215/Executed-MOBILE-ISIS-releases-latest-video-kill-two-victims-detonated-bomb-phones.html

  • dlink

    They want to cause some kind of terror on or around the Christian holiday Christmas. They have stated so. Look it up.

  • Atreyu

    Just cylinders? Could I store it in a cube?

  • showmerancher

    There are now 6 Wal-Marts in the state that have had the same cell phone occurrence. Wal-Mart of course has great security and there should be video of the folks inside the store, at the registers and even in the parking lot with perhaps the ability to catch the license plate number. I’m sure CVS has something similar. I can think of a couple of valid reasons why the FBI isn’t releasing the videos regardless of who the perps are, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Could they be Mizzou ‘protests’ trying to stay warm and coordinating with other peaceful protesters on cell phones? 🙂

  • hal

    The 2014 release of Inspire # 12, the Jihadi magazine for terrorist wanna bees and generals alike has instructions for building car bombs specifically in America using 20 pound propane tanks and oxygen cylinders. Both are readily available and easily stolen. The instructions and methods are unsafe and its likely the bomb maker will kill himself making the bomb. The instructions tell the bomb maker to mix oxygen and fuel gas being propane, inside a propane tank, then build a crude ignition device using a small light bulb and batteries.

    Its similar in concept to what the military calls “fuel air” explosives. But the muzzies have mixed the gases not in the air but in a steel propane tank. Such an explosion would shatter the tank and other adjacent tanks and spread shrapnel far and wide. Imagine how many propane tanks you could fit in a van or SUV. Terrorists have used the device elsewhere when they cannot find high explosives and while the theory behind the IED is sound, the crude methods used to build one are quite unsound.
    We are living in perilous times, when our co workers or neighbors could be a terrorist who is planing to kill us. And the tools and materials to make the bombs are everywhere. Obama can ban all the guns he wants, but that will not stop a determined killer. Maybe those who demand banning guns is not to save lives after all. but to make it easier for Obama and his terrorist pals to kill you. All the gun control laws will not stop a determined killer, they only harm the law abiding citizen.

    I am sure you can find a copy of this terrorist magazine on the net, which by the way, is slickly produced by professionals, with layouts and columns that match those in Ladies Home Journal.

  • americansforall

    Jay Nixon will comment on this……once he has his script from Valerie Jarrett…

  • George Craig

    Except for the fact that junk yards won’t accept propane tanks. There is too big of a danger of them exploding when being crushed, possibly resulting in injury or death.
    Then there’s the fact that all of the propane tanks are locked in a steel cage, so it takes quite a bit of effort to break into them and steal the tanks; even if anybody could sell the tanks for scrap, an empty tank weighs about 10 pounds. Scrap iron is 3 cents per pound, so that’s 30 cents. Using a $100 set of cutting torches, spending $50 for acetylene and oxygen to cut through the steel cage, and taking a 50% chance on going to jail for years, in order to steal a dozen empty propane tanks that would sell for less than $4 would be beyond stupid.
    And convenience stores generally don’t sell phones higher than Wal-Mart. Most of the phones they sell are knock-offs that sell for less than half the price of the name brands.

  • shelley


  • 0hiojoe

    Now all they need is a few pickup trucks some fertilizer, diesel fuel, some wire. They should be ready to ruin Christmas worse than the Grinch ever could! obungle will still say they are peaceful refugees though.

  • shelley

    What did they look like? And excellent post

  • 0hiojoe

    They cannot stone Donald Trump, he is too tough for that minor punishment.
    If obungle hears that someone is getting stoned he will grab his crack pipe and join in.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Islamic State could soon execute 9/11-scale attack in U.S.; FBI warns local cops


    Cursed With Failing Federal Security, Smart Gun Owners Are Upgrading Their Concealed Carry.


    10 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness


  • shelley

    Hubby will be in trouble, he’s a gas machine. The funny thing is, he has hearing aids for both ears but he doesn’t wear them, he thinks no one can hear him.

  • shelley

    But try and get the under armor with 199 on the front that Tom Brady wears in that commercial is impossible

  • Southern Hounds

    I think I know your hubby……….

  • wtd
  • gary lacey

    Not to worry, the negro will shut down this investigation in a heart beat, for racial profiling. You see, this is the MO of terrorists and who are terrorists, Muslims.

  • Gary Ugarek

    I don’t think Missouri has to worry too much, nothing there worth bombing/blowing up

  • EdWatts

    They’re heading south; I expect that the targets will be oil rigs and refineries along the Gulf Coast.

  • Dj

    I could be wrong, but in my opinion, based on the timing, if it is terrorists, then soft Christmas targets, parades or shopping malls, larger church Christmas programs etc, either way, stay vigilant Americans!

  • Matthew Lee Hopkins

    Well put, been trying to find something to support why I don’t hate on Muslims, but I don’t trust any of them I don’t know personally.

  • Oliver Felts

    They are missing out. Come South. Black cars with yellow script: free cell phones. I swear I saw it yesterday.

  • Al Zeimer

    Pork loins,pork ribs & BACON is on the menu!! Bon apetit!!


    Tham the problem is, we should not be having that feeling…’we’ are not agreeing to allow nefarious people into this country
    stay safe..;)

  • bullet2354

    America should place small electronic trackers on 20-30% of all Propane tanks. This won’t be the last time….

  • dave0987

    So we have around 100+ cell phones and a bunch of propane tanks so far. Nah, nothing suspicious there.

    Better wake up America, and wake up as many others as you can, no matter how hard you have to “shake them.”

  • dave0987

    I always tell people: be polite, be friendly but never trust any Muslim. Always watch them like a hawk.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Radicalized BLM protestors.

  • crewchief68


  • crewchief68

    The cold hard fact is presently WE are losing the War on Terror. Civil Rights and the Constitutional Rule of Law are being used against us. Current ‘Rules of Engagement’ limit the effectiveness of the bombing campaigns, even with the use of precision munitions; the president must realize collateral damage is part of war. Rules of Engagement (ROE) must be changed EVERYWHERE (Homeland and Global) the enemy is located. Wars don’t take holidays (i.e. TET Offensive and the Battle of the Bulge); it’s a 24/7/52 battle until the enemy is vanquished. ISIS understands this concept because the one rule ISIS does follow is that there are no rules.

  • Malatrope

    If you put a stick of dynamite on the side of it, it makes a very big cloud of flame. In an enclosed space, they are very dangerous. Why would you presume these would be used outside?

  • Malatrope

    Well, I know some relatives who are in serious need of gas control.

  • meangirl

    I don’t think it’s time to panic just yet, so calm down, relax enjoy the weekend.
    Now……. When Obama goes on TV to tells us we are safe and have nothing to worry about , then my friends… Panic! His timing is impeccable!

  • meangirl

    Ohhhhh these people are willing to travel for Allah. Anything for Allah…

  • captaingrumpy

    You lot talking about me , I know you are.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    Ban Muslims now. Every day offers new reasons why we must.

  • R. Lee

    Let them try to keep pulling this crap. Eventually the gloves will come off and the problem will be fixed.

  • rabidfox2

    Well, right now, no laws have been violated. That doesn’t mean that the FBI hasn’t been looking at those security tapes very, very closely. At least I hope they are.

  • Southernyankee

    We are in a war, and right now the muslimes are winning, we won’t be safe from terrorist attacks until every mosque has been leveled, and every muslime removed from American soil.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Yea I can see pieces coming together at the same time. Like the TET offensive, simultaneous attacks, though not strategically significant, just to horrify the public.
    liberals have already surrendered

  • tham

    That’s been my scenario for some time. Frankly, I’m very surprised nothing like that has occurred since 9/11. Imagine 15 bombings in Starbucks nationwide. Something like that would have shock value far beyond any strategic significance, as you rightly point out. Most important targets are secure or should be.

  • tham

    I would also add how easy it would be to take down parts of the power grid. The country of Peru was almost paralyzed by actions of Sendero Luminoso who had a small number of actual active attackers. They were constantly taking down the Lima power grid.

  • bigL

    they need to “close-the-loophole” on Propane tanks -registration,IDs, mandatory trade-in,no private sale of tanks.
    also if any man or women emptied out a rack of trac phones or Boost phones, wouldn’ that raise some eyebrows.

  • bigL

    where is the security video.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    If there was ever a soft target, it would be in a Starbucks.
    People in there wont even take up a fight for themselves.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Well Peru is not at the same level of redundancy as the US power grid. You could get a couple states if you hit a lot of places. Since the 2003 blackout, FERC came down on utilities to increase reliability. I’ve been making some good money from the projects.

  • tham

    Glad to hear that, Engineer. I live in southern California and can’t help but notice the few mega power lines coming into the region. They have always looked vulnerable to me given dedicated troublemakers.

  • tham

    Doesn’t take alot of sophistication either. The San Bernardino people were making lots of pipe bombs, that’s pretty basic stuff. Glad it hasn’t happened but things seem pretty dicey right now.

  • sound awake


    theyre trying to make a fuel/air munition

    this will not end well…

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Allen B. West is reporting that ISIS is bragging that they can now blow people up with cell phones! I say this is all related!

  • Karma’s Janitor

    California is special. The authorities there have regulated generating stations out of the state. Limited power transmission too. A smaller percentage of the electricity is being generated in state than ever before. Its like in central valley. Its water is eff-ed up because of policy, more than anything.

  • Right_in_ur_face

    What’s wrong here? When did it all become so twisted? Why do Democrats think it’s NORMAL Obama sides with muslims over Americans?

  • glenn47

    Peaceful or non peaceful, they all learn from the same book. Silence is agreement.

  • Proudvietvet58

    “IF” the FBI can find enough evidence to show they plan to make IED’s with the tanks & cell phones, a Felony has indeed been committed. That is a big “IF” though………

  • Jason Brown

    Don’t forget a tea party t shirt and carrying a Bible. The media is a disgrace!

  • shelley

    My dad was stationed at tan son nhat during the tet offensive. He was in the AF

  • shelley

    Good money? Are you rich, very old and very sick? If so? You’re the man I’m looking for.

  • bobdog19006

    If you see something, say something!


    They’re here people. Get ready.

  • Bill Smith2

    Well played

  • bobdog19006

  • Goober_Pyle

    Do middle eastern men buy cell phones in bulk at 4am “all the time?”

  • Goober_Pyle

    Not true at all. Hitting soft targets (malls, theaters, grocery stores) will instill way more fear.

  • democrat CockRoach

    And all the democrat communist dumb Fs just sat there.

  • bill_a_bob

    Just Isis sleeper cells calling their buds over for a pig roast I guess.

  • PutinOnTheRitz

    Yes. Everyone knows that when the terrorists strike, they will strike in Missouri!

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    ISIS can`t do anymore damage to Missouri than what the Black Lies Fecal Matter did in Ferguson.
    Maybe they think MO in Missouri means Mohammed..

  • Valerie

    It is possible that this string of purchases is merely for a profit motive, but obviously, it’s something the police should check. Meanwhile, there is some good news, today.

    For my friends who have been asking what moderate Muslims are doing about Islamism: M. Zuhdi Jasser and Raheel Raza et al have made a very clear statement where they stand. This call for reform joins a growing number of statements by Muslims, both here and abroad, repudiating the Islamist perversion.

    God bless ‘em, and Heaven help us all.


    H/T Breitbart

  • Disneyed

    And the response???????

  • Disneyed

    And he will post it on eBay for $15,000,000 dollars.

  • Guest

    Missouri Cops Made Alarming Find Buried By Where Muslims Bought Cellphones

    “The mystery into the Missouri Muslims buying up hundreds of
    cellphones from several Walmart stores, just took a concerning turn for
    the worst, because of what was discovered buried near where the
    purchases were made. One alert man noticed something strange about the
    ground and called police to the scene, but nobody was prepared for what
    was found right under foot.

    A man who was hunting in the Mark Twain National Forest, just 30
    minutes from Lebanon, was about to set up camp in a spot he uses each
    season, when he noticed something about the ground that didn’t seem
    right. After poking around at the ground a bit, he got concerned about
    what he found and urgently called police. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s
    Department came running, bringing along with them a massive team of
    expert personnel they called in for assistance.

    Officers found a huge cache of “extremely volatile” explosives, which
    police described to be of a style “that could not be purchased for
    recreational use.” This suggests that the extensive supply was all
    homemade pipe bombs or other IEDs, created and collected with a specific
    plan in mind. The stock was so dangerous that it couldn’t be safely
    detonated without the help of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit
    (EOD), the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s EOD Unit, and the Waynesville
    Rural Fire Department, KY3 reported. The exact location, as well as
    recent developments, make this discovery even more concerning than what
    law enforcement knew at the time.”


  • Karma’s Janitor

    haha Not old, not sick always looking for more money
    Looks like in the next week I’ll get a contract issued for me to do some cyber security upgrades for some power companies in Cali. Starting in January I’ll go there for a little while, then work from home. I like to visit there, especially when someone else is paying the bill.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    I think I was in the sixth grade then, I just studied the tactics.

  • tempo150101

    This is a real nothingburger. They unlock the phones and resell them on eBay as new.

    Local police have a handle on it:

  • Cell phone trafficking, happens every year around this time… https://www.facebook.com/Macon-County-Sheriffs-Office-142648179104432

  • shelley

    I’m going to upland in February to visit family. I love California

  • shelley

    I was a little older, 9th grade maybe

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Despite what everybody says. There are still a lot of good people there.
    I was on the phone today with a client and will go to Charlotte after the holidays. I should bug out from there and go to San Clemente for a couple weeks maybe more.
    (There’s a Nuke plant there)
    If you go to Disneyland, be on the lookout for me. lol