Second Suspicious Cellphone Purchase at Mid-Missouri Walmart

Early Saturday morning two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri and purchased 60 cellphones. The purchase was made around 4 AM in the morning. Police were called but released the men saying they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.

cell terror

Now this…
The Macon County Sheriff’s office is investigating a second suspicious purchase of dozens of cellphones at the Columbia Walmart on Conley Road.
ABC 17 reported:

ABC 17 News learned Wednesday night that the Macon County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a suspicious purchase of multiple cell phones at the Macon Walmart. The FBI in St. Louis and Springfield have been contacted and are investigating.

ABC 17 News reported early Wednesday that 100 prepaid cell phones were purchased at two Missouri Walmarts over the weekend, which caused concerned employees to report the incidents to authorities.

The Columbia Police Department was notified Monday of a suspicious purchase at the Walmart on Conley Road.

According to the police report, several men bought dozens of phones around 9:30 Friday night.

A witness, who didn’t want to be identified, said the men paid with cash only.

“Right then and there I knew there was not something adding up about this. It’s not right, it doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “Who’s going to order 50 phones for Christmas? Who does that?”

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  • King Golfer

    100 prepaid phones my guess is they are throw away phones that they can plot on. But thats probably just bigot talk.

  • Nash Montana

    Color me surprised.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Muslims do that.

  • Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

    Muslims gonna Mus.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Coming soon to an IED near you.

  • cmon

    It’s Walmart. You KNOW there is security video of them coming in the store, leaving the store, standing at checkout, and of their vehicle in the parking lot. We aren’t being told anything about them or being shown images to help identify them. Something stinks.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    For people who live in the Stone Age, they sure like modern technology.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    We’re already at war. Our Government is just stupid to know it. They’ll be claiming ‘cell phone prejudice’ when the explosions begin.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Eh …Barry says the JV team is contained …?

  • Ed Wrather

    I once had my credit card number stolen at a hotel in Oklahoma City short time later someone in Oregon used it to buy $4500 in cellphones. I filed police report and credit card company did the right thing and I didn’t have to pay. This was back in 2006, but my first thought then was of terrorism. Don’t know if they ever caught them in Oregon. Police did catch the ones who actually stole the number in Oklahoma City.

  • FireAm 85

    Something big is coming I fear. Trump was only trying to keep our guard up to stay vigilant.

  • Cosmo

    Don’t these bozos know that barry will give them all obama phones? All you’ve got to do is vote big D.

  • PhilipJames

    They must be relatives of Obama…. nothing to see here folks. Just cell phone loving people. After all, don’t you go and buy 20, 40 cell phones every once in a while?
    Country is run by MORONS.

  • LouAnnWatson

    but they’ll track you…don’t want that.

  • LouAnnWatson

    our government administration knows exactly what it’s doing

  • Sniffy Pop

    The Fox has been allowed to infiltrate the Hen House.

    Get ready for a Merry Christmas

  • PimpAllah

    Either they ran out of or missed out on Obama’s phones

  • saturn

    “Who does that?”

    Prospective Muslim terrorists. See, Trump is right in blocking Muslims temporarily!

  • harriet

    can’t get back to Pakistan?

  • Darkheart11

    Looks like obama’s coreligionists are getting ready to really let us have it this Christmas and/or Mew Years.

    Keep your heads down.

  • Prosoldier

    How dare those employees report those poor people to the police! Just a bunch of racial bigot Islamophobes who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for racial profiling, racial bias and hate speech! Where’s Loretta Lynch to put a stop to this and make an example of these hurtful race bullies? Sheesh, can’t even have a foreign accent and a fetish for cell phones anymore! Conservative, white, gun-owning, Christian men have to be stopped at all costs!

    [sarc off]

  • Crystallite

    Send this everywhere. It’s hilarious and so true.

  • Gnome Sane

    Verizon offers unlimited detonations.

  • John Adams1

    But..but they are a religion of peace and the promised voter stock the socialists need…

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Allah Snackbar communications!

  • 2starider

    Holy Crap! This is in MY back yard. Time to ‘Lock and Load’, wait, did that 5 yrs. ago. Guess I’ll need to load up my battle vest. That sucker is heavy fully loaded.

  • 2starider

    Right except for the temporary part.

  • glenn47

    They have told us they are going to take over here by the loins of their women. They stopped five coming over the souther border last week, two were carrying steel cylinders. Still feel safe?
    Out government is working hard to shame, bully, intimindate us into accepting this. We are being conditioned, then suddenly…….wam.
    In the mean time we will see lots of red herrings to keep us distracted.

  • glenn47

    At least you are an alert bigot.

  • glenn47

    They have been planning a long time. Jarrett warned us, she was going to make this country more Muslim compliant. She also bragged after the last election. That they have a lot more to do to us.
    They have been handing over our rights to the Muslim ran UN.
    We need out of the UN and they need to get out of our country.
    This admin has been working hard to make us feel guilty about not wanting them here, at the same time, they are denying Christians to come here and are deporting Iraqi Christians as we speak.

  • okie71

    I’m not TOO worried. In order to activate the phones, the cashier has to scan the serial number on each phone. The Feds already have the activated phones under surveillance, so long as the FBI ignores Obama and his puppets.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    How many went to Obama and his CAIR advisers?

  • Finncrisp

    Burner phones make great Christmas gifts, Especially ones bought at 4 AM.We better keep paying attention, Barry is gone for the holidays.

  • V the K

    Obviously we need to impose cell phone control. No one on the No Fly list may be allowed to buy a cell phone. All cell phones must be registered and limited to ten minutes of call time.

  • If you see something, say something. Then what? Police have no legal reason to act. FBI will investigate when they have the resources free after investigating police departments nationwide. In the meantime open the flood gate for more jihadis to enter the country.

  • Don Keller

    Racism alert!

  • Probably just eastern european entrepreneurs who want to open a cell phone diosk in the Mall.

  • Jared

    AT&T is offering 15 detonations for the price of 10.

  • Craig


  • Steve

    Maybe it’s for communications or IEDs. Definitely a bad thing. Paid with cash, so they didn’t want to be traced. Not a good sign.

    I nabbed this awhile back so I’d have a copy. It’s long, but definitely worth the read. The San Bernadino killers were an example of what we’re looking at here.


    In 2007 there were 5,000,000 Moslems in the United States. It is now almost a decade later, but let’s work with that number.

    Let’s say ONLY 10% are textual literalists (believing that the Koran was delivered, verbatim, directly from their god Allah to their prophet Mohammed, the “perfect man”), and the other 90% do not believe this, but still identify as Moslem.

    That extremely conservative analysis would mean there are 500,000 textual literalists in the United States.

    Now, let’s say ONLY 10% of those are jihadists–(i.e., Moslems who are textual literalists who also are willing to act on the Islamic commands by carrying out attacks against non-Moslems), while the other 90% do not accept Islamic jihad against non-Moslems, but still identify as Moslem.

    That still equals 50,000 Moslem jihadists in the United States, which is 1,000 Moslem jihadists PER STATE.

    Going further … Let’s suppose only 10% of those 50,000 Moslem jihadists are absolutely NOT willing to take the chance of going to hell for disobeying the Koran (and the other 90% of the jihadists also don’t want to go to hell, but are too afraid to act or have some other reason not to).

    That’s still 100 committed Moslem jihadi fighters PER STATE.

    Then let’s say the FBI can somehow identify and round up half of those 100 per state. What do we end up with? We have 50 committed jihadis PER STATE, willing and ready to “bring it” to the American “infidel.”

    Let’s say that of those 50 per state, “ready and willing to bring it” (and not caught by the FBI), half of them goof up and/or abandon their plans. Thats still 25 fighters per state, or EIGHT three-man jihad teams per state.

    Then finally, what if it turns out that only FOUR ready-to-go 3-man teams (half of the actual number ready and willing) are “successful” at launching? That’s FOUR TEAMS PER STATE, seeking target-rich zones for their jihad.

    Anybody concerned?

    Not Obama, apparently. He’s bringing another 200,000 Syrians (not Christian, not Yazidi) here. Doing the same math, one comes up with a significant number of Syrian fighters.

    Like the EU, it sounds like Bam has a plan… especially with all those military-grade weapons and hollow point bullets stored in unsecured facilities throughout the United States.

  • firefirefire

    Obviously just a couple of tourists out for a stroll buying some cell phones to give as gifts to friends back home.

  • SAR2012

    I say again – the FBI was told to stand down just as the military was with Benghazi. The treason of the left, and in this regime especially, is despicable and loathsome far beyond my ability to describe it.

  • saturn

    “Temporary” sounds nicer and could be 10 years, in which case they probably will blow up somewhere else.

  • Brenda Boxer
  • Hotlanta Mike

    Just wait until an attack occurs from illegals protected by mayor’s of sanctuary cities…

  • bobdog19006

    * For the first 12 months with a two year contract. Certain terms and conditions apply.

  • 0hiojoe

    Convenient way to set off IED’s at soft targets all over the USA.

  • bobdog19006

    If the FBI has the resources to investigate. There was a comment the other day by the director of the FBI before congress who testified that over 50 people were under “close surveillance” for suspected radical terrorism, and in the same testimony, he said that there are over 1000 people on their terrorism watch list.

    Anybody else catch that? That means that 950 potentially murderous crackpots are running around unsupervised and undiagnosed.

    To borrow a term I saw on another blog, Allihu FUBAR!

  • Darkheart11

    Considering how close this is to one of the new islamic capitols IN the U.S. this is nothing surprising.

  • missbutterfly

    They use mobile phones to detonate bombs – what sickening, horrible people!

  • TJ Andersen

    “communication priviledge” is being denied

  • WKRP

    Obama’s Atty Gen would never let those cell phone buyers get arrested. They are Obama’s people.

  • Bruce

    60 cell phones, bought for cash at 4 AM. What’s suspicious about that?
    Gosh, let’s hope the buyers were Muslim cause that’ the religion of peace.

  • toad

    Swarthy-looking bearded men, with nimble little fingers?

  • toad

    Evil is on the loose with free reign over the US. We need to stand with Trump and stop them everywhere.

  • ︻┳テ=一 Lying Left Useful Idiots

    Don’t worry your corrupt Attorney General will come a knocking to assault your first amendment rights.

  • radioone

    It’s Lebanon, Columbia and Macon. On the map, it’s almost a straight north-south route about 40 miles west of St.Louis. All 4-lane and easy access.

  • radioone

    And now, this:

    Our politicians directly working against the best interests of the American Public.

  • radioone

    That’s it, use the phone once, then trade it in for a new phone from another carrier. All the cell companies are doing it!!! What a plan!!!! /sarc

  • John Lawrence of the Cobra Kai

    I’m surprised the clerks at Wally World haven’t been arrested by AG Lynch for racial profiling!!

  • radioone

    I’m not sure that’s “sarc”. More like “the truth and nothing but the truth” from this admin.

  • radioone


  • radioone

    Likewise, my backyard. I live in the middle of that north-side line from Lebanon to Macon. They missed at least 3 Walmart’s along that line, but it looks like they fanned out in 3 different directions from STL.

  • 0hiojoe

    Thanks for that, just hard to type while laughing!

  • SkiBum

    No doubt these employees will be investigated for Civil Rights Violations a’ la Clock Boy’s teachers.

  • Wakeupcall

    That 1,000 means they do not have the resources or are just not interested in protecting America or have been ordered to not get to involved. I would go with ordered to step down.

    There has to be at least 750,000 true Muslim soldiers if there are 5,000,000 in America.

  • moidao

    Why, they don’t give away Obama phones anymore?

  • yennikcm

    Goat boys are going to give someone a “job”..

  • yennikcm

    Driving Crazy hillery…

  • Rooby Doo

    The more this kind of stuff gets out there, the quicker we’ll elect Trump.

  • whynoborders

    Gaylord MI had one of the first instance of cellphone mass purchases just after 911. Police investigated as phones were being sent out of the country to use in IEDs in Iraq against our troops.

  • mAggressor

    Stay away from blacks, stay away from muslims, stay away from cities. You’ll live longer.

  • 2starider

    Throw away phones are good for communication and detonation. They are untrackable and untraceable. They know how to make IEDs with cellphone detonation, 10+yrs. of practice. If they hit a dozen soft targets near the same time alone a main artery like I 44 at say a fuel depot, a mall, a hospital, a school ect. then 20 min. later set off a second IED at the same locations First responders would be dead or overwhelmed. Middle America would be paralyzed. Mass casualties, mass hysteria, over a large area. What would the Ferguson Jelly Fish Gov. Jay Nixon do after he wet his ruffled panties? Tell us to remain calm, they’re doing all they can to bring the crisis under control but it will take time. Just go about your normal lives and continue shopping. My 6 grandkids are in Republic, Mo. just outside Springfield, Mo. and they have a huge fuel depot. Should I panic now or wait till all I love is burned alive. Why would I worry so much? The practitioners of the ‘Religion of Peace’ would never do such a thing. Have to go now, my AR-15 and AR-10 might need dusting off.

  • anees

    true. but remember the current turmoil is an investment by US administration. You have live with it. untill all these Jihadies will be used by USA against final war / destabilizing of China

  • Strange1

    now everyone just calm down. Maybe they heard Big Zero is going to stop the free phone program and just want to be prepared. See…a simple explanation.

  • Strange1

    now everyone just calm down. Maybe they heard Big Zero is going to stop the free phone program and just want to be prepared. See…a simple explanation.

  • bobdog19006

    These two choices are probably not mutually exclusive, wakeupcall.

  • SAR2012

    Absolutely. DT wasn’t my first choice & I still harbor reservations about his ability to function in an environment where his absolute control management style is impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, he’s the only candidate speaking in The People’s Voice. Cruz comes close; he’s keeping his cards close to the vest, though. I’d rather have a patriotic American ‘cowboy’ behind the Resolute Desk than a devious illegal alien featherweight which hates the nation or any of the other dimocrap / GOPe Uniparty worms.

  • bobdog19006

    Hillary ought to wear that burka backward.

  • tham

    Is there any possible use for all these other than troublemaking? Can they be sold for a profit by shipping overseas? Otherwise, just seems these are for unmonitored communications or bomb making. Especially all being bought with cash. Hey, it’s 4 am, let’s go buy 60 cell phones.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Why do you assume this started in St. Louis and fanned out? I hope the Columbia MO mosque and massadra are under surveillance.

  • bonnieblue2A

    My suggestion is that the rural water districts, electric co-ops, as well as KCPL and Ameren need to be both questioned/pressured by customers and FORCED by the Missouri legislator and Gov.’s office to immediately secure their facilities and the electrical grid within the state.

    Technically, I believe this is something that the Gov.’s office can do by Executive Order but Nixon is such an Obama lap dog that he has proven to put Missourians behind the Obama agenda. Such measures should not be postponed until the next gubernatorial election.

  • Malatrope

    It’s interesting that we haven’t heard what was in those cylinders.

  • Malatrope

    Given that these will undoubtedly be used as bomb detonators, it gives new meaning to the term. Perhaps we should call them “boomer phones”?

  • Wakeupcall

    You are probably correct.

  • John Lawrence of the Cobra Kai

    These towns are a couple hours away from STL. One straight west on I70 and the other SW on I44. Maybe they couldn’t arrest these guys but hope to god they are tracking them. I wonder what explanation they gave for buying so many of them. And it’s interesting they all paid in cash.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Our government is not stupid. They are accessories to Treason and have already dhimmified themselves and our country to Islam.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Understand that both Trump and Sen. Cruz’s approaches to Islamacists, Open Borders and illegal aliens come from the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). Sen. Sessions has been warning the US for years but Trump has the largest megaphone to get his message out.

  • FireAm 85

    Heard about that briefly, two were released, and then silence.
    I’m angry at the complete lack of concern for securing this Nation by the Uniparty and MSM, it’s treasonous.
    I will stay vigilant and will be ready, that is fact.

  • FireAm 85

    Trump is not a donor puppet and can get his message out.

  • glenn47

    Maybe nothing, but they might have had plans to use them as containers to hold bombs.

  • glenn47

    That is why they want to shut down the net, to keep us totally in the dark. Thank God there are a few great sites, like this one, that digs for the truth and what is happening out there. The people have to be on their toes and the lack of concern by so many other Americans stuns me.

  • Wakeupcall

    Give her some time. You know how slow government works.