Do You Believe This Garbage?… Obama Resorts to Outright Lies in Weekly Address

This is how Barack Obama opened his Weekly Address this week.
Listen to this garbage.

And here’s the transcript:

Hi, everybody. Over the past year, as I traveled across the country campaigning for this office, I told you that if I was fortunate enough to be re-elected, I’d work to change a tax code that too often benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

This week, we did that. For the first time in two decades, we raised taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans in a bipartisan way, while preventing a middle-class tax hike that could have thrown our economy back into recession.

Under this law, more than 98% of Americans and 97% of small business will not see their income taxes go up one dime

Now here’s the truth:
** Under the new fiscal cliff plan workers making less than $30,000 a year will take a bigger hit than those making $500,000 a year.
** The fiscal cliff bill that passed the US Senate and the US House will raise payroll taxes from 4.2% to 6.2%. In other words those making $100,000 a year will see their taxes increase by $2,000.
** The bill raised taxes on 77% of American households.

It would be nice if the liberal media would hold this man’s feet to the fire.
Just once.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Barack Hussein Obama had been lying from 2008 till 2012. It doesn’t make any difference.

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  • GotFreedom

    Of course they won’t hold his feet to the fire. . .they are complicit (as are the GOP IMO)!

    The 53% of us who pay taxes know that Barack Hussein Obama is a. . .

    Liar Liar
    Pants on fire!
    Nose got caught
    on a telephone wire!
    Wire broke –
    BHO choked (on his lies)
    and he sailed to the devil
    in a little row boat!

  • And that extra 2% will go for more vacations, golf, golf lessons, the wookies wardrobe, kobe beef, lobster, gay bathhouses, etc, etc, etc…..

  • red boy

    It doesn’t matter, we are headed for a Great Depression, not a recession. The government is broke & will not be able to bail us out. You will start seeing signs of this in the next couple of months.

  • Bubba

    Why on earth wouldn’t Obama be incredibly emboldened to say whatever the hell he feels like saying? The in the bag media has made it perfectly clear that they will NEVER EVER call him on his lies, or his actions.

    And, when I say “perfectly clear,” it’s just that. It’s not Obama putting one and one together after 4 years of “coverage” and deciding he’s safe from scrutiny.

    Nope. Black helicopters, shmlack helicopters–I’d bet my last dollar that his regime has had countless meetings with the heads of the MSM news outlets (to figure out strategy to help the boy king anyway they can), and have told the admin in absolute crystal clear terms that they will not be questioning anything Obama says, and will not be giving any coverage to anything that undermines his disgraceful presidency.

    So why not tell the biggest bald faced lies imaginable, if it helps you out?

    And, let’s just say it–the MSM, contrary to all this talk of “new media” and the power of the internet, is pretty much just as powerful as they were when there was only 3 TV stations and radio.

    But, let’s all howl away on the Right wing blogosphere. Let’s get Drudge to post a story of some writer on the Right calling out Obama on the lie.

    Obama and his propaganda minions just laugh at such wasted effort.

    Obama won, we lost. None of what the Right said mattered much during the election (or the push for Obama care, or the push for the fiscal cliff deal, or on and on and on). It matters even less, now.

    And by the way–that goes for the upcoming gun control bill that is going to rammed through (as sure as the sky is blue), AND the upcoming amnesty deal.

  • Mary

    Can’t even listen to him or look at his face.

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  • Jeff

    These are not LIES. This is not a matter for debate. Obama is making very specific statements. Hoft is pointing out facts relevant to the discussion but none of them render what Obama is saying untrue. To phrase it more clearly, NOT A WORD OF WHAT OBAMA SAID IS A LIE.

    While taking credit for preventing a middle class income tax raise while allowing payroll taxes to rise is misleading IT IS NOT A LIE. Hoft is engaging in the exact same behavior by pointing out facts unrelated to Obama’s points.

    “Preventing a middle-class tax hike”
    Obama is referring to a SPECIFIC INCOME TAX HIKE, the Bush (or now Obama) Tax Cuts. Pointing out that payroll taxes rose does not make Obama’s sentence untrue.

    Re: proportional tax rates…. an extension of the Bush tax cuts as supported by Republicans would have been even more unbalanced and tilted in favor of the wealthy. Besides, since when do you all care about fairness in the tax code? Isn’t this the flat tax crowd?

    Re: the payroll tax hike. These were temporary tax cuts Obama put in place and these were tax cuts REPUBLICANS OPPOSED (if you don’t believe me just take 2 minutes and google). Now that he’s putting the rates back where they were before, he’s being attacked for it. This tax cut never would have existed if Republicans had their way and Obama’s being attacked for giving them what they want? The mind reels.

    Criticism here is always brushed off as Obots or communist agitators. I’ve said on here a dozen times I HATE OBAMA. I think he is a terrible president. I did not vote for him either election. it just breaks my heart seeing passionate, concerned people like yourselves deceived by people looking to sell you sensational stories, resentment and banner ads.

    The coverage on this site and sites like it is divorced from reality.

  • Jeff

    GotFreedom, way way way more than 53% of the population pays taxes. You are actually talking specifically about INCOME TAXES.

    It is not a great feeling admitting you are wrong on something or do not understand an issue as well as you might think but I see this mistake (and many mistakes like it) made here constantly. You all are being taken advantage of.

  • Jeff

    Apologies for the multiple replies

    #5 redboy- that’s a very bold predicition. If in a few months the economy does not sink into a great depression, will that cause you to reevaluate your views at all?

    I remember last spring constant comments here regarding a coming race war that Obama was planning on unleashing on the US prior to the election. Well here we are, election over and no race war, no summer of hellish violence. I’m curious if any of the commenters here who were so afraid at the time have reevaluated their beliefs at all.

  • donh

    NOW Obama’s going for the tax loop holes and deductions while stating he’s not willing to cut much of anything….So in 2 months we will get another 40 to 1 ration revenue raise to spending cut bill handed to Obama on a silver platter by CAVE MAN Boner….. 157 D votes + 85 R votes……Because Madam Pelosi so OWNS Boner…they even DRESS alike…” LOOK at my pet little boy…Matching colors ! ” ..>

  • Highlander

    Technically, Obama is correct, because “payroll tax” is not income tax. Obama always chooses his words carefully, to make sure there is a thread of truth in what he says. He’s a professional politician, and we know what to expect from people like that. Nevertheless, even though income tax rates didn’t go up on the middle class, they DID go up on other people, and there are plenty of other higher taxes coming down the pike, both in this bill, and in Obamacare. Anyone who doesn’t understand that ALL of these taxes will flow downhill to everyone else is a dope …

  • Buzzy

    Every single dollar that is legally paid in this country is subject to the FICA taxes, there are no exemptions that I am aware of. If you are paid $20 through payroll, you will be charged $1.53 for the FICA taxes.

  • Muckdog

    Well he did say “income taxes.” Kind of a slight of hand.

    I think the returning of the payroll tax from 4.2% to 6.2% has the possibility of tipping the economy into a recession. That is money that people spend. And now it goes to the black hole of government spending.

  • red boy

    #11 Jeff
    You have been warned! In six months it will be a full blown Great Depresssion. And by the way, your money is going to be worthless. I’m glad I’m a country boy!

  • RealMc

    #7……….. yep.

  • Muckdog

    I don’t know about a Great Depression. Probably continued sluggishness indefinitely.

  • shadow

    #9 January 5, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    Thanks for shining a little light on the subject. What irks me most is the way definitions are so fluid, and agenda driven. People here say that 47% pay no taxes, which is true if you only consider income tax, as if payroll tax doesn’t count, even though (or maybe because) more people pay payroll tax than pay income tax. And I can understand and accept the 47% claim, since payroll tax is only used to finance SS and Medicare, while income tax helps pay the bills. To suddenly lump them together, just because it can be used against Obama, it beyond the pale.

  • Maxwell

    As much as it pains me to say it, dear leader didn’t lie and here is why:

    Technically “Income taxes” didn’t go up. Only Payroll taxes went up.

    However, it is much worse than people realize. Had income taxes gone up on the lower income, they could get the majority, if not all, of the increase back at the end of the year.

    They cannot get squat back from the payroll tax increase. That is a hard hit to lower income courtesy of the man the 47% voted for.

    The sad thing is that low information voters will believe his lies.

  • David

    The stupid Obama voters will see a hit to their take home pay; those that work. Many of them live from paycheck to paycheck. They will go to their hr or payroll officers at work and complain that a mistake was made. Only then will they realize they were effectively lied to

  • donh

    Hey Jeff…. Been to the grocery store lately ? I went there just today …Picked up a pack of English muffins…saw a price tag of $4.95 and put it down….. All my ear heard was people softly grumbling to each other and the store help about TAXES and PRICES. Its going to grow LOUDER……..Helter Skelter race war is for the 2cnd term…….Gots to take whitey’s guns way B’ fo de gansta sh!t B hap’nin.

  • Sasja

    People slay me. They want SS, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare but don’t want to pay for it. I’ll bet most of those complaining about their increase in FICA qualify for that idiot income tax credit so they’ll be getting a nice fat check from the real taxpayers.

    I look forward to the day when I see some fat welfare momma complain at checkout about her not being able to buy as many steaks, ice cream, cokes with her foodstamps.

  • Mj

    My pay check is less by almost $100.00. I am a single Mother with two disabled sons and a son a college graduate looking for work. We are hurting, have lots of bills to pay. Utilities, house payment, and I work two jobs and am struggling. I asked my friends on fb if they had compared last years paycheck to this years, and only one friend responded that she is worried also, as she is a single Mom and I know she did not vote for O also. But most of my family are union members and teachers and they do not feel a thing, they are sitting pretty. It is the people who work hard, the ones who are trying to get by without the interference of the gov’t but we are the ones who are being punished.

  • shadow

    They cannot get squat back from the payroll tax increase. That is a hard hit to lower income courtesy of the man the 47% voted for.

    I’ll agree with one thing. Had it not been for Obama, those people would not have had to worry about their payroll tax rate increasing … because it never would have been cut in the first palce.

  • Chrisf

    Anyone else tired of the “they pay other taxes” argument (#10)? How many of those people turn a profit off the tax code? IMO that profit offsets those “other taxes”.


    Technically I think he may have been telling the truth. You see as a result of his policies the middle class may no longer actually exist. So it is the poor that is paying more and not the middle class.

    It is so very frustrating to see all hope dashed in less than eight years by the fascists in charge.

  • Joanne

    Every good socialist/communist owns the media – the media dare not step out of line either or else there will be blood. The only way you can control people to this level is through fear.

    Don’t worry though, the trouble with communism is they run out of everyone else’s monies sooner or later…..M. Thatcher paraphased and ad libed. Hah.

  • lizzy84

    It gets worse……Friday Night Dump:CBO Admits Error, Now Expects Another $600 Billion In Deficits From Obama Tax Cuts

  • talgus

    Come on. It is Bush’s fault. Barak has not touched the country’s controls yet! He is still maintaining the “voting present” that he started in the Illinois statehouse. Along with the MSM, he has majority singing his praises for his doing nothing. I say, lets elect the “autopen”

  • WE see him for what he is, a man who thinks he’s King of all of us.

    We know he is lying through his teeth!

    But HALF OF THE COUNTRY , yes that’s YOU O VOTERS, refuse or are unable to see the truth.. You all should have remembered the old saying”BE careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Boy, are you all in for a bleepin’ surprise!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Do You Believe This Garbage?… Obama Resorts to Outright Lies in Weekly Address

    Well, it’s not like it’s actually something that hasn’t happened before…

  • Time

    The man is clearly on drugs.. This is all a bait and switch. He will plan to deceive in the simplest of ways. Come before the ignorant and say he is on their side, tell them he is putting money in their pockets and taking money out of the pockets that have too much. Behind closed doors he whispers, hahaha, I got them believing those shmucks.. Now we just have to get it done. After they pass the disguised bill, and all the ignorants get robbed he then tells them, I saved you money, repeating his lie, reinforcing he put money in their pockets and taking money out of the pockets of people that make too much. The ignorants do not know any better because they cannot figure it out. Cannot understand how their tax code works or understand why this man would lie to them. But the truth will be told at the end of the day when their pay checks come due and they are short by what they use to bring home. Oshister is playing his full hand and he is all in with America. He is pitting every person against the other. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is creating a war zone on all fronts. He is leaving no stone unturned. He is trying his best to create as much mass unrest as humanly possible, between classes, races, industries, religions, sexes, countries and anything else one can imagine. He will cause so much stress in the fabric of this nation until it is pulled apart at the seams. The MSM that sits in his corner, thinking they are doing a job well done, protecting him from his own crimes and devices are being set up by him. He and his handlers are purposely turning the people against them, causing them to hate them, not trust them, switch them off. The media in turn continue to lie for him and infuriate the public. Oshister sits back and grins, laughs at what he has created. Knowing the day is coming and the people will rise and take it to the streets, their anger and lash out at the media, attacking the very people that have lied, cheated and hid all the news, truth from them and the nation. If only the media would realize they are being played, they are being used and are now sitting ducks, exactly what Oshister set them up to be.. This was his intent, putting so much stress on them, by forcing them to cover for him, lie and make up crazy stories that were not true. When the people knew all along what they were doing. Now the people are fighting mad and will come knocking sooner or later and this was made by design, all in the planning..

  • bg



    January 3, 2013

    Payback: Hollywood Gets Tax Incentive Extension in Fiscal Cliff Deal

    [The lesson here is that ‘tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires’ is
    just fine with Barack Obama, so long as that tax relief goes to actors,
    directors, and producers duping impressionable low-information voters
    into re-electing him into office. That’s balancing the books on the back
    of the little people, and making gullible middle class Democrat voters
    eat Hollywood’s “fair share.”]


  • AuntieMadder

    @ Blacque Jacques Shellacque #32: No chit.

  • bg


    that’s a moot question..

    however, i bet Obama believes we believe it, i mean, the magic negro
    mirror mirror on the wall
    told him so, and mirrors don’t lie do they??



  • Highlander

    Shadow, you idiot … nobody is saying that payroll tax doesn’t COUNT. What we’re saying is that payroll tax isn’t INCOME TAX. Anyone who earns any money pays into Social Security, but that is NOT A TAX by normal definitions. It is a CONTRIBUTION to a trust fund that you will supposedly get back when you retire. It doesn’t count one dime toward the cost of operating this country. When people talk about “raising taxes on the rich”, they’re talking about INCOME taxes, and the most of the parasites who are aggressively supporting raising income taxes on the “rich” DON’T PAY INCOME TAX.

    Now, I know you can understand that. Quit being so intentionally obtuse and admit that it’s unfair to allow people who aren’t subject to a tax vote to increase it on other people….

  • Patty

    Obama doesn’t answer to anyone. it isn’t right but that is what is happening. But someday he may have too. I hope I live to see that day.

  • Patty

    If we are downgraded again none of this matters. Americans are still fearful and won’t spent unless they have too. Of course, being taxed to death will cut into everyone’s spending.

    You can’t keep squeezing the American taxpayers anymore. We are burned out. It is time these clowns start budgeting. But, what does Obama do? Give them a pay raise.

    It stinks and if all workers just stopped paying taxes, then what would Washington do, can’t arrest All of us.

  • joyo

    #11. Jeff

    Read today’s Wall Street Journal. It provides specific taxes the middle class will be paying and specific deductions they will lose.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Listen to this garbage.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    I refuse to listen to that punk.

  • Kate

    Seriously, is there anyone left stupid enough to still believe this guy?

  • shadow

    Anyone who earns any money pays into Social Security, but that is NOT A TAX by normal definitions. It is a CONTRIBUTION to a trust fund that you will supposedly get back when you retire.

    OK, guess you need you nose rubbed in it to believe anything.

    In almost every financial situation that we deal with on a regular basis, there is the idea of an “account”. For example, when you put money into a bank, it is understood to be “your money” and it goes into an account with your name on it. The same thing happens when you contribute to your 401(k) plan at work — you have an account with your money in it, and if you change employers the money in the account is yours. You also have accounts for your credit card, mortgage, car loan, and so on. In any of these accounts, you add money to the account and take money out of it, and whomever holds the account keeps track of how much you have or you owe.

    The Social Security system is nothing like that. In the Social Security system, the money you pay into the system gets immediately paid back out to the people who are currently getting Social Security checks. This arrangement came into being because of the way the system started. In 1935, when Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law, there were a lot of people who needed benefits (because of the Great Depression), but there was no money to pay those benefits with. The idea at the time was that people currently working would pay into the system, and their money would immediately go back out in the form of benefit checks. Each generation of retiring workers would get paid by the people currently working, and therefore the system would fund itself forever despite the fact that the system had no money to start with.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If we are downgraded again none of this matters.

    The total lack of spending discipline by the idiots in charge pretty much guarantees it.

  • red boy

    They’re going to keep spending. That is a known fact & that’s where this Great Depression I’ve been talking about happens. The government is broke already & printing more money will do nothing but bring the dollar down even further. By 2016 the national debt will be around 23-24 trillion if not more. It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression. I give it 6mo before the government will collapse.

  • Patty

    Obama’s Big Tax Lie to the American People


    RUSH: Here is Chris, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

    CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you, man. I really appreciate everything that you do for our country. I just think you’re a great American.

    RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

    CALLER: Got a question for you. I know you’re talking about football, but this is a tax-related question. I really don’t understand something, and maybe you could help clear this up for me. I don’t understand how anybody comes to the conclusion that taxing the wealthy, the people that have earned their money, hard-earned money — and, you know, these wealthy people that pay me who are down on the lower rung… I’m not, you know, I’m not a corporate business owner or anything like that.

    RUSH: Right.

    CALLER: I don’t understand how anybody comes to the conclusion that taxing them more to where they won’t be able to afford to pay me would further our economy.

    RUSH: It’s not about that to them.

    Your question is dynamite. It’s right on the money. But the whole debate is about “fairness.” I think it was Charlie Gibson interviewing Obama in the 2008 campaign on this. Charlie Gibson read Obama some statistics in the capital gains rate. (paraphrased exchange) He said, “Are you aware that when Bush 43 lowered the capital gains rate, an unexpected amount of new revenue flowed into the Treasury?”

    Obama said, “Yeah, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about fairness, Charlie.” He said, “I don’t think a 15% tax rate’s fair on people who make investments and have enough money to buy stocks. I don’t think 15% is fair.” Gibson said, “But lowering the capital gains rate from 25% to 15% caused more money to come to Washington. It reduced the deficit. It gave Washington more money to do things read more

  • saveus

    Since the “payroll tax” is a tax based solely on income, of course it is an income tax, no matter how one spins it.

    The temporray cut existed just long enough to help reelect obama, so it served its only purpose.

  • Highlander

    #43 – No S**T Sherlock. What do you think I’ve been trying to tell you? You aren’t “rubbing my nose” in anything dips**t …

    You are correct when you say that Social Security was never set up with individual accounts for each payee, but it was indeed set up as a separate trust fund. The money we contributed was initially NOT part of the general fund, and the only reason “the money you pay into the system gets immediately paid back out to the people who are currently getting Social Security checks” is because the system has been raided so many times that the surplus that SHOULD be there is LONG GONE.

    Yes, Social Security may not have been funded initially, but the PLAN was that over the years, with millions of people paying into the fund (and the resultant economic growth that would almost certainly result as that money was invested in American businesses), eventually there would be plenty of money to pay out as people retired. There should be TRILLIONS of dollars in that fund now, but the money has been looted and handed out like candy by corrupt politicians looking for votes …

    The problems started when politicians saw the money piling up, got greedy, and started using it for things that were unrelated to our retirements. They were deficit spending, just as they are now, in exchange for votes and political power, and when they depleted the general fund, they started “borrowing” from the Social Security trust fund. And, they’ve been tapping into it for everything under the sun ever since. When it became obvious that they had gone too far, and the fund was upside down, they just rolled the whole program into the general fund and muddied the water so nobody would be able to figure out just how bad we’d been screwed. They covered their tracks just like any crooked, ponzi-scheme running investment firm would do, and left us holding the bag.

    We were SUPPOSED to get back every dime we paid in, with interest, and NOW, we’ll be lucky if we ever see any of it. It was a good plan in principle, but as is ALWAYS the case when human beings and corrupt politicians are involved, greed took over and ruined it for everyone. The founders warned us about this. The Constitution was supposed to prevent the government from amassing wealth for this very reason, but the Constitution was ignored when Social Security was set up, and now we’re paying the price.

    The bottom line is that Social Security withholding was never supposed to be a tax, and I refuse to view it as a tax now. I’ve paid into it all my life with the promise that I would get my money back, with interest, and like may people, I’m of the opinion that if that doesn’t happen, heads are going to roll. Just because some politicians decided to meet behind closed doors and change the rules to suit themselves halfway through the program doesn’t change the fact that it is OUR money and we deserve to receive it back when we retire, with interest. I wouldn’t let a bank, or any other investment company steal from me uncontested and I have no intention of sitting idly by while my own government does it to me either.

  • bg





  • shadow

    Yes, Social Security may not have been funded initially, but the PLAN was that over the years, with millions of people paying into the fund (and the resultant economic growth that would almost certainly result as that money was invested in American businesses), eventually there would be plenty of money to pay out as people retired.

    How do you dream this stuff up? Do you have any proof that this “PLAN” existed?

    Anyway, you still don’t get it, and probably never will. The trust fund is, and always has been “invested” in US Treasury securities. Ergo, it is loaned to the Federal Government, so there is nothing to raid. Don’t tell me you don’t know how Treasury Securities work.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I wonder what would happen if ‘grass roots’ refused to pay a higher tax rate in 2013 and so noted on IRS tax forms. Reason: ‘President Obama said he didn’t raise taxes so these tax tables must be incorrect.’

  • Oliver


    H.J.Res. 15: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

  • bg


    Oliver #52 January 6, 2013 at 12:34 am

    started posting links about that soon after
    (maybe even before) his inauguration.. 😡

    ie: Three Terms for Barack Obama?

    Bill Introduced to Repeal 22nd Amendment
    – so Obama Could Be “President For Life”

    but hey, what do i know.. /s/


  • shadow


    H.J.Res. 15: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

    Don’t make too much of it. Rep. Serrano has been doing this every Congress, back to 1997.

  • bg


    shadow #54 January 6, 2013 at 1:23 am

    all the more reason to keep a close watch..


  • bg


    re: #52 et al

    “8-10 years”

    The Imperial Presidency


    There is no excuse for this continuous disregard of legislative authority and the Constitutionally-required separation of powers. In some instances, President Obama attempted to garner legislative authority, failed and then acted unilaterally in defiance. In other instances, the President never even sought to find consensus and instead ignored Congress and its authority from the outset. In speeches, the President has proudly acknowledged that he has acted without Congress, contending that he has no other alternative.

    This is no way to govern. The President has set a precedent that even his supporters should find troubling. After all, what would now prevent a subsequent President, with opposite policy predilections, from bypassing the checks on his own authority and enacting his own policies in this same manner? The Founding Fathers wisely gave the President many powers, but making law was not one of them. They understood that laws should not be made by one individual acting alone, but rather through elected representatives working to achieve consensus.

    House Republicans have acted to prevent and overturn the President’s harmful actions in order to return economic growth, opportunity and certainty to the American people and American job creators. However, the majority of the bills the House has passed are sitting idly in the Democrat-led Senate, without any action on the part of Democratic Leader Harry Reid or President Obama.

    Throughout our nation’s history, presidents have sought common ground and achieved legislative success with opposing party leaders. Many of the laws circumvented in this report were achieved in that manner. Congressional authority must not be disregarded to suit political interests, create unpopular regulations and to avoid the hard work of bipartisan negotiation that has been a hallmark of our Republic since its inception.]


  • Highlander

    Shadow wants to change the subject it seems …

  • Rose

    “Can you believe…he lied”???? SERIOUSLY?

    Give us a BREAK, here.

    NAME A TIME HE WAS TRUTHFUL from a Microphone to national broadcast to American people ON PURPOSE – not to small private groups or to accidental open microphone…

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  • Rose

    I’d rather see America hold MSM feet to the fire for promoting him – they are one with him, let them share his reward. I spit on them.

  • Theadora

    The democrats have introduced a bill which would allow obama to serve a third term.

  • Lim Lynn

    About truthful spoken by Barack Hussein Obama is fewer counted using 2 hands which was given opportunity by GOD to warn lawful loyal American citizens.

  • chris

    Politics is all about the wording. Income taxes didn’t go up. Payroll taxes did. It’s all a political shell game to keep themselves in power. It won’t be but another couple of years when he tries to raise taxes again and then says that the middle class should pay their fair share. This first phase is just the conditioning for the rest of us.

    You want big government? Then you got to pay big government taxes.

  • Maxwell

    In my previous post on pg 1, I pointed out the word games the Ds will play over Income tax versus Payroll tax. I just thought of something else. Every time Conservatives and Republicans would point out that nearly 50% of workers pay no income tax, the Ds would respond by bringing up the Payroll tax.

    So apparently, the payroll tax is only an income type tax to the Ds when they are trying desperately to mitigate the damage of nearly 50% of american workers having a 0% effective tax rate.

    The real problem though is the media. Were it not for an overly biased media, the Ds would not be able to get away with so many lies.

  • Maxwell

    In case anyone is suspect of the source in post #61, here is the same resolution on a very reputable site.

  • Lyle


    Now you are lying about what Obama lied about! You left wing ill witted Obamanoids never cease with your deceptions and, dare it be said: LIES!

  • Limousine Barry

    Me – lie to you? How could you tell?

    I only lie to you on days ending in Y!


    Let me be clear, as I was telling my good friend Vladimir Putin, I can be much more flexible after the election… more flexible to lie, cheat and plunder!

    Heck, I didn’t think the stupid poor people would notice my across-the-board 2% payroll tax hike! It’s like they are catching on to my con-jobs as they occur!

    My limousine is sucking gas and I need to smoke some grass.

    I asked Joe Biden where did all the money go?

    In to my cronies pockets?

    Lie for me! Say it ain’t so Joe!

  • usamopatriot

    The only thing that will wake up the low information voter is when this country crashes….and crash it will. Godlessness always brings a country down, and we currently have the most Godless administration in our history.

  • Faye

    #6 Bubba,
    You have hit this nail squarely on it’s head. The conservatives have lost the war, oh we won one battle in the 2010 elections but the war is lost now and it is time for an amicable divorce.
    Hasn’t anyone wondered just what Obama meant four days before he took office back in 2009 when he said we were four days away from fundamentally changing this nation? I believe he meant that he would make sure there would be more “takers” those who get their cost of living paid for by the tax payer than the “makers” those who pay for their own cost of living. Obama has made sure that the “takers” outnumber the “makers” PERMANENTLY.
    I am not going to lump the retired into the “taker” catagory because they paid FICA and that really should be OWNED by the ones who paid for it…. I know I, as a business owner, pay for more than half of that contribution, but it should be owned by the worker and not the Feds.
    Maybe if some states grow some balls and secede these situations can be addressed in an adult manner. I know, I am still dreaming.

  • Highlander

    Theadora (shadow) is still trying to change the subject. When lies and deception aren’t working, and you’re losing the argument, simply change the subject … right?

  • BarbaraS

    Congress just let the SS and Medicare taxes go back to their original rates. They never said the 2% cut would be permanent and actually, this cut has put SS and Medicare in a hole we will probably never climb out of. At a time when the “me” generation was coming on board SS to overcrowd the system, the smart set enacted this boondoggle. This was just a campaign freebie to make the dims look like they cared about the populace and buy more votes. It was ridiculous to start with just like almost all dim iniatives especially when unemployment is so high and has been for years now.

  • BarbaraS

    The dims made noises for a while to change FICA and Medicare contributions to payroll taxes and call it a tax with no benefits. I assumed they were going to slowly claim workers weren’t guaranteed SS and Medicare and stop paying seniors at some point in time. If they did it by fiat there would surely be a revolution. Looks like they are reverting back to the norm. Or maybe not. Once they feel they have hooked onto a good thing they will push it with all their might. Obama is just saying something that sounds good…to him anyway. Never trust a dim to do the right thing. They don’t know what that is.

  • Oliver #52

    There was a reason for the 22nd Amendment.

    ‘There are no good American history textbooks on the market. I’ve looked. We non-leftists have to settle for the least bad one we can find. A number of my friends told me a year ago that Tindall and Shi’s America: A Narrative History was the least bad. So, I’ve used it this semester for my survey course covering the period from Reconstruction to the present.

    Naturally, and not at all unexpectedly, the book is abominable, and nowhere more so than in its discussion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The authors are so enthusiastic about the revolution he effected in American government and society that you can practically hear the pom-poms shake.

    Although I’m focusing on this particular text, such flagrant bias is, of course, hardly confined to Tindall and Shi. Gary Dean Best points out in his excellent book Pride, Prejudice, and Politics: Roosevelt Versus Recovery, 1933 – 1938 that while the reams of social and economic legislation for which FDR was responsible are spelled out proudly in every American history textbook, “the costs for the United States of his eight-year-long war against business recovery are mentioned in none.”

    In America: A Narrative History, we get all the details of Watergate and of Nixon’s abuse of power (as we should), but not a word about FDR as the pioneer of such activity. When the Paulist radio station of poor Fr. James Gillis in Chicago criticized FDR’ s court-packing scheme, the FCC took its license away. As early as 1935, FDR requested that the FBI initiate a series of investigations into a variety of right-wing organizations, and later in the decade secretly sought proof (which, of course, never came) that prominent members of the America First Committee were receiving Nazi money. America Firsters were routinely smeared as Nazis and traitors. Our authors provide us with plenty of one-sided coverage of Joe McCarthy, but nothing about any of this.

    Naturally, our authors assure us that FDR’s massive spending projects provided jobs and economic stimulus. It would probably be too much to expect a typical historian to appreciate Frédéric Bastiat’ s point about opportunity cost from his famous essay, “What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen.” At the very least, though, it cannot be unreasonable to expect some acknowledgment of the considerable amount of scholarship that over the past several decades has explored the peculiar distribution of FDR’s spending. The corruption with which FDR’ s public-works projects were infested is fairly well-established- the rather curious preponderance of Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Western states where FDR’s electoral margin had been thin in 1932, the intimidation of WPA workers into voting Democratic, and the like. Naturally, we get not a word about any of that.

    FDR s agricultural policies were in a class of genius all their own. Convinced that falling prices were hindering economic recovery, FDR decided that prices were now to be raised by any means necessary. Agriculture Secretary Henry Wallace, as thoroughgoing a Soviet dupe as this country has ever seen, described the wholesale destruction of crops and livestock in which he and FDR engaged in order to boost farm prices as “a cleaning up of the wreckage from the old days of unbalanced production” (as Tindall and Shi quote him, approvingly).’…

    The Truth about FDR

    Sounds familiar.

  • re #73

    ‘… America’s political philosopher, Lee Harris, in an elegiac piece for President’s Day, ‘A Father without a Son,’ reminded us why we have a 22nd Amendment. It is because President Roosevelt violated the unwritten rule of presidential succession.

    In 1940 he ran for a third term.

    Back in 1787, before we elected our first president, political opinion was sharply divided on the question of a chief executive. Americans knew, after the failure of the Articles of Confederation, that something stronger than a purely legislative government was needed. So the Constitution’s Article II declared that ‘The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.’ But how, worried men like Thomas Jefferson, would we ever make the President go away?

    ‘After all, Jefferson was fully aware that the first President was going to be George Washington. Everyone knew that—just as everyone knew that the Presidency would remain in Washington’s hands for as long as he wished to hang on to it. Washington, elected once, was in essence elected for life.’

    Fortunately, Washington had no son, so even if he had stayed in office until he died, the Washington dynasty would have died with him. But Washington determined that

    ‘He would not die in office; instead, he would be elected for two terms, and then he would not run again.’

    This noble renunciation of power served as a brake, a gentlemen’s agreement, that restrained the ambitions of presidents for nearly 150 years.

    It was not until 1940 that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after 8 years of failing to lead the nation out of the Great Depression, decided that he needed one more Big Push.’…

    Stop the 22nd Amendment Chatter

    Will Hussein bin Obama decide he needs a Third Chance? Is water wet?

  • I agree with those that point out there is a difference between “payroll” and “income” taxes. The 2% was a “tax holiday” not a tax cut and it robbed social security for 2 years. No one should be surprised that it has now ended, or even claim that it’s a tax hike. The Bush tax cuts were a bit different, passed with an expiration only because that’s the only way it could be passed.

    But the real point here folks is that Owebama is not done. This is only the beginning and yes, you still have OwebamaCare to contend with – taking even more of your pay check. Wait until you see what you get for it – long lines, fewer doctors and therefore incompetent care, a bureaucracy that will decide if you are worthy of being treated, and less research and development in the medical field.

    Recession? ABSOLUTELY. Depression? Eventually quite possible, but not sure when. After all, Owebama will just continue to have money printed and all of Congress and the Owe admin are good at pretending the debt doesn’t really exist.

    Seen a budget in the last 4 years? Don’t expect one in the future either.

  • he raised taxes on liberal america’s version of the nazi’s jew; the rich.

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  • Edward Cox

    And it is not just BO. It is the entire Democratic leadership that is lying. It should be obvious to a sponge that Marxists now lead the Democratic Party.

  • shadow

    #57 January 6, 2013 at 2:43 am
    Highlander commented:
    Shadow wants to change the subject it seems …

    I wasn’t the one who went OT. That would be Oliver @ #52. I was just trying to talk him down. But keep acting the fool. It become you.

  • shadow

    #55 January 6, 2013 at 1:57 am
    bg commented:
    all the more reason to keep a close watch..

    Every Congress someone puts this out there and it goes no where. That, to you, means it deserves greater scrutiny?

  • Michael W. Noard

    I have already seen a tax increase on my pension of approx $40,000 a year. So much for protecting the middle class.

  • Freodom

    Americans will not give up their guns!!!

  • AuntieMadder

    #70 January 6, 2013 at 9:52 am
    Highlander commented:

    Theadora (shadow) is still trying to change the subject. When lies and deception aren’t working, and you’re losing the argument, simply change the subject … right?

    Nah, not changing subjects. Rather, Theadora (shadow) believes himself/herself to be an authority on all subjects and, therefore, must respond to all posted comments, especially those of which the poster is in need of correction by the all-knowing Theadora (shadow).

  • bg


    shadow #80 January 6, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    and to you it means what, that it doesn’t exist??

    okay, now let me ask you a question..

    do you know how long ObamaCare (by any other name)
    was on the docket (so to speak) before it became law??


  • Those, who rather than pay taxes, receive the benefit of them (welfare for example) believe every word. Marxists, communists and others who share the philosophy of The oBumaholy, know he’s lying but don’t care, for them it’s teamwork and the eradication of freedom/responsibility is the end that justifies the means. Independence is being snuffed. Individual success, scorned. Honesty/dishonesty isn’t even on their table and they are winning the battle.

  • Questionman

    Obama lies?!?…No. Racist lies!
    It’s obvious you and the racist right brigade are doing EVERYTHING you can to make America feel stupid for not voting for the rich white man that hates Minorities like you do!

    These are not LIES. This is not a matter for debate. Obama is making very specific statements. Hoft is pointing out facts relevant to the discussion but none of them render what Obama is saying untrue. To phrase it more clearly, NOT A WORD OF WHAT OBAMA SAID IS A LIE.

    While taking credit for preventing a middle class income tax raise while allowing payroll taxes to rise is misleading IT IS NOT A LIE. Hoft is engaging in the exact same behavior by pointing out facts unrelated to Obama’s points.

    “Preventing a middle-class tax hike”
    Obama is referring to a SPECIFIC INCOME TAX HIKE, the Bush (or now Obama) Tax Cuts. Pointing out that payroll taxes rose does not make Obama’s sentence untrue.

    Re: proportional tax rates…. an extension of the Bush tax cuts as supported by Republicans would have been even more unbalanced and tilted in favor of the wealthy. Besides, since when do you all care about fairness in the tax code? Isn’t this the flat tax crowd?

    Re: the payroll tax hike. These were temporary tax cuts Obama put in place and these were tax cuts REPUBLICANS OPPOSED (if you don’t believe me just take 2 minutes and google). Now that he’s putting the rates back where they were before, he’s being attacked for it. This tax cut never would have existed if Republicans had their way and Obama’s being attacked for giving them what they want? The mind reels.

    You see the right wing extremest NRA, you know the outfit that lobbies for the gun manufactures. More guns sold more money for the radical NRA!! Anyway they put out the big lie during the 2008 election that Obama was going to kick down your door and take you guns away if elected. Of course Obama never even mentioned guns, the idiots that believed this big lie said it was on his web site, but searching his web sites did not show anything about guns. But that didn’t make any difference to the gun nuts who have to be the most stupid people on earth, because the flooded gun shops and bought every bullet and gun in sight. This led to rationing ammunition, because they couldn’t supply it fast enough. So the NRA was just beaming, their gullible gun nuts were falling in line, and making the NRA piles of money with their big lie!!!

    The coverage on this site and sites like it is divorced from reality.

    You racists go one to desperatley paint Obama as a liar, when fo the last five years, you racists have been the biggest liars in American History!

    This proves that any ignorant can upload videos. Obama is not a muslim he is a Christian. You racists bigots don’t see him as a Christian because he;s black!,Obama is NOT a terrorist, Obama is NOT a Marxist, Obama is NOT a market destroying Socialist, Obama is NOT Hitler, Obama is NOT a communist, Obama WAS born in America,Obama does NOT hate the flag and also America, Obama does NOT loathes our men and women in uniform, Obama is NOT a racist bigot, that’s you slimeballs all over, Obama is NOT a gay homosexual, Obama is NOT a dictator, Obama is NOT a traitor to America, Obama is NOT a POS, anyone who calls him that is a racist scumbag! Obama is NOT destroying America, He;s trying to fix it!

    Also you racists forgot that he would have had to commit a HIGH CRIME or MISDEMEANOR to impeached. Obama has NOT comitted ANY impeachable offeneses. you want him gone because he’s black!

    Obama is NOT an Anti-American, Obama is NOT an enemy of America!

    Obama did not destroy traditional America… America moved forward while the GOP wants to regress back into the days when Jim Crow was the law of the land and people ‘knew their place’…

    Is Barack Obama a Pathalogical Liar? No.

    This video disgusts me… you’ve shown this terrible piece of editing to 9 million people in an attempt to demonize our President. For the last five years lying about President Obama because you hate having a black man as President that is a fact!

    Too many Americans hate Obama because he’s Black, those are just the facts and until that changes I’m afraid we will not be able to move forward as a Nation. If you hate him because of his politics that’s fine, if you hate him because he’s Black that’s not. If you hate this President because he is Black you are part of the problem and not the solution and you know who you are.

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  • Arron

    For you that are parsing words and saying he did not lie. What part of “lie” do you not understand? A lie is a lie even if by omission. If I broke a lamp as a kid and tried to tell my mom that I did not break it, “gravity did it” I wouldn’t sit for a week. He is a lier and it matters NOT that using words is in his bag of tricks!

  • Blair

    Instead of petitioning the government to cede, it’s not happening. The Civil War took that option off the table.
    Instead, petition the government for a new constitutional convention and abolish this corrupt Obamination.
    What could be in the new constitution? How about the following: No birthright citizenship, only veterans can vote, only veterans can be citizens, and the rest of will have to work for it. This idea isn’t new. It was written about in Robert A. Heinlein’s 1959 science fiction novel Starship Troopers. Let’s clog the White House’s “We, the People” website with this. Anybody with me?

  • Amash

    If Jugears is talking, he’s lieing. Always!

  • Courtney

    @Jeff – Apparently you need to do some research on what Republicans do and do not support before you criticize them. Conservatives are the “flat tax crowd,” and we have always cared about fairness in the tax code. That’s why many want a flat federal sales tax rate of approximately 25% and no income tax. Only 53% of Americans work, but everyone consumes. If people don’t want to pay the tax, all they have to do is significantly reduce their consumption, but in a materialistic society like ours, they won’t. On top of that, there would be no tax returns at the end of the year and the IRS and private companies currently involved in the income tax business could be repurposed to help businesses file their federal tax paperwork, since it would be additional to their state sales taxes and therefore require more man hours. In other words, their skeleton staff would need to increase, perhaps giving their January-May temporary employees more steady employment. It’s the liberals who do not want a fair tax code. They want more than half of what everyone with a salary over $250,000 makes, and they want to tack a death tax onto it, so that the zero income children of wealthy business moguls who die in their prime will lose their homes and any chance at an education (as all privileged brats should, since they are destined to waste it anyway, according to some of my professors) and end up begging in the streets like the “victims” of their parent’s empire.

  • shadow

    #84 January 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm
    bg commented:
    and to you it means what, that it doesn’t exist??
    Nope, it just means there’s no need to get your panties in a twist over it.

    okay, now let me ask you a question..

    do you know how long ObamaCare (by any other name)
    was on the docket (so to speak) before it became law??

    From what I hear, not long enough to even allow the legislators who were voting on it, to read it.

  • Lim Lynn

    We got to worry more about Hagel against sanctions but talk to Hamas terrorist filled Socialist Commie and false flag fake news filled with propaganda from Al Jazerra.

  • Lim Lynn
  • sanvan

    Today I watched a video re “Agenda” what an eye opener. This situation that we live in today has been going on seriously since the 60’s (and prior) and it runs wide and very very deep on socialism. Today I realized we are all screwed. I heard “O” say the other day this is just the beginning of taxes that he and his gang are going to pass. They are not going to cut the spending and they are going to raise the national debt with or without congress. In other words after his inauguration from what I can depict we will have our very own official dictatorship again, here in the United States of the Republic.

    It’s so obvious: eliminate the jobs, NAFTA (signed by Pres. Clinton), dumb down the public lower scholastic achievements, remove Crosses, remove Christianity, lower values and teach immorality, take the guns, raise the debt and lower credit rating again (first time ever under “O’s watch”), big govt controls everything including private sector med ins, ownership of GM and others, squandered money to green company’s that went bankrupt to his cronies, Cloward-Piven concept is to continue to get everyone on welfare (have more babies out of wedlock cuz you get more money for each baby), food stamps, medicade (free medical), free cell phones (paid for by the working dummies), unemployment, why work when you get more money and benefits from the govt. than you would working at $7.50 per hour part-time because fulltime jobs are going to be extinct come 01-01-2014. Govt. taking control of schools and education for inoculation of socialism into our children, try to tell people God is dead, pit poor against rich a/k/a class warfare, fight for same sex marriages, traditional family unit under attack, 50 percent of children born out of wedlock or promote abortions and pills, fight parents to stop home schooling, the list goes on and on and on…..pathetic? For sure it is. The biggest sadness is “we the people” who still have a part time job left work to pay for the Stat and Federal Govt, their salaries, perks, benefits, offices, vacations, airplanes, cars, we pay for schools, everything and that includes their dang titles.

    We the people (“the 48% that voted against this usurper in the Whitehouse”) are screwed. Who, when, where (forget the why) and how is this going to end? Well today I heard a N.C. Lt. in law enforcement said in the next 45 to 90 days there will be marshal law instilled and preparations of drone training and numerous law enforcement’s are training now. This has got to be a manifested created crisis for sure to instill marshall law one would think. Saw this coming months ago. Control the masses you know the ones that speak against the socialists in the Whitehouse. We are losing our Constitution next.

    Our Bill of Rights are gone as of March 2012, indefinite detentions without charges being filed, and without representation and your family will not know your whereabouts. Go figure. Does this sound familiar to Hitler’s regime??? By the way I heard Hitler also hid his birth cert and sealed his records too, does this sound familiar??

    There is one thing that can be done to stop the inauguration. If ONE person from the Senate and ONE person from the House of Representatives would stand up and object to giving Obama the electoral votes and request an investigation for him to validate that he is a “natural born citizen” it’s over. Because Obama said for years and in his own book “Dreams from my Father” that his father is a British Citizen. He does NOT qualify to be dictator in chief…I mean President. But now I hear this is too late to do as well. So much for the United States of the Republic.

    God bless America as she has been changed from the inside out and now whats left to do is devalue the $$$ which is happening and I hope someone turns the lights out when the last true American is gone. Hopefully that will be before our country is divided up among the vultures of this world. Are there any true tea party people out there? The conservative type? Obviously the Republicans are jumping / joining up with the socialists seems like. No one is trying to save America anymore, just talk about it and keep talking about it again and again. A lot of our forefathers died to break off from the King of England and stop the TAXATION that was only making his subjects slaves to the King of England. Well now as far as I can see how things are going on as usual, the blame games, the name calling, all hype and show to hide the real agenda of the current regeime “socialism”. But what comes after socialism I hear is communism and the commie’s apparently kill out the socialists??? Wow amazing the grunts are the socialists??

    I am very concerned for my children, my grandchildren, family members, and neighbors and people in America I don’t even know. I love God with all my heart and Jesus Christ and this whole scenario seems like a total night terror. When will we all wake up from this night terror and unify instead of being angry and saying mean things to each other out of anger and fear. When will this deep seeded sickness (socialism, marxism, communism) of the destruction of our country from the inside out, top down, bottom up be stopped??? When we are not in control of a serious situation, we feel totally out of control. The main thing I have been doing is praying to God to save our country and to do totally away with the sickness that is taking over our country and its citizens.

    God bless America and everyone that believes in God.

  • bg


    shadow #92 January 6, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    you really need to work on getting that comprehension
    problem fixed, lest others perceive you as a simpleton..


  • bg


    sanvan #95 January 6, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    i hear you..

    this it??


  • Barney Murrell

    By calling Obama a liar you people demonstrate a total ignorance of who is and is not a liar. The Social Security tax cut was temporary only and you all know it. So why prove yourself a liar by lying about the payroll tax reverting to its original amount?

    If you want to talk about liars then let us discuss GW Bush’s 2001-2003 tax cuts, all BASED ON REAL LIES as follows:

    On February 27, 2001, in his first address before Congress, GW Bush assured that his budget would: “prepare for the unexpected, for the uncertainties of the future” by setting aside “a contingency fund for emergencies or additional spending needs” totaling “almost a trillion dollars.” But he did not, and only two years later, The Wall Street Journal reported that Bush used “all the Social Security surpluses…to fund the government for the next two years and to spend well over $100 billion of Social Security funds in each of the following three years.”

    Bush accomplished this feat by using a “sunset provision” lie to overcome the “Byrd Rule,” and thus his Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) was signed into law on 7 June, 2001. “One of the most notable characteristics of EGTRRA is that its provisions are designed to sunset, or revert to the provisions that were in effect before it was passed. EGTRRA will sunset on January 1, 2011 unless further legislation is enacted to make its changes permanent. The sunset provision SIDESTEPS the Byrd Rule, a Senate rule that amends the Congressional Budget Act to allow Senators to block a piece of legislation if it purports to significantly increase the federal deficit beyond a ten-year term. The sunset allowed the bill to stay within the letter of the PAYGO law while removing nearly $700 billion from amounts that would have triggered PAYGO sequestration.”

    Thus, Bush lied about creating a contingency fund and lied about the effects of his tax cuts in order to pass them. Now, those are real lies.

  • bg


    Barney Murrell #98 January 6, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Congress holds the purse strings..


  • bg


    “We Are Not Going to Do Anything”

    Obama hasn’t signed a budget since he was
    crowned the mess-i-ah of all he purveys.. /s/


  • Daniel Morgan

    If the taxes didn’t go up then why in the hell am I paying 6+% for social insecurity now? why did my paycheck drop almost 60+ dollars even tho I got holiday pay on top of my regular pay.
    Yeah I don’t care what anyone says. The Middle class and anyone making 20 – 30k a year just got a royal screwing!

  • sanvan

    Barney when social security was originally set up it was done so by putting the taxes paid by we the people and the companies they worked for withheld from their paychecks and put into a “trust” and it was NOT supposed to be used by anyone for anything except for the people and the companies that paid these monies into that trust account. Last year the O regime pulled out of the “trust” 73 Billion dollars and used it for God only knows what!!! The O regime has not done any favors to our seniors by pulling out these Billions of dollars and then using the seniors like chess players for negotiations to continue to spend spend spend without ANY transparency that was promised in 2007 and without even producing a budget in the last three years, unheard of for sure.

    No one has been able to access the Federal Reserve to do an audit to see where all that money has gone to but that will change soon because that is part of the reason why a there was a huge lawsuit filed in NY in December 2012 regarding 43 Trillion dollars that has been supposedly used like a ponzie scheme and sent to many european banks by and apparently over half of the O administration is involved and this 43 Trillion was supposed to be put back into the Federal Reserve. So, talking about reality here not lies. Like the saying goes…just follow the money.

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  • sanvan

    By the way the social security wasn’t the only thing that went up. From what I understand people that are making $20 to $30 K per year can’t afford to pay insurance premiums of $500.00 per month if they are lucky (20%) and their employer pays (80%) only if the employer chooses to provide insurance if they have fifty (50) employees or more. So now here’s the crux. If the employer decides to cut their staff by just ONE person they don’t have to provide insurance at all. It would be cheaper for them to pay what $1,000.00 per employee or $2,000.00 per year tax to the IRS for the (30) million uninsured. The employee (we the people) will also get hit with the same tax penalty payable to the IRS for those (30) million people that do not have insurance. So to me this is wrong and we the people that are caught up in this mess that WORK for a living at 1980 wage rates in 2013 now, plus hours are cut to also keep us from obtaining and affording health insurance benefits are screwed.

    Here’s a new one I recently uncovered. Union and non union companies are sourcing out jobs to temp services now to fill. Let’s say this new temp employee works a forty (40) hour week, long term like a year or more for this same company, and wants to get a loan from a bank he can forget it. Why? Simply because he is only working for a temp service. Go figure but he is working a forty (40) hour work week. Many employers are now switching over to temp services because it removes the employee from their payroll responsibilities and the temp service fees are totally tax deductible for the company and it puts a buffer between the employee and the company so the company will NOT have to pay any insurance on them as well. Nice heh? So the employee gets hit many directions for working at a temp agency, but the employer has found a loophole to escape paying any tax penalties to the IRS for obamacare but the employee doesn’t escape.

    For all of the trillions and trillions of tax dollars being collected by the government paid by we the people to cover thirty (30) million people (less than ten percent of the population) is a total sham in my opinion. It would be better to put $500,000. or more in a “trust” account for each person in that thirty (30) million group and be done with it. Instead of lifelong taxes for all of us working dummies to pay for less than ten (10%) of the populous. Something wrong with this picture for sure. God help us working dummies.

  • Hey Jeff the other people paying taxes that you refer to are welfare recipients who are buying stuff with our tax money , commonly known as welfare , imagine that !

  • Lim Lynn
    I didn’t know that PressTV and RussiaTV had all the Jesuit who supports Socialist Commie Black Pope Iran, China, Russian agents and Freemasons.

  • Lim Lynn
    The real biggest lie pushed by Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda is Global Warming while China is cooling super icy age.

  • nikki

    Who will believe this garbage, people who don’t pay taxes and are too dim or stoned to notice.

  • Txagsw

    200.00 from first paycheck of 2013, figure $ 5200 for year! Phew, thank goodness we won’t get taxed… Oh wait, damned liar!!!

  • Tom

    Hey, folks. Now I despise Obama as much as anyone on the planet. I think the world would be a better place if he voluntarily stepped in front of a train today, but claiming that he’s lying over something like this is doing the same thing as they are doing with the bush tax cuts… They were both temporary measures from the very beginning (never should have been, but were). They were expected to expire. Same with the payroll cut referenced above. It definitely was not intended to be permanent and should not be (as it just makes the deficit for Social Security worse than it already was). Conservatives and conservative media can shoot themselves in the foot by trying to trump up stuff like this. There are a number of legit things we could call him out on without grabbing at thin straws like this.

  • Patriot10258

    Damn you Obamaites are stupid and stubborn. A 2% increase in your taxes whether income or payroll is still 2% you dumb MFr’s. The only thing that people, everyday working people, care about is the bottom line on their paycheck. It is 2% lower. I only hope that the people that are working and get poked in the backside by Obama and Congress suddenly understand that the hook was in the worm, they bit it, and the hook has been set! Welcome to reality you dumb MFs. Vote for a Socialist again why don’t you and while you’re at it do a little research instead of voting the way your fkg union told you to. DUMBASS! You all deserve what you got. When milk costs more than gasoline and the price for a gallon of gas is over $5.00, remember he told you up front that it was “necessary.” I hope when the SHTF you will be in front without a gun that “they” took from you. There ain’t no cure for stupid.

  • n mix

    By now most people have gotten their first pay stubs of the new year and if they paid any attention their take home pay went down substantially due to increased taxes beginning January 1, 2013. Most of this was due to federal taxes going up. Bet you did not consider yourself in the top 1 or 2 %. HA!

    This summary incorporates recently passed fiscal cliff deal which added new taxes (62 billion per year) and the additional new taxes (202 billion per year) that had already been scheduled to go on the books for January 1, 2013 separate from the fiscal cliff deal for total of 264 billion in new taxes per year for 2013 over 2012. Not pretty!

    Control click on the following:

    If you note the types of taxes involved here, most of these new taxes will paid by people who live pay check to pay check – the working middle class stiffs and will not be paid for by the so called one percent – millionaires and billionaires. Paraphrasing BHO -I will not balance the budget on the backs of the middle class. The rich need to pay more, they need to pay their fair share. Ha Ha! Obama lied again