Do You Believe This Garbage?… Obama Resorts to Outright Lies in Weekly Address

This is how Barack Obama opened his Weekly Address this week.
Listen to this garbage.

And here’s the transcript:

Hi, everybody. Over the past year, as I traveled across the country campaigning for this office, I told you that if I was fortunate enough to be re-elected, I’d work to change a tax code that too often benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

This week, we did that. For the first time in two decades, we raised taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans in a bipartisan way, while preventing a middle-class tax hike that could have thrown our economy back into recession.

Under this law, more than 98% of Americans and 97% of small business will not see their income taxes go up one dime

Now here’s the truth:
** Under the new fiscal cliff plan workers making less than $30,000 a year will take a bigger hit than those making $500,000 a year.
** The fiscal cliff bill that passed the US Senate and the US House will raise payroll taxes from 4.2% to 6.2%. In other words those making $100,000 a year will see their taxes increase by $2,000.
** The bill raised taxes on 77% of American households.

It would be nice if the liberal media would hold this man’s feet to the fire.
Just once.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Barack Hussein Obama had been lying from 2008 till 2012. It doesn’t make any difference.

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  • GotFreedom

    Of course they won’t hold his feet to the fire. . .they are complicit (as are the GOP IMO)!

    The 53% of us who pay taxes know that Barack Hussein Obama is a. . .

    Liar Liar
    Pants on fire!
    Nose got caught
    on a telephone wire!
    Wire broke –
    BHO choked (on his lies)
    and he sailed to the devil
    in a little row boat!

  • http://GatewayPundit Lovies Bad Karma

    And that extra 2% will go for more vacations, golf, golf lessons, the wookies wardrobe, kobe beef, lobster, gay bathhouses, etc, etc, etc…..

  • red boy

    It doesn’t matter, we are headed for a Great Depression, not a recession. The government is broke & will not be able to bail us out. You will start seeing signs of this in the next couple of months.

  • Bubba

    Why on earth wouldn’t Obama be incredibly emboldened to say whatever the hell he feels like saying? The in the bag media has made it perfectly clear that they will NEVER EVER call him on his lies, or his actions.

    And, when I say “perfectly clear,” it’s just that. It’s not Obama putting one and one together after 4 years of “coverage” and deciding he’s safe from scrutiny.

    Nope. Black helicopters, shmlack helicopters–I’d bet my last dollar that his regime has had countless meetings with the heads of the MSM news outlets (to figure out strategy to help the boy king anyway they can), and have told the admin in absolute crystal clear terms that they will not be questioning anything Obama says, and will not be giving any coverage to anything that undermines his disgraceful presidency.

    So why not tell the biggest bald faced lies imaginable, if it helps you out?

    And, let’s just say it–the MSM, contrary to all this talk of “new media” and the power of the internet, is pretty much just as powerful as they were when there was only 3 TV stations and radio.

    But, let’s all howl away on the Right wing blogosphere. Let’s get Drudge to post a story of some writer on the Right calling out Obama on the lie.

    Obama and his propaganda minions just laugh at such wasted effort.

    Obama won, we lost. None of what the Right said mattered much during the election (or the push for Obama care, or the push for the fiscal cliff deal, or on and on and on). It matters even less, now.

    And by the way–that goes for the upcoming gun control bill that is going to rammed through (as sure as the sky is blue), AND the upcoming amnesty deal.

  • Mary

    Can’t even listen to him or look at his face.

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  • Jeff

    These are not LIES. This is not a matter for debate. Obama is making very specific statements. Hoft is pointing out facts relevant to the discussion but none of them render what Obama is saying untrue. To phrase it more clearly, NOT A WORD OF WHAT OBAMA SAID IS A LIE.

    While taking credit for preventing a middle class income tax raise while allowing payroll taxes to rise is misleading IT IS NOT A LIE. Hoft is engaging in the exact same behavior by pointing out facts unrelated to Obama’s points.

    “Preventing a middle-class tax hike”
    Obama is referring to a SPECIFIC INCOME TAX HIKE, the Bush (or now Obama) Tax Cuts. Pointing out that payroll taxes rose does not make Obama’s sentence untrue.

    Re: proportional tax rates…. an extension of the Bush tax cuts as supported by Republicans would have been even more unbalanced and tilted in favor of the wealthy. Besides, since when do you all care about fairness in the tax code? Isn’t this the flat tax crowd?

    Re: the payroll tax hike. These were temporary tax cuts Obama put in place and these were tax cuts REPUBLICANS OPPOSED (if you don’t believe me just take 2 minutes and google). Now that he’s putting the rates back where they were before, he’s being attacked for it. This tax cut never would have existed if Republicans had their way and Obama’s being attacked for giving them what they want? The mind reels.

    Criticism here is always brushed off as Obots or communist agitators. I’ve said on here a dozen times I HATE OBAMA. I think he is a terrible president. I did not vote for him either election. it just breaks my heart seeing passionate, concerned people like yourselves deceived by people looking to sell you sensational stories, resentment and banner ads.

    The coverage on this site and sites like it is divorced from reality.

  • Jeff

    GotFreedom, way way way more than 53% of the population pays taxes. You are actually talking specifically about INCOME TAXES.

    It is not a great feeling admitting you are wrong on something or do not understand an issue as well as you might think but I see this mistake (and many mistakes like it) made here constantly. You all are being taken advantage of.

  • Jeff

    Apologies for the multiple replies

    #5 redboy- that’s a very bold predicition. If in a few months the economy does not sink into a great depression, will that cause you to reevaluate your views at all?

    I remember last spring constant comments here regarding a coming race war that Obama was planning on unleashing on the US prior to the election. Well here we are, election over and no race war, no summer of hellish violence. I’m curious if any of the commenters here who were so afraid at the time have reevaluated their beliefs at all.

  • donh

    NOW Obama’s going for the tax loop holes and deductions while stating he’s not willing to cut much of anything….So in 2 months we will get another 40 to 1 ration revenue raise to spending cut bill handed to Obama on a silver platter by CAVE MAN Boner….. 157 D votes + 85 R votes……Because Madam Pelosi so OWNS Boner…they even DRESS alike…” LOOK at my pet little boy…Matching colors ! ” ..>

  • Highlander

    Technically, Obama is correct, because “payroll tax” is not income tax. Obama always chooses his words carefully, to make sure there is a thread of truth in what he says. He’s a professional politician, and we know what to expect from people like that. Nevertheless, even though income tax rates didn’t go up on the middle class, they DID go up on other people, and there are plenty of other higher taxes coming down the pike, both in this bill, and in Obamacare. Anyone who doesn’t understand that ALL of these taxes will flow downhill to everyone else is a dope …

  • Buzzy

    Every single dollar that is legally paid in this country is subject to the FICA taxes, there are no exemptions that I am aware of. If you are paid $20 through payroll, you will be charged $1.53 for the FICA taxes.

  • Muckdog

    Well he did say “income taxes.” Kind of a slight of hand.

    I think the returning of the payroll tax from 4.2% to 6.2% has the possibility of tipping the economy into a recession. That is money that people spend. And now it goes to the black hole of government spending.

  • red boy

    #11 Jeff
    You have been warned! In six months it will be a full blown Great Depresssion. And by the way, your money is going to be worthless. I’m glad I’m a country boy!

  • RealMc

    #7……….. yep.

  • Muckdog

    I don’t know about a Great Depression. Probably continued sluggishness indefinitely.

  • shadow

    #9 January 5, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    Thanks for shining a little light on the subject. What irks me most is the way definitions are so fluid, and agenda driven. People here say that 47% pay no taxes, which is true if you only consider income tax, as if payroll tax doesn’t count, even though (or maybe because) more people pay payroll tax than pay income tax. And I can understand and accept the 47% claim, since payroll tax is only used to finance SS and Medicare, while income tax helps pay the bills. To suddenly lump them together, just because it can be used against Obama, it beyond the pale.

  • Maxwell

    As much as it pains me to say it, dear leader didn’t lie and here is why:

    Technically “Income taxes” didn’t go up. Only Payroll taxes went up.

    However, it is much worse than people realize. Had income taxes gone up on the lower income, they could get the majority, if not all, of the increase back at the end of the year.

    They cannot get squat back from the payroll tax increase. That is a hard hit to lower income courtesy of the man the 47% voted for.

    The sad thing is that low information voters will believe his lies.