During the 2008 campaign Barack Obama promised not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year.
He lied. Obamacare created seven new taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year.

And, then there’s this.
The fiscal cliff bill that passed the US Senate and the US House will raise payroll taxes from 4.2% to 6.2%. In other words those making $100,000 a year will see their taxes increase by $2,000.
Obama needs the money.

Via FOX News:

Hollywood gets a tax incentive extension.

More… Here’s more on what the middle class can expect:

The average family making $50,000 per year will see their paychecks drop by $83.33 per month ($1,000/year).

The average family making $75,000 per year will see their paychecks drop by $125.00 per month ($1,500/year).

The average family making $100,000 per year will see their paychecks drop by $166.67 per month ($2,000/year).




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  1. Dear Leader Maobama lied???!!!! Say it ain’t so!

  2. Tar, Feathers, and Rails just seems to touchy-feely and kind. But that’s just me. And just about everyone else.

  3. Gotta pay for F16s for the Muslim Brotherhood, fund Union activities in Haiti and keep ponying up for those $4 million dollar vacations for Dear Leader you know!

  4. A Democrat lied and the Alinsky Media is covering for him??


  5. I expected Obama to be a snake–did not expect same from the Republicans. NO MORE of my votes or my money to the GOP!Those folks haven’t a clue–they want to be seen as nice folks rather than fighters!

  6. The 2K is the pizza money Obama claimed he was giving every family — and I’m not sure it is 2K — I think it is 1K: $40 every 2 weeks out of the paycheck for Social Security ($40*25 = $1000. It was this “tax reduction” that the Repubs should never have agreed to as it was tied at the time to a spike in gasoline prices. It was nice visibility for the regime as thhe major news stations kept saying people would get $2K more — but it was really only “up to $2K more” as most people would not mkae enough bi-weekly to see the full $40 extra in their paychecks. Further, it left S.S underfunded AGAIN for this time period.

  7. From what I understand, the bill restores SS WITHHOLDING to 6.2 %, so it’s technically not a TAX INCREASE on anyone, unless we don’t get out money back. THEN, it becomes a tax. Don’t get me wrong either … I’m not arguing in favor of any tax increases, but I think it’s important to be accurate and honest when discussing these matters. Social Security withholding is NOT supposed to be treated as a TAX! Treating it as a tax plays right into the hands of those who would have us forget that it’s OUR MONEY …

    Personally, I thought reducing the SS withholding rates was a HUGE mistake in the first place. Social Security is insolvent. Reducing the withholding rates was nothing but a political ploy designed to make Obama look good. We shouldn’t be screwing with the withholding rates. We should be doing whatever is necessary to restore the plan to what it was intended to be, and making sure that the people who’ve paid in to the fund get THEIR MONEY BACK.

    As far as the rest of the bill is concerned, I’ll reserve judgement until I see all the details … but I’m guessing we aren’t going to like what we see.

  8. john b – exactly

  9. They will never get the revenues they seek to fund their atrocities which will mean they will borrow even more. In addition, more people will abuse the system when it’s “free” so it will be even more expensive. This will lead to rationing and fraud. This is a monster within a monster and it will ruin us.

  10. Highlander, it is NOT “your money” in any sense except that you were the one that earned it, only to have it taxed away for the politician’s promise of Social Security benefits IF you live long enough and IF they somehow find the $20 TRILLION or so dollars of promises that the SS taxes will not cover. And you don’t have an “account,” because the Supreme Court has ruled you have NO “rights” to any benefits. Congress can at any time cut or eliminate benefits, to anybody, and if you die before age 67 you get zilch! It’s a LOUSY “investment” any way you look at it, but a pretty good tax because it screws everybody equally.

  11. I don’t ever recall that the American peoples tax returns were subject to such scrutiny in the public discussion. what people earned was none of any ones business.
    But no one discusses the abuse of our collective children and grand children by these scalawags.
    I all the tears for Nwton but none for how the next two generations get the shaft.
    If the publc discourse is on peoples taxes and what they earn , then why isn’t public discourse on how destructive the spending and taxing is.
    Even egypt cut its coporate tax from 40% to 20% and revenue has soared…that was from
    Wikipedia, I think for 2010.

  12. J. Ewing, yes, we’re getting screwed and that’s my point. Because we’ve allowed them to CALL it a tax, and TREAT it like a tax, it has BECOME a tax. If we continue to join these thieves in calling it a tax, and don’t start demanding that it be treated like the investment that it was supposed to be, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves when they steal it …

  13. If we continue to join these thieves in calling it a tax,…

    Ponzi Scheme would probably be more appropriate…

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