UNION THUG Who Sucker Punched Steven Crowder ID’ed – He’s a Grand Rapids IBEW Member …Update: Second Goon Identified

The union official who sucker punched Steven Crowder today in Michigan has been identified.
His name is Tony.

Tony Camargo

* * * * *

Union official Tony Camargo goes to work on Steven Crowder’s face–

* * * * *

Tony Camargo is a member of the IBEW.

The IBEW local is 876, Grand Rapids, MI.

Next time he assaults a conservative he may not want to wear his name on his jacket.

About 1:32 in the video his whole name flashes on the screen.

UPDATE: Dana Loesch interviewed Steven Crowder today after the assault.

UPDATE: After several different views and input the name appears to be Tony Camargo.

UPDATE: A second unhinged union goon who was destroying the AFP tent has been identified.

UPDATE: Figures… When MI Union Goon Is Not Harassing Conservatives – He’s Cross-Dressing

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    You KNOW that absolutely nothing will come of this. Don’t you?

  • lizzy84

    Hope & Change…….http://minx.cc/?post=335597

  • iconoclast

    It appears that Tony Cummings has been charged with embezzlement as well as his upcoming assault charge:


  • WhoCaresAnyMore.

    12-11-12 Steven Crowder on The Dana Show


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  • Spartan

    IBEW has got a commercial running on television at the moment! They must be so proud of their employees? The words used in the commercial are rather ‘interesting’ to say the least.


  • AmericaWILL

    Arrest Tony Cummings.

  • Mad Hatter

    I hope Tony Cummings gets arrested, charged, goes to jail, and becomes a prison b*tch

  • MarkJ

    Looks like “Tony Sucker Punches” will be facing some significant jail time if or when convicted, especially since he’s already been convicted on another offense:


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  • Lawless

    1000s of people that would never get hired to do any job if it wasn’t for their loser uncles getting them in the union.

  • Cory C

    “I hope Tony Cummings gets arrested, charged, goes to jail, and becomes a prison b*tch to some big black guys.”

    If I were you, I’d revise this comment. We don’t want to be like their side. We must take the higher road.

    Mr. Cummings will be charged and jailed, mark it.

  • J.J. Sefton

    Just Googled this jerk and it turns out he evidently was caught embezzling about $6,000. Maybe union funds?


  • Observer

    The crooked cops may not arrest Tony Cummings for the assault and battery, but Crowder can still sue the SOB for civil damages. These thugs need to be taught a lesson; hopefully, a very expensive one.

  • Mad Hatter

    Cory C commented:

    “I hope Tony Cummings gets arrested, charged, goes to jail, and becomes a prison b*tch to some big black guys.”

    If I were you, I’d revise this comment. We don’t want to be like their side. We must take the higher road.

    Mr. Cummings will be charged and jailed, mark it.


    You’re right, I’ll revise it.

    I hope Tony Cummings gets arrested, charged, goes to jail, and has to watch his back when he’s in the shower, chow line, and while he’s on the prison yard.

  • J.J. Sefton

    Oops. The Tony Cummings I mention at post #13 might be different from this bastard. Still, a union guy embezzling union funds. Tony Cummings’ of a feather, eh?

  • Tony Cummings has been indicted for embezzling from the union. He was in a position of trust and has been accused stealing from his “union brothers”, and still he’s welcomed out there at their little protest. Fools.

  • squeaky
  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Next time he assaults a conservative he may not want to wear his name on his jacket.

    Don’t count on him learning anything from this experience. Any analytical thinking capability he may have had at one time has been outsourced to his union.

  • Mad Hatter


    Governor Snyder just signed the Bill into Law.


  • Sam Stone

    One day, ONE day, the conservatives treated like this may grow some balls and actually defend themselves with like force. If not, the death of us will be soon.

  • Mad Hatter
  • “If I were you, I’d revise this comment. We don’t want to be like their side. We must take the higher road.”

    That line of thought is why The Stupid Party continually loses. If you are in a street brawl, the Marquess of Queensberry rules go straight out the door.

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  • Mad Hatter

    When you see this violence, and intimidation tactics by the Union Goons, along with them voting in Obama, (not once, but twice) are reasons why I’ll never buy another UAW made automobile ever again.

    They haven’t earned my business.

  • Chris W.

    The only picture I want to see of this scumbag is his mug shot.

    If he and the rest of the perpetrators are not arrested or charged, then I fully expect the police commissioner and the mayor to be hauled away in handcuffs.

    This is an absolute outrage.

  • Yeper

    Other option is to boycott visiting Michigan. They advertise all the time here in Ohio for us to come spend our dollars with them. Not interested in the least.

  • Buffalobob

    #25 Don’ be too critical. Just think these goons can go on a lunch break, booze it up smoke pot and still somehow find their way back to cobble together Chrysler products.

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  • serfer62

    Cory C is right, there actually are some white guys in prison

  • Indiana

    Wow….Tony! Your parents must be so proud. Sucker punches are all you’ve got? I’ll have to use this video to show my children what a real man acts like…./s. Go Governor Snyder!

  • Mark

    I emailed the MSP with this link asking if they plan to charge Tony with assault!!!

  • Sarge

    Seems to me the argument could be made that the “Union Fist” logo on his t-shirt shows premeditation, and a predilection for violent confrontation. Should shoot down any “in the heat of passion” defense quite nicely.

    Of course, with the police totally unionized, and the DA dependent upon their cooperation, I must sadly expect little to nothing to come of this, with regard to criminal prosecution.

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  • For My Liberty

    That may not be the same Tony Cummings that some of you keep posting and saying he Embezzled funds….The Tony Cummings in the piece belonged to the United Steel Workers of America…and was out of Ohio…..might double check to make sure it is a fact before you post it…

  • Freaky Freddie

    Union = Nepotism

  • steve

    I want to know where this Thug LIVES!! Give me his Home Address!! He is the Punk who Kicked my Wife when she was Trapped inside that tent!!

  • That guy cutting the tent in half at around 6:00 – that’s the most work he’s done in 20 years.

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  • AnnaS

    Excuse Me! I am sick to death of hearing how ” we don’t want to behave like them” BS I want to behave even worse. You cannot play nice with these thugs, they will laugh you off the planet! They play to WIN- unlike our side!

  • J

    Goodbye Tony.

    The union does not like it when you show what they really are. Call the cement truck.

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  • jimmy johnson

    yankee union punks, come to the RIGHT TO WORK south and we will kick your ass in person just like we are kicking your ass in business. nicer homes nicer cars better standard of living…crybabies get a NON UNION clue

  • P.F. Undit

    If this guy goes to prison, would he be among comrades? Would time inside be a resume enhancer for him?

  • It was the IBEW turning away nonunion reliefe workers in NY and NJ after Hurricane Sandy. What a SWELL bunch of bipeds.

  • Firm Tartub

    To Iconoclast: He’s not the same Tony Cummings…….

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  • Indiana

    Sure wouldn’t want to be affiliated with a Union (IBEW) that has Tony’s face attached to it. Glad I work in a “right to work” state. Hey IBEW…..ki$$ my a$$.

  • #37 December 11, 2012 at 6:26 pm
    steve commented:

    I want to know where this Thug LIVES!! Give me his Home Address!! He is the Punk who Kicked my Wife when she was Trapped inside that tent!!

    … steve, is your post legitimate? If so, is your wife OK??

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  • lliberty

    re #46…what are the odds? it seems there are two union miscreants, both with the same name. Maybe that’s the name they put on all their jackets, easier for them to manufacture …and that’s the kind of corner a union guy would cut…lol

  • bg


    iconoclast #3 December 11, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    must be their part time part time jobs.. /s/


  • And this is why concealed carry laws should be in effect in all 50 states. Had this happened in Texas, I’d bet a dollar to a donut that “Tony” would have eaten lead. And justifiably so. I normally don’t advocate violence except as a means of self-defense, but in this instance I think we ought to just all wear our guns on our hips and let ’em try anything.

  • Sasja

    Only 7% of 8th graders are proficient at reading? Wonder why? The teachers aren’t very proficient either, it seems.


  • bg


    re: #53 December 11, 2012 at 8:29 pm bg

    iconoclast #3 December 11, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    how does one tell the difference between union thugs &
    , never mind one Tony Cummings from another??

    [On June 1, 2012, in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Cleveland, Ohio, Tony Cummings, former Financial Secretary of Steelworkers Local 735 (located in Cleveland, Ohio), was indicted on one count of theft in the amount of $6,451 and 10 counts of forgery. The charges follow an investigation by the OLMS Cleveland District Office.]


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  • after seeing this it makes me so proud to be a union supporter.

  • bg


    oh, okay, didn’t note the name change to TONY CAMARGO.. 😀


  • valerie

    Oh, good job. I was wondering if this was a home-grown criminal or an import.

  • Stella Horgan

    I am in total shock, not one cop had balls to arrest one of these thugs. They destroyed private property its on tape and I hope to hell they lose their jobs and go to jail. These people are insane, nobody that is a civil human being could act like this. This country will not be ruled by mobs…

  • Junk Science Skeptic

    @ #25 Mad Hatter – “along with them voting in Obama, (not once, but twice)”

    Given the people we’re talking about here, I’d bet they each voted far more than twice. How else could Obama have won?

  • bg
  • valerie

    #61 December 11, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    Stella Horgan commented:

    Nope. Not at least, as long as we have regular elections. Consider just for a moment that the state of Michigan elected a whole bunch of Republicans. Those people could not have been elected without a whole bunch of votes by union members.

    So, regardless of what the thugs think, their co-workers don’t like them.

  • valerie

    #63 December 11, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    bg commented:

    Ok, so we eliminate all of these “Tony Camargo”s that came up in the search, because they probably aren’t union goons?

  • Malik

    Tony Camargo of the IBEW has a choice: 1 year in prison for ag assault or face Steven Crowder in a sanctioned MMA cage fight. If I were that fat little union goo bag, I take the year in prison. Crowder is one big, bad boy.

  • bg


    valerie #65 December 11, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    where’d you get that from??


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  • Maria

    This is the union he serves: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IBEW-Local-876/270466413070445?ref=ts&fref=ts

    Leave a comment or two. Many are.

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  • Meg

    Don’t worry, their union will save them.

  • thubb

    the article says ‘Tony Camargo’…who came up with Tony Cummings or is it an ‘alias’?

  • Sandy

    Seems dirty work is better than real work. Perhaps the time is coming when dirty work may be Union member’s only only jobs. Where will the big money from Unions come from to put Dems in office when businesses decide they have had enough of these clowns?

    26,000 children had no school today because their teachers had to be part of this mess. Seems those teachers should be fined or fired for believing it was more important to tear down a tent then do the job they were hired to do.

  • stoval

    4:38 of the video, union thug shouts ‘white power’

  • Tyler

    I am 99.999% certain I have acquired the ID of Anthony “Tony” Camargo’s home address.

    Id like to pass it on to proper agencies for authentication and follow-up. They have been notified, but don’t seem to care as much as they pretend to.

    If I don’t hear back from them by tomorrow morning, I’m tweeting the address to the general public to do with it what they wish.

  • Dave

    Anybody have an address???

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  • MaX

    Read people! It’s Tony Camargo.

  • Joseph

    Can’t wait to beat down more rich robber baron scum. The free ride is over, time to take it to the streets and let the wealthy thieves and their pathetic little buttboy lackeys get a taste of real steel. You’re going to lose in the long run–but do you really want to lose _everything_?

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  • John

    What an idiot! See you in court jerk! Do you have any brains? Typical thinking for a liberal…

  • Darrell from Ohio

    Tony HAS to be charged. First, its on video and second, striking someone is called assault and battery. I don’t know if he will go to jail but I would think that he should. Bottom line is, this is what the far left are, just a bunch of thugs, like Obama. It’s their way, or no way.

  • checker99

    I would say members of the AFP that were present have a very good civil case against the union groups who were present and their members who were caught on video terrorizing them. I sincerely hope an organization or a lawyer picks this up and hits them right in their wallet.


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  • P.F. Undit

    So this other guy killed 20 mf’ers with a gun? How, as a button man for the mafia? What does he mean?

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  • Devan

    His being a union official makes the union criminally liable as well & Crowder should sue the into dust.

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  • He needs to be arrested for assault. The police better do their job. Obama and the democrats should come out and denounce this. What the right to work includes the right to get punched in the face by some loser?

  • Skip


    Manny Pacquiao at next AFP event.

  • LavGooms

    It takes big goons I mean big men to attack women, senior citizens, and people in wheelchairs. These were the folks in the AFP tent. These union goons have no respect for human life, differing views, and private property. BTW why were these IBEW members not working? Who’s projects were being neglected so they can attack people the disagree with? These are Obama’s people loud mouth, lazy ass, takers! Obama should be so proud and no doubt he really is happy about this violence especially when it is against tea party supporters. Shameful!

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Ok, folks. You need to think about this for a minute.

    File charges agains the perps? Certainly. File a civil suit? Get a lawyer and look into it, certainly.


    Mr. Crowder has challenged grandpa to a fight…and threatened grandpa with a lawsuit or jail time if grandpa doesn’t fight.

    That’s your current conservative martyr. That’s your current conservative hero.

    Politically, that’s not a hill you want to die on.

  • Dick Clintonoris

    I’m gonna make Tony squeal like a pig and then use him as my own personal pinata…

  • just bob

    When are rico charges going to be filed againse these unions?

  • the democrats won’t condemn this, they don’t want to lose all that taxpayer money thats gets funnelled back to them through collective collusion.

    this was a classic example of richard trumka style unionism.

  • Daryl Herbert

    You refer to Mr. Camargo as a union “official,” rather than just a member of the IBEW. What office does he hold?

  • Rplat

    Isn’t America a wonderful place? Everybody needs to ensure they can protect themselves and their families . . . you do not have to take this crap.

  • Bob

    The video is very clear that “Tony” initiated the assult. Steve Crowder has the choice to file assult charges himself if the police will not (they are union also) or go the civil route and go after him there and the union.

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  • No More left Wing Nuts

    There is something inherently wrong with liberals and they way they think, unless they are so young they don’t know any better. Liberals are the knuckle dragging Neanderthals, not conservatives. Liberals are sheep with no consideration of where or how an income is produced. I have long maintained that unions are the killers of economies. This video is yet another example of how cowardly, dim-witted and lethargic the liberal mind works.

    What a disgrace to assault someone in a wheelchair. There is nothing lower than someone who assaults the helpless.

    While I am not a proponent of violence, unless in defence, I do believe Steven Crowder would have hospitalized any one of those guys, if it were one on one.

    I would perhaps enjoy seeing those cowards put in the same spot of intimidation and see how they would react. I have $100 on them literally defecating themselves!

    Liberals, your motives are becoming clearer and clearer to us all.

  • valerie

    This is a half-way decent analysis of what’s going on with the unions, from CNN.


    I say only half-way because it presents the opposition to closed-shop laws as being a result of anti-union campaigns by some unnamed phantoms in Big Business. This may or may not be true, but even if it is true, it’s beside the point.

    Unions organized and got closed shop laws passed, despite opposition by the scary Big Business, mainly because Big Businesses can’t vote. At one time, union supporters persuaded voters that their policies would be good for their states and for their country. This year, unions in Michigan tried to get the closed shop enshrined in the state Constitution, and last month voters disapproved in a landslide. This is an indicator that voters in Michigan are unpersuaded that further concentration of power in the hands of union operatives is in their best interest.

    What the unions did to dissipate voter confidence in their policies is the story, here.

    In my opinion, all we are seeing in Michigan with respect to the unions is part of the normal life cycle of an organization, and not an indicator that unions per se are losing influence or getting weaker.

    Organizations have lifetimes. They start with one kind of goal, and if they are successful, they accomplish the goal and then die off (NOW), or they pursue other goals (March of Dimes, the Red Cross). Modern unions in the US were formed to correct real abuses against workers and to pass laws. They were successful. With that success came money and political influence, that was then diverted to other things. Union membership became an automatic membership in a political party.

    Americans don’t like to be told what political party they have to support. They like to be asked.

  • valerie

    #83 December 12, 2012 at 5:35 am
    Bruce Majors commented:

    I know you responded to a request for this information, but I hope you will not do it, again. While you may have found the address of a Tony Camargo, bg had already published an inquiry that showed about 18,000 entries in response to that name. So, there’s more than one person with that name, and probably even more than one in Michigan.

    That idiot and several others got caught on tape committing crimes and acting in an unAmerican fashion. It’s enough for us to express our disapproval of the act, and insist that it make the national news. The voters in Michigan already know about creeps like this: that is why they voted the Republicans in. There will be more to this story, more names, more details of ugly acts, and then there will be the trials, both criminal and civil.

    That will be enough. The unions haven’t won any friends by this behavior, and it’s a good chance that these thugs just sealed the results of the NEXT state election, provided the Republicans simply go about the business of being normal legislators. After this show, it may very well be easier for other states to pass right-to-work laws, as well.

    Publishing an address, even of a criminal, invites retaliation by the people among us who don’t have real lives. If you give it a moment’s thought, you will quickly reach the conclusion that if anything happens to the person or the address you published, it WILL be blamed on the right-wing nutbars, REGARDLESS OF WHO ACTUALLY DID IT.

    Please. No more street addresses of perps.

  • jfap

    Oh good, warren bonehead has another useless comment to share. Thanks, bonehead!

  • lottie jump

    lol. you’re all pathetic! and we ALL WANT TO BUY TICKETS TO WATCH “UNION THUGS” KICK YOUR FAKE, EFFEMINATE ASSES! this is a rallying cry for all TRUE BLUE AMERICANS! you right wingers aren’t men. none of you are men. a REAL MAN just punched that little girly boy chowder in his face! you all carry guns because you have nothing between your legs! you will live to regret ever even HEARING THE NAME TONY CAMARGO! he will become the next AMERICAN HERO!

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  • Patty



  • Patty

    The only place you will see this is on Fox and when they take down Fox, what will YOU do.

  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    Patty, it won’t matter. The US is broke. Eventually, they’ll be fighting each other for the crumbs that are left. It’s inevitable. The taxes the government will collect every year is about a weeks worth of spending. Eventually, we’ll be unable to pay the interest on our debt. I’m sure the IMF and World Bank will figure something out. Just ask Argentina and Zimbabwe. It’ll be epic!

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  • faketony

    Anthony ‘Tony’ Michael Carmargo?

    Wonder if that is an Mexican-American, Italian-American or else name?

  • faketony

    Correction, Camargo

  • you know in the 1960’s union members fought againist the andy sterns, wayne ratdkes, and the rest of the SDS types now they are fighting for them. my how times change!

    note to all union members: there are no unions in communist countries.

  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    Where does he live? An address would be helpful.

  • LOLatSoutherners

    “yankee union punks, come to the RIGHT TO WORK south and we will kick your ass in person just like we are kicking your ass in business. nicer homes nicer cars better standard of living…crybabies get a NON UNION clue”

    You have a serious problem with the truth. Most red states are in the South. Most red states are welfare states. That means they take more federal money than they pay in.

    Most Blue States are donor states, and in the Northeast, the North, and west coast.

    Southern states are a drag and a drain on the REAL American states, the Blue States. You better “thank a Yank” for supporting your lazy, welfare-grubbing butts.

  • Jack

    Too bad they weren’t in Texas where having a CHL, and with your life threatened like the video shows, it would have been perfectly legal to shoot this bastard. …yep, too bad…

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  • GDC

    Unions ARE CRIMINAL Organizations!!!

  • Unions Sux

    Glad I own a Nissan and Toyota cars , made in USA without unions thugs ! You should all be ashamed of yourselves union thugs ! Hope and change, yeah right ! Obammy and his Dem buddies, this is the vision they have for the USA !!!

  • Chicagoguy

    The assailant has been identified: Anthony “Tony” Michael Camargo
    48967 Shady Glen Ct., Chesterfield, MI 48051

  • Ted Unlis

    Fat Tony Camargo, the cowardly union puss who was extended the challenge to a MMA sanctioned fight in lieu of jail by Crowder will probably have to talk over the challenge with his fellow cowardly union puss buddies over a few tokes of a joint and slugs of whiskey on their lunch hour.

  • dharc

    ..these fat old union thugs….they never go after anyone who could take them to the ground,and grind a pound of ground round out of their ugly faces…cowards…

  • CentralTexasKevin

    Jail is an unforgiving environment, particularly for middle aged, fat, out of shape white guys. Tony Camargo of Grand Rapids, Michigan will serve some time in the slammer. Don’t drop the soap, Tony!

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  • Mad Hatter


    Thanks for displaying your Klan like attitude by enjoying seeing violence against people you deem to be beneath you.

    The Klan committed violence against blacks because they were for Right to Vote. Unions committee violence against those because they are for Right to Work.

    Congratulations, you’re in great company.

  • Joseph

    Well one of these days another right wing nut will pull a McVeigh and then we can label them all terrorists, take away their guns, and drone-strike them to the gates of hell, the American people will be all for it after more displays of their terrorism… can’t wait to rip the guns from their cold dead hands! Obama will burn the 2nd amendment on the steps of the Supreme Court! FEMA camps for the survivors… I’M LOVIN IT.

  • Bob

    Crowder needs to file assult charges and sue the union for this.

  • mundus civilitas

    Ken Spitzley, a state agriculture department employee, told HuffPost that he walked to the protest at the state Capitol during a break from work and that he witnessed Crowder getting in protesters’ faces.

    “He was just after everybody,” said the 56-year-old Spitzley, a procurement technician whose workplace is represented by the United Auto Workers. “There was no question he was there just to start a fight, to start some kind of trouble.”

    In an interview, Crowder said he was provoking protesters merely with his presence as a conservative and his pointed questions on right-to-work legislation. He described the assault as “brutal” and completely undeserved.

    “I definitely provoked them,” Crowder said. “I was asking them basic questions.”

    Sptizley offered one specific anecdote that Crowder disputed. According to Spitzley, Crowder had an exchange with two pro-union men wearing blue jeans, hard hats and Carhartt clothing. One of the men accused Crowder of working for Amway, the family company of Michigan businessman Dick DeVos. Crowder joked that he sells soap.

    “He said, ‘I sell soap. I should sell you some,'” Spitzley said, quoting Crowder.

    Crowder said he never suggested the men needed soap or could use a bath. “That wasn’t my intent,” he said. He also said he was nonconfrontational throughout the exchange.

    Spitzley said he did not witness the punching incident or the exchange leading up to it. But in Spitzley’s estimation, Crowder “wasn’t going to go home until he got punched.”

    Crowder, however, challenged that characterization. “I didn’t expect to be assaulted,” he said. Asked if he planned to press charges on the man who punched him, Crowder simply said to stay tuned.

    Crowder, who suffered a chipped tooth in the incident, also criticized HuffPost for reporting Spitzley’s version of events, arguing that it suggests the assault was somehow warranted. “I think it’s misleading,” he said.

    In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday night, Crowder described the punches as “completely physically unprovoked.” “Apparently, I provoked them by asking them, why are they against right to work? By asking them, what about somebody in Michigan who might want to work for a company and might not want to join a union?”

    “Call me a provocateur, Sean,” added Crowder.

    An edited video that Crowder posted of the scuffle shows a man punching Crowder repeatedly and another man grabbing him from behind after he’d walked away. The video, which due to the editing does not show what immediately preceded the punches, has become perhaps the most prevalent image of the Lansing protest, with conservatives holding it up as evidence of union thuggery and many labor activists ruing the bad publicity.

    Lt. Kevin Sweeney, a spokesman for the Michigan State Police, told HuffPost that a total of three arrests were made during Tuesday’s protests, although he could not say whether anyone was arrested for punching Crowder. Sweeney said police were generally pleased with the relatively few number of incidents, given the “passions” surrounding the right-to-work issue.

    On Tuesday, Michigan became the 24th state with a right-to-work law. Such laws bar contracts between companies and unions that require all workers to pay union dues for bargaining on their behalf. Unions argue the laws cripple them by allowing workers to opt out of supporting a union financially even as they reap the benefits of its collective bargaining.

    Spitzley said he’s hardly a diehard union man. He said he joined the protest not so much out of opposition to right-to-work laws as due to displeasure at how state Republican legislators and Gov. Rick Snyder fast-tracked the referendum-proof law during a lame-duck session.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Jaw Wohl, Joseph!

    Unt maybe you vill be made obermeinstenfurhrer, of the camps? You can send everybody to the ovens! You vill be lovink it, ja, ja!

    Sieg heil!

    (You do keep a picture of Adolph Hitler by your bed, and kiss it good-night every evening, don’t you?)

  • Scott

    To those of you who believe that Steven Crowder is innocent in all of this, there’s video evidence to the contrary here:


    In the second video…the one where Crowder is being interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox, at time 5:50 into the clip, you see the man who threw the punch standing. Then you see what is apparently Crowder grabbing the man and throwing him to the ground. *Then* he gets up and punches Crowder in the face. It’s not unreasonable to watch this clip and come to the conclusion that Crowder not only provoked the man, but assaulted him. If this is the case, Crowder got what he deserved.

  • Jim

    Union Democrats- Hate filled, intolerant, war-mongering racists! You can keep them, I’d rather lose than associate with scum.

  • Jerky John

    Steven the bitch Crowder got what he wanted, and you all sop it up like a bunch of lap dogs. The badass MMA wanna-be comedian hack Crowder doesn’t have the balls to prosecute, so carry on pounding sand in fairy land!

  • kurt

    Here is contact info to the IBEW. I sent a message to see if action will be taken against Tony Cummings


  • Leguftek

    Yours will be coming Tony…..we’ll see how tough you are now when your not hiding behind anonymity in a crowd. It’s fat punks like you me and my boys like to run into….. 🙂

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  • LibLieExposer

    Hang that IBEW union thug from goon Trumka’s double chins!

  • Finkster

    Were the thugs ever arrested and charged?

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