Today in Lansing, Michigan union goons trampled and destroyed conservative group Americans for Prosperity’s tent during protests against right to work legislation. AFP members were caught inside the tent during the attack. Conservative Steven Crowder was brutally assaulted by the union goons during the attack.

Dana Loesch
identified one of the unhinged union goons who was tearing down the AFP tent.

Via Dana Loesch Radio

Here’s another shot of Chris Opalewski – in lipstick and drag.

From his MySpace page.
Hat Tip EdBigCon




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  1. He looks like he has no teeth!

  2. That’s not drag, that’s just pathetic.

  3. Great look for your 15 minutes of fame.

  4. So, that 27 year old ex-Army boilermaker journeyman who says he killed 20 motherf*ckers with a gun is the guy that Crowder wants to fight?

    It’s your funeral, Steve. lol.

  5. Go easy on poor Chris…when you have no brain, the union and violence is all you know.

  6. Well, he killed my appetite with his ugliness.

  7. Is this why people gave up on myspace?

  8. It does not really bother or surprise me that he dresses in drag… the disturbing thing is that he still has a Myspace page. Douchebag.

  9. I do think it would be funny if the little Crowder boy accidentally ended up in a situation his faux machismo didn’t bargain for and the dude above agreed to fight him.

    And no, Jim, that’s not crossdressing. It’s revelatory, though, that you think that you’re insulting him or unions or liberals by picking out a random picture of the dude from the internet. Revelatory in that it makes you look like a boy with severe little man syndrome.

  10. That is hilarious. I had Mr. Gangsta picked out from the start. Anyone else hear him brag about the number of people he killed?

  11. MySpace? Gawd!

  12. That’s how you fight violence? Not by defending oneself in the moment, but by digging up unflattering photos of those committing the violence? That’s pathetic. What’s the next step – telling his mommy?

    The best defense is not a MySpace photo.

  13. Well maybe he should be offered a job at the FBI. They have a long tradition of cross dressing…

  14. :Evan:
    It doesn’t matter if it’s unknown or not, he’s still a union liberal piece of sh!t!!! THUG!!!!!!!

  15. Cross-dressing? I’m thinking they shouldn’t be calling him Opie, but instead Oprah.

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