Four St. Louis Area Schools Locked Down After Gunman Seen Stalking Woods

Four St. Louis area schools were locked down on Monday after an unidentified gunman was seen in a nearby wooded area.
KSDK reported:

Police called in tactical SWAT units, police helicopters and canine units due to the threat.

A suicidal man forced four St. Louis area schools to go on lock down Monday afternoon.
KSDK reported:

A suicidal man that caused four Parkway School District schools to go on lock out has been captured.

Hanna Woods Elementary School, Southwest Middle School, Parkway South High School, and Wren Hollow Elementary School locked their doors shortly before 5 p.m. Monday and would not let anyone enter the schools as a precaution after a call was made to police about a suicidal man in a wooded area.

Students inside the schools for after-school activities were allowed to leave if a parent is present.

Chief Tim Fitch says a distraught 19-year-old male from Webster Groves was texting with this girlfriend and threatened to kill himself.

Another local school near St. Louis in Granite City, Illinois was locked down Monday after receiving threats.

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  • dunce

    All suicidal people are dangerous to others as well as them selves because they have ceased to value any life, even their own. The psychologists are either wrong or lying when they say that these people are only a threat to themselves.

  • Cynicles

    Schools are BY LAW gun free zones.

    Obviously these gunmen (should I say gun people as to not offend women?) do not understand these areas HAVE NO GUNS!!

    Amazing they are willing to break the law in order to go on suicidal / homicidal rampages.

    The only thing that can stop these people from comitting these crimes with guns are to make guns illegal – surly they will obey that law when they look toward a homicidal rampage, no?

  • Tiffany

    There needs to be armed guards, retired police officers, retired military at every school. The only way to deter monsters is with a gun to take them down long before they get near a school. What the hell is wrong with people attacking children? This country and this society has dropped to just pure evil, no respect for life, living as though they are in a damn video game or movie. Sick.

  • Ron

    So what happens when the retired individual with a gun shoots someone carrying an umbrella because it looks like a rifle, or a hunter who is outside the gun-free zone?

    Get rid of gun-free zones and make it a greater risk for a ‘monster’ shooter. You have to ask why these shootings ONLY happen in gun-free zones…because criminals do not obey they law.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    And he’ll be lockup up for 15 years as an example….oops, sorry. One year probation and go talk to a psychiatrist.

  • Steven R

    How many shooting have happened at “private” schools each year compared to public schools? I know you will close your ears,,, and laugh away,,,, but I know of several private schools with no buzzers to get in, no cops at the front door, and you got to ask WHY. Because we have leaders,,, in the White House,,, that need for our children to have problems that THEY CLAIM THEY CAN SOLVE for us little stupid people. Blame who YOU voted for.

  • Jess1

    Wait.. these schools were “locked down” at 5 PM?

  • Idroptheboogie

    Murder is illegal, too.

  • Nardo

    In response to Cynicles…. School grounds in Texas are not gun free zones if you have a CHL. You can take them anywhere on campus except in the buildings. Why is it that most of these large scale shootings happen in states with the strictest gun laws?

  • Time to Fight Back!

    I am sick and tired of our schools and children having to be the victims of sensless crimes. Not only does it take the innocence of the people who are harmed but anyone in the area.

    Instead of saying we need to take the guns away, it is time to put them in the hand of the people protecting our children, the teachers and principals of our schools. It is time to stand up to these monsters and take away their fear of walking into a school knowing no one can retaliate. It is like the bully who doesn’t stop until someone stands up to him and puts him in his place. I am not saying every teacher or facility members needs to have on I am saying that there needs to be one on the school grounds that only a few people with the proper training and background / psychological checks needs to be able to get to. This is getting out of hand, and we need to take the fight to them and nott rely on the police to save us. Most of these teachers and facility memebers look at these children as there own and are willing to put their lives on the line for them (God bless each and everyone of them).

    The pacifist role will no longer work. Many people think guns should be illegal. That is not the answer, knowledge and understanding of guns is. I am a licensed carry and conceal weapon citizen and Iknow anyone would be thankful if I we able to stand up and protect them from a psychopath.

    Remember: “Guns don’t kill People, Pyschopaths with guns do”.

  • dtm

    1927 38 children killed by a BOMB not a gun! A AR-15 bullet is a very small round but because it has the word ASSAULT in it it is a bad gun! Before you post about gun how many of you are trained and have shot guns and know what you are talking about?

  • Dee in Texas

    So, the schools are in danger because they’re defenseless… And the answer is to make the REST of us law-abiding citizens defenseless also. And that will protect the schools exactly how? By all means – lets make the job easier for the Bad Guys.
    PLEASE. What part of “defense-LESS” are people not getting? Taking away my ability to protect myself and my loved ones from harm does NOT protect anyone else – except the criminals.
    In the American Colonies, you and your spouse could be jailed indefinitely without recourse, your children tossed into the street, and all you owned confiscated – simply because the British wanted to quarter their military in your home – or they didn’t like your tone of voice or facial expression.
    We fought a Revolution in this nation against that kind of guilty-until-proven-innocent tyranny.
    That’s why Americans believe that you have to PROVE a person’s guilt before you punish them. So, instead of criminalizing the Good Guys, GO AFTER THE BAD GUYS.
    Anyone who helps to disarm the law-abiding citizens of this country will be stained with the blood of every victim killed or injured because they could not be defended.

  • Chad Cooper

    whoa. Hey Everybody- Check out Steven R.’s comment because it does make a valid point. The reason that some of these things shootings happen in certain places is because our dudley do-right “LEADER” is a false wearing a veil of being a saviour. Many recent gun crimes- if investigated further, will reveal that these so-called madman/terrorist shoot-em all rampages are infact raised up in an anti firearms agenda so that average DECENT Americans protection will also be banned along with the actual murderers. So everyone… You better watch out for fake politicians of any kind saying all of these things about guns being bad and banning them because that’s not necessarily the answer either. I know that 21 children have lost their lives but Christ, many more CERTAINLY will if everyone goes along with these NWO servants in govts all around who would like nothing more to remove our defenses so that all humanity can be cleaned off the earth- by them!

  • spectrm

    @dtm: AR-15 stands for ‘Armalite Rifle – model 15’. The ‘A’ is for the company name of the original patent holder, not ‘assault’.

    Outside of spuriously developed ‘law’, “assault rifle” has no definable meaning. If I used a pistol to assault someone, that would become “an assault pistol”. A brick, a knife…name it. Assault means you are using it to aggress against the innocent. But an AR-15 is simply a modular, customizable platform for the following rounds: .22cal, 9mm, .223/5.56, 7.62, .308, 6.8mm (varminter), .50cal (NFA controlled). The AR-15 is, distinctly, a semi-automatic (one round per trigger pull). The standard AR round (the 223/5.56 NATO) is a SMALL round and only does it’s damage by velocity (supersonic). As such, it’s not the rifle, but the casing that has special “assault” characteristics.

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  • Advance

    The “A” in “AR” does not stand for ASSAULT, it stands for ArmaLite the original maker. AR= ArmaLite Rifle. The press misinforming the public again. Deliberate?

  • Jason

    Deputise the teachers. Send them to the local police academy for training.

    JJ The Fed
    (former deputy sheriff)

  • true

    All these shootings and deaths are just collateral damage. Freedom isn’t free.

  • Phillep Harding

    (Dunce, “all” is mistaken. That’s just too wide a brush.)

    Outlawing firearms will do nothing to protect the children. The best protection, and it would be just partial, would be to follow the Israeli method of arming selected people in each school.

    (As a side benefit, many of the fanatical leftoids teaching in the schools would leave, or die of apoplecy.)