Senator: Military Concerned Obama Does Not Have Their Back After Benghazi Attack (Video)

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), a former Marine, told Greta Van Susteren last night that at every town hall he’s held this month veterans want to know more about the Benghazi massacre and coverup. Roberts said he is concerned the military no longer trusts that Obama has their back after he left the SEALs in Benghazi to die without any air support.

It now looks like Obama never gave the order to save the heroes in Benghazi.
They called for help – Obama did nothing.

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  • Bill Mitchell
  • Sasja

    Of course he doesn’t have their back. He hates everything about America, especially our troops. This putz has got to go and we have to take the Senate.

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  • squeaky

    [A 3 1/2-hour firefight under way and our chopper flew in with an AC-130 gunship in the air, two H-64s and they were not allowed to give any pre-assault fire. They landed the chopper like it was landing at Wal-Mart even though a firefight was underway.
    When the chopper was shot down, neither were the AC-130 or the two AH-64s allowed to take out the savages who fired the RPGs because they were standing on a tower. And under the rules of engagement, they didn’t know if there might be friendlies in the building. These rules of engagement are criminal for our warriors….]

  • academy dad

    Just ask any serviceperson, cadet or parent of a cadet at one of our military academies. Our service people are bound by an honor code and will defend each other, even if their life is at risk. They have each other’s backs. They now know, our President does not have theirs.

    Barack Obama hid under his desk when the tough moment came. He’s “Old Yellow Stains” Captain Queeg, of The Cain Mutiny, who was indecisive, paranoid, blamed everyone else for “missing strawberries” and was recognized as unfit for command of the nation and its military long before Benghazi. But this event illuminated dangerous behavior, where he fled the scene, refused to convene the counterterrorism panel as they’d certainly be critical of his blowing off all his intelligence briefings and have the expertise to call his decisions into command.

    Very likely, there may have been a recommendation that Joe Biden replace the commander in chief as Mr. Obama was unfit to serve (of course, the thought of a deranged, angry, grumpy, drunk Uncle Joe leading things is equally terrifying, but it is the chain of command).

    We pray the people of our nation remove this remarkably unfit individual from his office and send him into retirement, replacing him with competent leadership. Even if your issues are getting free handouts, the nation is so unsafe that the certainty of government welfare is now at risk with a commander in chief hiding under his desk.

  • Jim Scrummy

    Wow, it only took some of the military 4 years to figure that one out (the ones who voted for Barky, especially the GOFOs). Of course certain generals (cough Colin Powell cough) still haven’t figured it out. Of course both are products of affirmative action.

  • Flintstone F.

    We were attacked on 9/11/2001 by al qaida. Eleven years later to the day we were attacked by our own president. Whatever the reason and regardless of genuine mistakes, it’s quite clear the president is involved in something criminal and hurtful to our national security and didn’t want anybody to know anything about it.

    The US military will endure everything they’re told to, but they should not be following orders from a traitor.

    And for the record most of the military has been wary of Obama since day one.

  • Sasja

    SEALs Team Six was used to kill some poor shmuck as OBL has been dead for a number of years. The Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan put our troops at risk and I believe is responsible for the terrible rise in loss of life.

  • Sasja

    The Colin Powells of the world do not recognize Duty, Honor, Country. They are political hacks.
    Powell was media created, just as was our Putz-In-Chief. I hope they enjoy Hell.

  • Tighterlines64

    My Youngest son is serving over seas, I get a lump in my stomach every time I hear about what happened in Libya, and consider who the CIC is for my boy and all others who are serving us. They deserve better. It is infuriating to know that this president only supports our troops when he can score political points. He does not and will never understand the special relationship that the president must have with those who serve.

  • donh


  • Allowing anti-American Obama free reign over our military makes me sick.

  • Sasja

    squeaky. My apologies. Worked late into the wee hours of the morning and my still fuzzy brain did not catch your link.

  • Granny

    #6 November 2, 2012 at 9:11 am
    academy dad commented:

    Just ask any serviceperson, cadet or parent of a cadet at one of our military academies. Our service people are bound by an honor code and will defend each other, even if their life is at risk. They have each other’s backs.

    Sadly, not all of them Academy Dad. Reports are that the second-in-command was pretty darned quick to arrest General Ham when he gave the order to ride to the rescue in Benghazi.

  • owl

    Talk about having someone’s back? I am here to report that The Professional Poop Scoopers have finally been allowed air clearance and visas into the Benghazi area.

    Yep. They have been preparing and their battle plans are on GO. They are armed and dangerous. I open my homepage and there in a blocked space in heavy print…….

    “New Benghazi Report Bolsters CIA Account……There was no order “to stand down in providing support” as had been previously suggested in media reports”

    Poop Scooper on Yahoo’s front page? Yep. Brought to you by my favorite Scooper ABC and the Scooper? Yep. You can not make this up……………….

    by Martha Raddatz

  • owl

    I am asking for some vet about Romney’s size to ask Romney to wear his jacket as a favor for the boys………….

  • owl

    You can look forward to seeing Scoopers all over Benghazi story. They are in fight mode.

  • owl

    Forgot to say thanks to Greta for staying on this story and providing a platform for info.

  • squeaky

    #14 November 2, 2012 at 9:24 am
    no problem….

  • Larkin


    Is he kidding?

    If anyone should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that o does NOT have their back, it should be our military personnel.

  • Multitude

    owl #16: This is about the fifth narrative the administration has constructed and has placed via a friendly, party-aligned media outlet. It’s probably the best fiction yet, functioning as follows:

    1. The State Department asked the CIA to help them out in this situation.
    2. Obama listened to his people and their recommendation, and subsequently ‘did’ authorize action, but told the CIA to go ahead with their response team that was a distance away.
    3. The CIA tried really hard, but things just were worse than expected. Nobody could have expected all that resistance with this new thing called “fog of war” which simply couldn’t have been anticipated.
    4. Everyone gets a gold star in the administration, the CIA, the State Department, etc.
    5. The military again is shown to be unnecessary since we use the CIA for combat.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s completely fictional and shows structural incompetence. It also explains why the counterintelligence people were not assembled, since there wasn’t a response and they would have immediately utilized the correct assets. But in progressive America, there is no correct answer and we all get A+s for merely trying.

    I’m praying every night that every Obama voter in this election gets an Obama Doctor. You know, the guy who is absolutely incompetent and will kill most of his patients through malpractice, but gets gold stars and a medical degree out of the redistributory ethics of “everyone who wants to be a doctor should be, regardless of talent, merit or capability.”

  • zip

    All will be exposed after the election … just like “We have to vote for it to see what’s in it.” Obomb unCaRe! yeah right!


  • Lars

    If only Saint Skittles was there….

  • Rachelle

    I imagine a cartoon of an American soldier looking over his shoulder in shock while a grinning Obama plunges a knife in his back saying, “I have your back!”

    If this incompetent and criminal leftist manages to win or steal the election we need impeachment proceedings against him and nearly every political appointee in his administration.

  • Liberty

    It’s obvious Obama doesn’t have their back. He stabbed them in the back. Obama is standing with the muslims just like he said he would in his book.

  • Miss Peach

    Our military should be concerned. This man does not have your backs. He is hell bent on making this a Third World country and cow-towing to his muslim buddies in the Middle East. We as a country are in incredible danger should this man win a second term.

  • RiderInTheNight

    Most of the Military has know since Barry Sotoro was elected that he didn’t have their backs. The weak links in the Military are the ones who voted for and still support Sotoro today. Soon these weak links will regret their support of a muslim appeaser.

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  • Anne

    Americans have so much influence on the rest of the world and the decisions they make affect all of us from far reaches of the world; you need to be held accountable for your actions. Please don’t let an ill-educated, war hungry, economy crushing, nature devastating man into power.
    Make the right choice, vote Obama