Bing West Doubles Down: There WAS NO PRESIDENTIAL ORDER to Secure Benghazi Consulate (Video)

On Friday former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West told Greta Van Susteren that if Obama gave the order to secure the consulate in Benghazi on 9-11 there would be a paper trail.

This morning on FOX News Bing West doubled down.
West does not believe there ever was a presidential order:

“In my judgement the audio track will show the White House knew that there was an attack going on. The real critical issue is the president says that he immediately ordered all available assets to help. The military would have put out an order from the president. There’s no question about that… What I’m asking is, “Show us the order!” Mr. President if you said use everything available and our military immediately sent out the order, simply show us the order. I have great reservations that there is no such order.

This morning Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) told FOX News Sunday that we need to find out if this presidential order was ever issued.

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  • snap boy

    Of course there was no such order from Obama. Any order would have resulted in some sort of confrontation, however limited, outside the consulate in Benghazi… Hours to get troops on scene from a base one hour away.

  • billygoatpuke

    You tube should be banned, its you tubes fault!

  • JeffWRidge

    If Obama had issued an order for help to be sent to the besieged consulate in Benghazi, he would have shown us copies of that order by now. There is no reason for them not to release such an order to the public and every reason for them to do so. Releasing that document would put an end to questions about whether or not Obama did act to save our ambassador and those brave men who died with him.

    I say again, he has every reason to release the order and no reason to withhold it. Releasing it would help his campaign. That speaks volumes about the existence of the order.

  • “republicans senator demand” where are the democratic senators. how about some bi-partisanship


    THE ENTIRE BENGHAZI DEBACLE, from total failure to provide appropriate and common security measures and security staff to the total failure to heed warnings from Chris Stevens and others about their deteriorating political situation to the TOTAL FAILURE TO RESPOND TO THE THREAT; REPORT THE CAUSE OF THE MURDERS, AND SO MUCH MORE is Ovomit’s attack on Liberty:



    The blood of patriots fills my veins,
    Their courage fills my heart!
    And Heaven’s voice at times is heard,
    In the words that I impart.
    All good I do, all that I have,
    Is the Great God’s gift to thee,
    Some few have known me all their lives—

    Long ago at Marathon’s Plains I fought
    To preserve the voice of Greece.
    And at the Spartans’ “Hottest Gates”,
    I held the pass without relief.
    My weapons may be rock or bow
    Or arms which titans might see
    To battle for truth and life itself–

    I enlisted in Crusades to strive
    To preserve more than one Holy place.
    I dared to seek the end of the earth,
    Unsure what I might face.
    Columbus of old was my dear kin–
    Who planted my sacred tree.
    I will never sleep; I will never quit—

    At Valley Forge the farmers’ sons
    Stained the snow red with their blood.
    My beloved at Midway and at the Bulge
    Linked their souls against the flood.
    Despite the depths and horrors of war
    Which you pray you will never see,
    If the need is there, I shall do my share—

    Again, the foes of honor and law,
    Conspire to defy my name.
    Their speech, their arms, their vile demands,
    “More modern” …and yet the same.
    But the powers of Heaven are in my hands,
    And as long as you still believe,
    New enemies shall fail, just as those before–

    © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Russell B. Hicks. No limitation upon any non-commercial copying or distribution. ANY COMMERCIAL USE REQUIRES WRITTEN PERMISSION.

    Who is the Great God of Liberty?

    The Great God exceeds creeds, doctrines, tenants, or religious differences. The Great God is worshipped in chapels, synagogues, cathedrals, and houses of worship of the soul. He is the Great God without regard to language, creed, color, or nation. WE, HERE, IN “COLUMBIA” RESPECTED EACH OTHER’S PRIVATE AND PERSONAL FAITH WHILE WE ALWAYS AGREED AS TO WHO WAS AND REMAINS “THE GREAT GOD”. WE LEFT NO DOUBT AS TO OUR SHARED FAITH IN THIS SUPREME BEING.

    • “In God We Trust” – it’s on our MONEY (the phrase “for heaven’s sake” seems outré)

    • “One Nation Under God” (Pledge of Allegiance)

    • “are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Declaration of Independence)

    • THE BIBLE safe kept in the Washington Monument Corner Stone

    • The WASHINGTON, JEFFERSON, LINCOLN MEMORIALS; the Rotunda of the Capitol Building – all bear witness of the Great God

    • “America the Beautiful”; “Battle Hymn of the Republic”; “God Bless America”; “My Country Tis of Thee”; “Star Spangled Banner”; and more

    • If your god is not referenced or reflected in the symbols and sacred places referenced above, then it is a different deity. We, Americans, spiritual children of The Great God, freely allow all nations and religions the right to worship their own supreme being—so long as no attempt is made to IMPOSE THEIR BELIEFS OR CUSTOMS OF WORSHIP UPON US.


    ROMNEY & RYAN WIN BIG…LIBERTY WINS BIG…in just a few more days!

  • jorgen

    Obama did give an order: he fired General Ham, probably because “General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.”

  • Jackie

    for all of those who voted for and still support Obama – the blood of these 4 Americans are on your hands as well. This is what happens when we ALLOW an inexperienced American Hating moron get in the White House. He should be impeached immediately then tried for treason and murder.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    What about FRRRReeeeeeee condoms and birth control pills?!?!?
    Obama watched them die and then he lied.

  • Gina

    #7 Jackie

    You are correct, but my plea to those still fence sitting, or tending to be in Obama’s camp…if there is ANY MODICUM of reservation or question about continuing this path, think of the consequences of keeping him AND his team of liars around…Biden, Clinton, Jarrett, Holder, Axelrod, not to mention the Executive orders, Zars, nominations, restrictions, “forced” (his favorite word) agendas, and whatever else I’m forgetting, that would hinder our lives (not to mention kids/grandkids) lives forever. It goes WWAAAYYYY beyond Obama for just another 4 years…then what??

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  • snap boy

    #4, Senator Ben Nelson owes the nation for his duplicity on Obamacare…

  • hyperstition

    Lying Teabaggers & Hobbits!!! President Obama clearly stated that he “did not act to prevent our people from being protected.”

    He did not act.

    What can be more clear? Obviously someone else should have acted (oh, yes we understand a General or two acted against orders of not acting, as did the former military personnel who acted against orders of letting the ambassador die. Numerous orders to STAND DOWN were issued, but this was only because President Obama wanted to make sure that the order to NOT ACT was made clear.

    If you respond to terrorism with love, speeches, surface-to-air missiles, billions of dollars in taxpayer cash given to the Islamic Brotherhood, revolutions overthrowing sovereign governments and replacing with AQI and associates, they will love you back. If not, it’s because we’re not giving into terrorists enough. It’s our fault.

  • Jack

    Oh, there will be orders all right.” No one is to help at all. Let them die. The New York Times and the Washington Post will bury them. They are a distraction.”

  • hyperstition

    tommy mc donnell #4: We all must call our Democratic Senators and Representatives this week and tell them they either are with the people or against them on this matter. We demand answers from President Obama along with the release of the video, audio, transcripts and any documents regarding orders issued, no later than Wednesday of this week.

    A failure to speak up for our military, state department personnel, and ultimately the Constitution and the people, will be regarded as complicity to cover-up. You WILL go down with the Obama ship if you’re involved in this cover-up. We WILL name names. We WILL see you dragged to testify before Congress for these acts.

    Time for all patriotic Americans to put their government on notice and hold it accountable. Let’s all go turn another Democratic voter into a Republican today and get them to vote.

  • owl

    Forget impeachment. Instead FORCE those Democrats to march on the WH and DEMAND he step down. Make it that hot.

    This is brought to you by MEDIA. They elected this monster on us. Their souls paid for him.

    Have you called them yet? Have you left them a very impassioned message. No cursing. Just let them hear the emotion in your voices.

    ABC 212-456-7777
    NBC 212-664-3720
    CBS 212-975-4321

    Ask them why the total blackout? Tell them you want them to ask the president if he gave a direct order. Not if he did nothing or did not tell anyone to stand down.

    Ask if he gave a direct order to go help our boys. We need to see and hear proof.

    Let them hear your voice. Emails are fine but let them hear your voice and that you blame them as much as whoever for the coverup of the murder of our American heroes.

    If you do not call, the storm will carry their water until after election.

    Don’t you feel sick at your stomach to think of Woods on that roof after begging?

  • Oliver

    of course the media will bury it — Dear Leader /President Transparency told them to wait until the ahem, “investigation” is complete.

  • Fionnagh

    To those imploring BHO supporters to come to their senses – here in WA, it’s too late. This is a mail-in only state, and I know a lot of people who have already cast their ballots for BHO. (I’m probably the only R/R voter in a company of 80 people…talk about working in a lions’ den:) So it’s going to be up to us to vote BHO out. Every vote counts, even mine up here in Seattle. I could shrug and say why bother? WA for sure will give BHO its electoral count, but none of us can afford to think that way. PLEASE, people, VOTE! Sad comfort to say if BHO “wins,” at least I will know I didn’t help him get four more years.

  • Sandy

    The Middle East is in a chaotic state right now. So much for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arab Spring. We could all see this coming why couldn’t Obama? Whatever reason Obama has for allowing this attack against our Ambassador, whether it be his prospects for re-election or just fear and awe of a group with which we are at war — this is a powerful nation which protects its own and if Obama wants to sit on his hands while Americans are killed let him do it as a private citizen.

    Peace Through Strength is the only thing these terrorists understand.

  • Oliver

    message for the PAC that’s running the Seal ad during the upcoming Bid Laden show on Nat Geo …

    please update the ad to include the following:
    SEALS killed bin Laden.
    OBAMA killed Seals in Benghazi.

  • owl

    I have been watching the Professional Poop Scoopers for years. This is the very best opportunity and opening I have observed to really hurt and scare them.

    They know they are hanging out there in the wind. Looks like the wind storm might save them and Obama.

    Let them HEAR your voice as you nail their blackout to the wall.

    Breitbart would approve this message.

  • Patty

    We are being looked at by Obama as a second class American. WHAT WAS OBAMA THINKING WHEN THE TRUE HEART OF AMERICA, THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT VALOR to go beyond way beyond the CALL OF DUTY.

    The shameful way Obama runs his jobs, the course he takes to defeat our integrity and their honor. The proud who fight in combat, giving it their all to some day come home and be greeted with the warmest regard.

    I have felt that during Obama presidency we are sad, some are so upset and others are left just shaking their heads. Why? Mr. Obama have you forsaken us. Why would denied help three times to our seal and others. They are our heroes fighting for freedom and they did this with no help from YOU and when told to stand down, THEY STOOD UP UNDER FIRE AND KNOWING THEY WERE LEFT TO DEFEND FOR THEMSELVES.

    These men deserve the highest honor there is and I pray for them. But I pray almost as equally that the disgrace this administration has brought upon the American people will finally come to an end on Nov. 6th. And in some way those who died will not have died IN VAIN.

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  • aprilnovember811

    Note what B. Hussein Obama says in his own words. They are from his books entitled “Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope.

    In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

    We’ve been experiencing a four year, ongoing terror attack from the inside, but the Muslim Brotherhood stooge, Obama. The Democrats know what he is. They helped him. Hang them all..

  • Look-Out

    Good for the Senator. He called for BHO to be “relieved of command”…he doesn’t see why there should be “a different set of standards for generals or presidents.”

  • aprilnovember811

    Come on, you Muslim Brotherhood plant, put it online, like you did that phony birth certificate. We’ll take your word for it, creep. The media will vouch for it. I’m sure Diane Sawyer will do it herself.

  • Militant Conservative

    I done $hit all over Obama. My “chair” is outside the HQ of the republican

    commitee in Carrollton Ga. The chairmain loves it. The drive bys love it too.

    Much pain and suffering will i cause the dullard left.

    powder is dry

  • aprilnovember811

    Let’s hope the next attack falls right on the street corner of the old media. Maybe they’ll all go at once.

  • TXPatriot

    But the commander was removed from his post for sending people in when he wasn’t supposed to? Uh. This does NOT compute.

  • Sandy

    Just like the Birth Certificate. This time however, Obama lied and Americans died and even some in the media are getting restless.

  • Sandy

    Tx Patriot — Stand down is also an order.

  • Aussie

    where is Senator Diane Feinstein? Has anybody noticed that nothing is coming from her? Shall we expect another Feinstein bombshell?

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