Sean Hannity on Benghazi Audio Tapes: “I’ve Heard They Are Damning” (Video)

The heroes on the ground called for help – Obama did nothing.
It Was Dereliction of Duty


Sean Hannity was debating liberal Juan Williams Tuesday on the Benghazi massacre. Hannity revealed this on the audio tapes of Tyrone Woods begging for air support on 9-11,
“My sources tell me they’re pretty damning, Juan. They’re begging for help.”

Tyrone Woods was screaming for air support and Barack Obama did nothing.
Then he lied about it.

Hannity later said there are three tapes the Obama administration is holding onto including audio of Tyrone Woods begging for air support.

Let’s hope the impeachment proceedings begin before Obama leaves office in January.

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  • Robert Hersey

    Juan Williams stepped on his own penis about 37 times during this segment, I counted.

  • Takeoffs=landings

    Where’s Bob Woodward when you need him…He brought down a President for the oh so horrible crime of, wait for it…aides breaking into a democrat campaign headquarters. What on earth were they going to get anyway? Campaign buttons? Watch while tens of thousands of so-called journalists totally ignore a horrible breach of leadership on the part of our President that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and the brave men trying to save him…

  • USMC Thomas

    Juan Williams is Chris Matthews in black face, he belongs on MSNBC.

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    A small man turns his back on the blood of his neighbors.

  • myohmy

    Maybe Obama is regretting now that he didn’t help and let Valerie Jarrett made the decision not to help even if just for a show.

  • Ghost

    we may yet see God’s Punishment on the wicked in our lifetime.

  • open society

    Where’s the outrage? Didn’t we go through total hell about Travon, the sweet, innocent little 13-year-old (going on 20) boy who cried for help? Except we learned it was his victim he was bashing the life out of on the concrete? Blacks and liberals were outraged, ready to bring down the system due to the injustice of how that poor young man was left to die like that. And when the local law enforcement refused to prosecute Travon’s attempted murder victim due to actual evidence he was trying to defend himself, President Obama stepped in (it) and demanded justice. “Why, if I had a boy, he’d look just like Travon.” America had to stand up for its victims, not turn its back on the poor boy.

    Where was this outrage with our President who turned his back on our ambassador and several honorable men who tried to defend him in spite of being told to let him die? Where is the outrage at a cold, heartless, Machievellian bastard in the White House who didn’t want the optics when he had declared Al Qaeda dead, and was told by his senior advisers that they could sell it like it was the video matter in Egypt?

    Where is the g** d*** outrage that this same President is still running ads today, declaring that “Al Qaeda is Dead. GM is alive and well.” when the opposite is becoming true of both? I will never, ever shed another tear for a liberal sob story. If you are a registered Democrat voting for Obama, you’re either an absolute idiot or a cold, heartless scum.

  • Redlite

    Juan is a far left pawn. Every time I see him on tv i change the channel. I feel sorry for Mary Katherine Ham, who I like that she has to spar with him every night.

    I agree with Jim about the impeachment hearings. But nothing will happen until the election is over and if the count is close expect the lawsuits to happen.

    May God bless all of our Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Coasties who risk their lives every day so that we may slept soundly at night. Thank a Serviceman for their service the next time you see them. They do not get enough gratitude for their self-less service to the country.

    Fresh air and sunlight is the best antidote for any disease.
    Barry said that he wants to know every thing that happened. What a laugh! He went to bed early on the 11TH so he missed out on some of the action. Time to bring Pres Ben Gazi up to speed!

  • Joanne

    Unbelievable. It sickens me that an American is begging for air support when an American consulate and annex are being attacked. Screw Obama all the way to hell.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Let’s hope the impeachment proceedings begin before Obama is leaves office in January.

    I’ll settle for a trial afterward, that tarnishes his reputation and legacy so severely that he has no future whatsoever via the usual path that ex-presidents take.

  • dwd

    This needs to be the final Obama disgrace that will be his legacy — electoral defeat at the hands of Romney, and then the release of everything he’s hidden about Benghazi.

    Obama is filth.

  • Linda

    There is no need for a bigger picture…it is a no brainer….

    Our Heroes called for help…




  • Chris

    It’s all about what the mainstream media is willing to let the general public know. We heard all about the Sandy storm and Obama. We heard all about Travon and Obama. But the Libya horror will never see the light of day on any of the media besides Fox and conservative talk radio. Especially before the election. It is the most disgusting thing happening in America today—-the travesty of a free press. Journalism has died and it won’t be back anytime soon.

  • bg


    “Act of Terror”

    October 29, 2012

    The Right Question Is – “Why?”

    [The question is not why did Obama, et al, move to cover
    up and obfuscate the circumstances surrounding the attack.

    The question is why was Stevens allowed to be killed and why were
    Smith, Woods and Doherty allowed to become collateral fatalities?
    That is the question we need answered. That is the question that
    the media isn’t asking.]


  • gastorgrab

    “Let’s hope the impeachment proceedings begin before Obama is leaves office in January.”


    He can still be impeached after he leaves office. ‘Impeachment’ simply means to put an government official on trial.

    And besides, Obama won’t have the luxury of Executive Privilege after he leaves office. Whether or not something is a “matter of national security” will depend on the judgement of the new commander in chief, Mitt Romney.

    Eric Holder, I believe, can be compelled to testify next year. I don’t believe that his fifth amendment protections apply to anything but his private existence. He’s already taken an oath to put his public existence under the authority of the American people. He can be held in contempt for refusing to testify, and immediately jailed when he doesn’t comply.

    (“I (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”)

  • bg




    Osama Obama

    Media Matters


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  • Katielee

    Then those tapes needs to be leaked…and aired. Widely, Loudly and Often. Smith, Doherty, Stevens and Woods deserve justice. If I were them, I’d asking St Peter to postpone Heaven’s gate in lieu of haunting Obama & friends for awhile.

    #15…They need more than impeached. They need arrested and indicted.

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  • noway

    the cia has the tapes. hey general petraeous you took an oath to the constitution and not obama. so let’s have it!