Breaking: TOLEDO UNION LEADERS Busted Stealing Romney-Ryan Signs

The union leaders of Local 33 Sheet Metal Workers were busted this morning stealing Romney-Ryan signs.

Four Obama supporters driving a union truck were arrested this morning for stealing Romney-Ryan signs.
The truck was filled with stolen Romney signs.
The Ohio Liberty Coalition reported:

The Ohio Liberty Coalition today released a police report from the arrest at 1:00 AM Friday morning by the Perrysburg Police Department of four males, driving in a Ford F-150 pickup that was filled with stolen Romney campaign signs.  The truck’s owner is the Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 ( in Parma, OH. (Police Report Attached as PDF) Many of the stolen signs were believed to have been put up by members of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition ( according to John McAvoy the President of the Group.

McAvoy described the situation as it was reported to him.

This morning 4 men driving a pickup truck registered to the Sheet Metal Union, Local 33 were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property – in the form of a bed full of Romney/Ryan yard signs, some measuring as large as 4′x8′. Also in the truck were tools such as drills, which were possibly used to take the large signs down. The signs were allegedly removed from several private property and business locations across Lucas and Wood County.

He continued by adding:

We find it unfortunate that the Sheet Metal Union is involved in such low behavior and actively suppressing freedom of speech during such an important election. We hope the news media will investigate. Wide reports of Romney signs being stolen have been an issue for many weeks, but this is the first we’ve heard of anyone being caught.

The Toledo Blade has more:

Those charged with receiving stolen property included John Russell, 39, of Toledo, and Chris Monaghan 41, of Rossford, who are both listed on the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 Web site as business agents for the union’s Toledo district.

The men were in a pickup truck registered to Local 33 in Parma, Ohio, police said.

Also cited were Corey J. Beaubien, 37, and Sean Bresler, 33, both of Toledo.

Hat Tip Ed

** Maggie Thurber has more on the bust.

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  • Patty


    First photos of Americans abandoning Benghazi Consulate emerge

    This photograph is actually a video still captured from an Al Jazeera video of the amazing scene at the U.S. Benghazi Consulate compound sometime before 11:30 pm. Four additional captioned photos can be found at my Flickr page below.

    This is the first in a series of photos I will be posting over the weekend along with some new video. In each instance it is my goal to present information that the U.S. news media has by and large failed to present to the American public. Most of the video and video still images were obtained from Middle Eastern sources.

    I want to thank Congressman Issa for releasing the Benghazi compound photographs after the October 10th hearing

  • Will

    Greatest of Oxymorons – Union Worker

  • Granny

    I will not look those guys up on Facebook . . . I will not look them up on Facebook . . . maybe I’ll just Google

    The UNION should be outlawed for interfering in and election. RICO anyone?

  • The Conservative wall

    The Right cant steal Obama signs because there are none to steal. People are embarrassed and wont put his signs up this time.

  • BridgetGB

    Unions have been paying members to do this to the GOP since forever. Grown men stealing signs – what does that tell you? Never.Ever.Ever.Ever.Ever.Vote.Democrat.

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  • TeachX3

    How do these people even sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror?

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Throw the book at ’em!

  • Look-Out

    CHEATS/LIARS/THUGS. The face of the Democrat Party.

    Watch Greta’s show tonight — news about campaign (OHIO turnout w/ top Rs) and now interview with Graham re Benghazi: He got FBI to now question Bengh. suspect in Tunisia.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Hit em’ in the loins!

  • Catblaster

    I’m pretty sure a roadside work crew was only picking up conservative candidate signs on the highway near where I live a couple of days ago. It’s the perfect cover—they can claim that the signs were in the way when all the signs are clustered together. Let the liberal morons keep it up. They aren’t winning hearts and minds with their petty and mean behavior.

  • bg
  • Truth Teller

    Come try to steal my signs, you fat, lazy, low-IQ, mustache-wearing union fu(ks!

    You will receive a variety of 5.56, 7.62, 0.40 in return.

  • Paula

    Stupid union workers what idiots there are so many people out there that would love to have their jobs without having to join the stupid unions.Also to the person who wrote earlier about obama signs here in ca only have seen prob 5 cars and 1 or 2 home signs Romney is winning with landslide

  • Look-Out

    REITERATE: Don’t cast a vote until you’ve watched Greta’s show. Especially if you think you’ll vote for BHO.

    She’s discussing Libya with Lindsey Graham and now has Rudy Guiliani back (he was cut off) to talk about it too. “NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE.” (Well, it does if you understand who/what BHO is). Graham and another Repub. Senator managed to get FBI to Tunisia to question the suspect.

    “This administration’s been lying about what happened.” RGiuliani cut off again…

  • Mingo

    #7 TeachX3

    They are very comfortable in their own (well, I was going to say skin…let me correct that to “Scales”…there is absolutely no conscious…no soul…no introspection. Male or female, makes no difference, nor does age.

    The ends justifies the means with this ilk, political or otherwise. No amount of lying, threatening, property destruction or bilge dissemination will stop them, for this is their life blood…their mental prowess. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. These vernon are FROM evil, therefore they are evil.

  • Granny

    #14 November 2, 2012 at 9:26 pm
    Paula commented:

    Stupid union workers what idiots there are so many people out there that would love to have their jobs without having to join the stupid unions.Also to the person who wrote earlier about obama signs here in ca only have seen prob 5 cars and 1 or 2 home signs Romney is winning with landslide

    Don’t be counting those chickens Patty – and certainly don’t give voice to that.

    Back in 08 as I drove around the town I lived in it seemed that literally every house had a McCain sign. I only saw one tiny Obama sign . . . and yet, when the votes were counted Obama was the one with the “landslide.” Things that make you go HMMMMM

  • TeachX3

    Look-Out #15… did you notice that every time Guiliani was getting ready to talk about how the MSM was not reporting, he was cut off? hmmm… better take my tin foil hat off

  • bg
  • Oliver

    BG #12 – WOW. That article is mind-boggling.
    (And why am not surprised to see George Soros’ name in there?)