Breaking: TOLEDO UNION LEADERS Busted Stealing Romney-Ryan Signs

The union leaders of Local 33 Sheet Metal Workers were busted this morning stealing Romney-Ryan signs.

Four Obama supporters driving a union truck were arrested this morning for stealing Romney-Ryan signs.
The truck was filled with stolen Romney signs.
The Ohio Liberty Coalition reported:

The Ohio Liberty Coalition today released a police report from the arrest at 1:00 AM Friday morning by the Perrysburg Police Department of four males, driving in a Ford F-150 pickup that was filled with stolen Romney campaign signs.  The truck’s owner is the Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 ( in Parma, OH. (Police Report Attached as PDF) Many of the stolen signs were believed to have been put up by members of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition ( according to John McAvoy the President of the Group.

McAvoy described the situation as it was reported to him.

This morning 4 men driving a pickup truck registered to the Sheet Metal Union, Local 33 were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property – in the form of a bed full of Romney/Ryan yard signs, some measuring as large as 4′x8′. Also in the truck were tools such as drills, which were possibly used to take the large signs down. The signs were allegedly removed from several private property and business locations across Lucas and Wood County.

He continued by adding:

We find it unfortunate that the Sheet Metal Union is involved in such low behavior and actively suppressing freedom of speech during such an important election. We hope the news media will investigate. Wide reports of Romney signs being stolen have been an issue for many weeks, but this is the first we’ve heard of anyone being caught.

The Toledo Blade has more:

Those charged with receiving stolen property included John Russell, 39, of Toledo, and Chris Monaghan 41, of Rossford, who are both listed on the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 Web site as business agents for the union’s Toledo district.

The men were in a pickup truck registered to Local 33 in Parma, Ohio, police said.

Also cited were Corey J. Beaubien, 37, and Sean Bresler, 33, both of Toledo.

Hat Tip Ed

** Maggie Thurber has more on the bust.

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  • Patty


    First photos of Americans abandoning Benghazi Consulate emerge

    This photograph is actually a video still captured from an Al Jazeera video of the amazing scene at the U.S. Benghazi Consulate compound sometime before 11:30 pm. Four additional captioned photos can be found at my Flickr page below.

    This is the first in a series of photos I will be posting over the weekend along with some new video. In each instance it is my goal to present information that the U.S. news media has by and large failed to present to the American public. Most of the video and video still images were obtained from Middle Eastern sources.

    I want to thank Congressman Issa for releasing the Benghazi compound photographs after the October 10th hearing

    http:[email protected]/8147128385/in/photostream/

  • Will

    Greatest of Oxymorons – Union Worker

  • Granny

    I will not look those guys up on Facebook . . . I will not look them up on Facebook . . . maybe I’ll just Google

    The UNION should be outlawed for interfering in and election. RICO anyone?

  • The Right cant steal Obama signs because there are none to steal. People are embarrassed and wont put his signs up this time.

  • BridgetGB

    Unions have been paying members to do this to the GOP since forever. Grown men stealing signs – what does that tell you? Never.Ever.Ever.Ever.Ever.Vote.Democrat.

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  • How do these people even sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror?

  • Throw the book at ’em!

  • Look-Out

    CHEATS/LIARS/THUGS. The face of the Democrat Party.

    Watch Greta’s show tonight — news about campaign (OHIO turnout w/ top Rs) and now interview with Graham re Benghazi: He got FBI to now question Bengh. suspect in Tunisia.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Hit em’ in the loins!

  • Catblaster

    I’m pretty sure a roadside work crew was only picking up conservative candidate signs on the highway near where I live a couple of days ago. It’s the perfect cover—they can claim that the signs were in the way when all the signs are clustered together. Let the liberal morons keep it up. They aren’t winning hearts and minds with their petty and mean behavior.

  • bg
  • Truth Teller

    Come try to steal my signs, you fat, lazy, low-IQ, mustache-wearing union fu(ks!

    You will receive a variety of 5.56, 7.62, 0.40 in return.

  • Paula

    Stupid union workers what idiots there are so many people out there that would love to have their jobs without having to join the stupid unions.Also to the person who wrote earlier about obama signs here in ca only have seen prob 5 cars and 1 or 2 home signs Romney is winning with landslide

  • Look-Out

    REITERATE: Don’t cast a vote until you’ve watched Greta’s show. Especially if you think you’ll vote for BHO.

    She’s discussing Libya with Lindsey Graham and now has Rudy Guiliani back (he was cut off) to talk about it too. “NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE.” (Well, it does if you understand who/what BHO is). Graham and another Repub. Senator managed to get FBI to Tunisia to question the suspect.

    “This administration’s been lying about what happened.” RGiuliani cut off again…

  • Mingo

    #7 TeachX3

    They are very comfortable in their own (well, I was going to say skin…let me correct that to “Scales”…there is absolutely no conscious…no soul…no introspection. Male or female, makes no difference, nor does age.

    The ends justifies the means with this ilk, political or otherwise. No amount of lying, threatening, property destruction or bilge dissemination will stop them, for this is their life blood…their mental prowess. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. These vernon are FROM evil, therefore they are evil.

  • Granny

    #14 November 2, 2012 at 9:26 pm
    Paula commented:

    Stupid union workers what idiots there are so many people out there that would love to have their jobs without having to join the stupid unions.Also to the person who wrote earlier about obama signs here in ca only have seen prob 5 cars and 1 or 2 home signs Romney is winning with landslide

    Don’t be counting those chickens Patty – and certainly don’t give voice to that.

    Back in 08 as I drove around the town I lived in it seemed that literally every house had a McCain sign. I only saw one tiny Obama sign . . . and yet, when the votes were counted Obama was the one with the “landslide.” Things that make you go HMMMMM

  • Look-Out #15… did you notice that every time Guiliani was getting ready to talk about how the MSM was not reporting, he was cut off? hmmm… better take my tin foil hat off

  • bg
  • Oliver

    BG #12 – WOW. That article is mind-boggling.
    (And why am not surprised to see George Soros’ name in there?)

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  • Look-Out

    #18, TeachX3 — oh, I find myself going there from time to time…!

  • Rachelle

    Unions have become criminal organizations. It is time for some RICO action against them.

  • Miss Peach

    What do you expect from such low life losers. They have no respect for other people or other people’s property. Bullies and thugs are all they are and they should be ashamed of themselves, acting like spoiled children.

  • Look-Out

    Check this out, guys. I’m sure you’ve shared what’s expressed here:

    But in Barack Obama’s case, the situation is reversed: Everything he’s ever done is scandalous. The reason there was no October Surprise for Obama is that we’re all scandaled out. Anyone’s who been paying attention since 2008 has literally been in paralytic shock every single day. We spent October 2012 exactly as we’ve spent every month of the last four years: Our jaws on the floor, aghast, stupefied, unable to breathe. Almost every single thing Obama has done since he’s been in the national spotlight could have been and should have been a career-ending October Surprise. But the mainstream media, as we all know, has devoted itself to protecting him.

    Not a day has gone by since Obama took office when I didn’t learn of some fresh outrage and say Oh. My. God. But we’ve been traumatized so often that over time the scandals have all blurred together and fused into a single red-hot thought: Please let this nightmare end.

  • Look-Out

    P.S. to #25 — Zombie’s got a list going of the HORRORS…you can add to it…

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  • Patty


    Breaking: Romney ahead of Obama in Pennsylvania by Four

    Romney ahead of Obama in Pennsylvania by Four
    Susquehanna Polling and Research results for Pennsylvania released today shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama 49% to 45% among 1376 likely voters. Two percent are undecided and 3% are for other candidates.

    In the same sample Republican Tom Smith leads Senator Casey by two percentage points in the race for the United States Senate seat from Pennsylvania. Smith is at 48% to Casey’s 46% according to this poll.

    Diana Irey Vaughan (R) is tied with McCord at 45% each, David Freed(R) trails Kane by 45% to 47% and Maher(R) leads DePasuale 45% to 44%.

    This poll shows the highly competitive nature of all statewide races where there are no highly favored candidates and it also reveals that Pennsylvania is definitely in play for both the presidential and senatorial races which will determine control of the direction of this nation between two differing visions on energy independence, education, international trade, balancing the budget and support for small businesses.

  • My “McKenna” (R) for Governor sign here in Washington didn’t even last a day. Intolerant liberal jerks!

  • Patty

    #25 November 2, 2012 at 10:33 pm
    Look-Out commented:


    Krauthammer: Obama is one lucky guy.

    But I say, he was unqualified to be president, so luck does enter into it. And Bias Media.

  • Patty

    #29 November 2, 2012 at 10:42 pm
    GregInSeattle commented:

    IT s..ks doesn’t it?

  • Patty

    Catholics Turn on The One

    In September, the left and the media were exultant when the Pew poll seemed to show a surge for Obama among Catholic voters. He led by fifteen points, 54-39.

    Today, that bubble has burst completely, and Obama is back down to a two-point lead, 48-46. (Few headlines this time from the mainstream media.)

    Among white Catholics, Romney has jumped to a 14-point lead (54-40) after being tied with Obama in September in the poll.

    To understand just how significant that is, consider that in 2008, Obama won Catholics by 9 percent (54 to 45) and lost white Catholics by just 5 percent (47 to 52). In 2004, the Catholic vote went narrowly to Bush overall (more widely among white Catholics), and in 2000 it went narrowly to Gore (and narrowly to Bush among white Catholics).

    The 14-point lead Romney currently enjoys among white Catholics is almost without precedent.

    Catholic voters are abandoning Obama for the same reason many other voters are: the sluggish economy, Romney’s strong performance in the presidential debates, Obama’s dishonesty and failure in Benghazi. [………………]

    Like we didn’t know but this is great news to see in print.

  • Limousine Barry

    Ah crap! Another batch of my cronies got busted! It’s getting to be a trend!

    Let me be clear, I do condone property theft – but I do not condone getting caught red-handed!

    My campaign is in the flusher floating with the logs. If I am not elected I promise to take the rest of my donor’s money and go home!

    I do have contingency plans for my election loss! Those contingency plans call for David Axelrod to quickly divert all of my donor’s money to my hidden Swiss Bank Account.

    Then I will be jetting to the Isle of Man to spend my ill gotten gains far from the angry crowd of 0bama donors!

    If you like the way I fleece my donors then vote for me. Send, $35,666.99 to me before midnight. My campaign is owes $106,666,666.00 to the UAW. They want their money back!

    My campaign is blowing smoke and sucking bad air! Joe Biden said “There’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice president” and I say there has never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud of that idiot Joe Biden!

    Davy Axelrod has a new scam for my Union voters. It’s a version of the old “bait and switch” scam. Besides, the Union thugs always vote for me. I say take their money and screw them. I cannot answer any questions at this time. Good day.

  • Goldmember


    Cool story. Yawn.

  • union leaders always making you proud to be a union supporters.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The truck’s owner is the Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 in Parma, OH.

    Only knuckle-dragging morons would use a corporate vehicle while committing acts of sabotage.

  • bg


    Mitt-mentum!! 🙂


  • Bigkahuna

    Hope they are fired and go to jail with fines

  • squeaky

    [Jimmy Green’s stepdaughter had never voted before. The 57-year-old is mentally disabled, and Green said she doesn’t understand the concept of casting a ballot.
    But this week, she called her parents to say she had voted for President Obama. The care home in Fayetteville where she lives registered its residents to vote and drove them to the polls, Green said.] your union at work?

  • King Putz

    I’m sure General President Joseph Nigro would love to hear from you.

  • ratsofred

    Soon the lizard tongues will suffer from post traumatic election syndrome . In layman’s terms they will crawl back in their rat holes .

  • obfuscatenot

    It’s not who cast’s the vote, it’s who counts the vote. The election is being stolen.

  • squeaky

    i know it’s bill maher but i wonder how would any one group know who you are. wasn’t there an issue with neighbors having access to info on other neighbors party affiliation?

  • Barack Mugabe

    Throw these criminal thugs in prison, where they’ll perform more hard labor in one year than they’ve done in their entire worthless “careers.”

  • jb books

    They are practicing their sore loser act. Pathetic and pathological all at once.

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  • What hurts Romney supporters most is these signs are so hard to come by. Yet they dominate my community.

    It’s amazing how intolerant liberals are that they would stoop so low. They simply cannot stand the idea that reasonable people don’t buy their philosophy.

  • tcircle

    The three dimensions (3D) of the dumbo-crap party: deadbeats, derelicts and dropouts.

  • Look-Out

    OT for a feel better —

    AceofSpades has put together a BIG THREE of Barone’s projected WINS:

    Ohio (18). The anti-Romney auto bailout ads have Obama running well enough among blue-collar voters for him to lead most polls. But many polls anticipate a more Democratic electorate than in 2008. Early voting tells another story, and so does the registration decline in Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County. In 2004, intensity among rural, small -town and evangelical voters, undetected by political reporters who don’t mix in such circles, produced a narrow Bush victory. I see that happening again. Romney. [The Night of the Living Dead scenario. — ace]

    Pennsylvania (20). Everyone would have picked Obama two weeks ago. I think higher turnout in pro-coal Western Pennsylvania and higher Republican percentages in the Philadelphia suburbs could produce a surprise. The Romney team evidently thinks so too. Their investment in TV time is too expensive to be a mere feint, and, as this is written, Romney is planning a Sunday event in Bucks County outside Philly. Wobbling on my limb, Romney.

    Wisconsin (10). Recent polling is discouraging for Republicans. But Gov. Scott Walker handily survived the recall effort in June with a great organizational push. Democrats depend heavily on margins in inner-city Milwaukee (population down) and the Madison university community. But early voting is down in university towns in other states. The Obama campaign is prepared to turn out a big student vote, but you don’t see many Obama signs on campuses. Romney.


    With Romney/Ryan, the American Dream Survives

  • CM

    Don’t blame the poor union guys. They are being used and taken advantage of by greedy Dems who want a cut of their paychecks to expand socialism. They are victims of propaganda.

  • bobbymike

    Many many times they show us that they think this is a war and will do whatever it takes to win, I hope we raise the stakes in our own lives to this level. Nothing illegal but a recognition that this is a fight for the soul of the country and they HATE OUR GUTS!!

  • Patty

    Obama’s Debt: The Numbers & The Record


  • Patty

    Christie threatens ‘Disaster Control Act’ order to guarantee nonunion utility workers can help restore NJ power

    Read more:

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  • We had a protest in front of this union hall today, passed out Romney signs. Watch.

  • Look-Out

    #56 – LadyImpactOhio ==

    It’s a WONDERFUL DAY to see PATRIOTS! Thank you for what you’re doing!


    Help Keep the American Dream Alive!

    Vote Romney/Ryan 2012!!

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  • mack

    Why not they steal everything else.

  • denis byrne

    Not all unions are evil or corrupt…A union of uneducated greedy and simplistic individuals will lend itself and membership into a problem environment… A union will only become criminal if the membership allows that… There are regular membership meetings to curtail any corruptions… I personally have belonged to a very fine Maritime Officers union since 1968…I did three tours in Vietnam an one in Iraq…Our union is similar to the Airline Pilots Association..If we professional mariners were not united, there would be Capt/ Blighe mutiny on the Bounty stuff and the Pilots would be working for chump change…A solid cadilac health and pension plan was part of our negotiations…we gave up wage increases in order to gain other benefits….alll at arms length negotiation with employers… Collective Bargaining as it used to be called…I have always voted Republican for the most part; as I found that some of our union sponsored reps were far too liberal for my taste…My union has been exceptionally well managed for over 25 years by an individual I know personally and is of the highest moral calibre and integrity….Thats the bottom line for all unions…Honest Leadership….By the way –that seems to be the bottom line for most countries as well…In three days we of the votership have a chance for real change—honest leadership by Mitt and Paul…Time for no more spinn and some time for truth!

  • jeffrey brown

    Who wants to join me in expressing appreciation on wednesday for their good deed in probably saving the country – lets send their headquarters an abundance of heart-warming flowers as a token of appreciation. More serious thanks to the cops that did their headquarters job!

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  • 33tinknocker

    I would just like to set a record straight, especially to all those who want to call me, my family and my way of life low, and disrespectful, you people are off base and out of.touch! Our union members got caught making a stupid, childish mistake. No doubt! Do any of you radicals realize that they were stealing signs from the people who they had caught stealing our Obama signs? That’s right republicans! Youre no better than anyone else! These “union bums” as you all often put it, are some of the hardest working men I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not a one of you understands what its like to have a whole other family thats looking out for your best interests 99 percent of the time. Those gentlemen worked extremely hard putting in countless hours in an honest manner.The one time they did something stupid, they got caught. They made us all look bad. I completely disagree with what they did, but I stand behind them because they stand in front of us, to protect and lead us. Furthermore, I disagree with you’re bashings moreso than I do their actions.