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    1. Accountibility is “never” crucial to the advancement of civilization.
    2. The government can be ones benevolent benefactor for a “prolonged” period without becoming a: brutish, brainless, bloated, bribing, blackmailing, boondoggling, bamboozling bureaucracy.
    3. The government can attain “absolute” equality at the behest of and on behalf of medicore by stylfing and compromising the endeavors of the meritorious with disparagements, mandate taxes.
    4. Compassion need “never” be tempered common sense.
    5. The governed must “submit” to the will and dictates of the governing progressive elites being the former are too stupid and incompetent to address their own affairs.
    6. Those that live improvished and negative life styles due to poor personal choices are “entitled” to be supported by those that live prosperous and positive life styles due to good
    personal choices without questioning and judgments of the former by the latter.
    7. The indoctrination of youth in political correctness and moral relativism is “preferable” to the instruction of said youth in Judeo-Christian ethics and traditional American exceptionalism.
    8. Individuals that are “guilty” of creating honest wealth by means of their own abilities and principles must accept the ransoming and plundering of said wealth by central authority enabling it to satiate the needs and demands of collective masses.
    9. The “Hope” of the governing progressive is to “Change” America from a nation based upon unalienable right empowered by moral individuals with rational minds into a nation based upon omnipotent socialism empowered by immoral mobs with irrational minds.
    10. “Any” measures or comportment by advocates of state socialism is warranted in pursuit of such a state.