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  • Sparty

    The people pulling the wagon were finally outvoted by the people riding in the wagon. This doesn’t change until the wagon stops completely. Unless this was massive voter fraud (democrats fight voter ID for a reason), the American people just voted to become like Spain and Greece by a bunch of dumbasses who don’t even know what I am talking about.

    And anyone who calls themselves a Christian who voted for that abomination of a President has a very poor understanding of Christian ethics and doctrine, and what Jesus would do-I am not supposed to judge, but here are some safe calls:

    He would not support ruling that a church isn’t a church if it helps non-members (the Catholic Church is suing over this), He would not support taxpayer funded partial birth abortion, and He would probably not support arming terrorists in the middle east who specifically target Christians (Under Obama we have supported the Muslim Brotherhood and we are arming Al Queda in Syria as we did, possibly by accident, in libya).

    I cannot help but wonder if the flood of (and acceptance of) Gay Priests in the Catholic Church had bent it’s teachings to the point that the Church has lost it’s relationship with God. About half of Catholics voted in a way that will result in maintaining and enhancing a government that should be offensive to Catholics. I wonder how many Jews voted for Hitler or Mussolini? I don’t expect death camps for Christians, just a focused dismantling of Christianity in US life, while the Statism-Supporting Unions are being built up.

  • Mark

    Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.