Breaking: House Oversight Committee Will Hold Hearing on Benghazi Attack and Likely Cover-Up (Video)

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform announced tonight that they will be holding a hearing on the Benghazi attack and cover-up.
A letter will be sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. The hearing will focus on the previous attacks in Benghazi leading up to the consulate attack on 9-11.

Hannity reported:

There were four previous Islamist attacks in Benghazi since June.

One of the attacks was an IED atack at the US Consulate on June 6, 2012.

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More… Even CNN is starting to suspect a White House cover-up.

UPDATE: The House Oversight Committee letter reveals another previously unreported attack on the consulate.
The Daily Beast reported:

The letter also discloses for the first time a bombing at the U.S. consulate that occurred on April 6, 2012. It says that on that day two former security guards for the consulate in Benghazi threw home-made improvised explosives over the consulate fence. That incident resulted in no casualties. The Wall Street Journal first reported last month that on June 6 militants detonated an explosive at the perimeter gate of the consulate, blowing a hole through the barrier. The letter to Clinton quotes one source who described the crater as “big enough for forty men to go through.”

Obama administration officials have said there was no specific intelligence predicting the 9/11 anniversary assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. A senior State Department official acknowledged that there were five serious attacks on Western targets since the spring in the lead-up to the attack on the 9/11 anniversary. Speaking of the June 6 attack at the consulate’s perimeter gate, this official said, “The IED attack caused no loss of life and no injury, the wall acted as designed. It absorbed it.” This official said that compared with the 9/11 anniversary assault, the earlier attacks in Benghazi were mild. “We faced a coordinated, military-style assault. We’ve never seen that kind of attack before,” this official added.

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  • Sarah

    It’s about time.

    Also in the better late than never category is this: CNN has allowed a shred of truth to see the light of day. Shocking, I know!

  • myohmy

    Toothless congress, it’s about time. Let all the blames lay at Obama’s feet. Fire Hillary, too.

  • Coal Country Bob

    They should issue a strongly worded letter.

  • JenBee

    It IS about time… but because of the media protecting The Precious and blasting Romney on this issue (as if it’s HIS fault our Libyan embassy had no security, as if the blood of four murdered Americans is on HIS hands), the public really doesn’t care about this issue. It’s not as if these hearing and all the Obama ineptness is going to make a difference on even one voter. And furthermore, does anyone really think the media will even cover or report on this? Of course not… we – Conservatives, not ‘the public’ – will only read about it reported on by Fox News, Rush, Hannity, etc. In other words, preaching to the choir. Our side is the only informed side, and we simply cannot seem to break the embargo of the MSM.

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  • Kenny Solomon

    Oooooooh, I bet the #HeilObama administration is shaking in their (jack)boots.

    Indeed, Coal Country Bob, a strongly-worded letter is more than likely in the foreseeable future.

    Maybe we can get Univision on the case ?

    I wonder if we’ll still have a nation to see the outcome.

    — — —


    Fisker Automotive wants more investors for their business making flammable vehicles selling at a loss for $100,000 per unit.


    T.J. Lane, the lil’ darlin’ who shot up Chardon High School is being tried as an adult, so of course his on-the-record plea is that he’s Nuckin’ Futz.

  • http://none tommy mc donnel

    this won’t do a damn thing, the democrats will sit there and apologize to any administration official that might be called before the committee. seen it all before during whitewater.

  • Mad Hatter

    If Issa, Gohmert, and Mike Lee is on the Committee, it’s going to get interesting.

    Mitt better make this a major campaign issue.

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  • serfer52

    Does anyone think The Speaker has the calls to allow anything to result from the committee,,,Boehner is The Punk’s golfing buddy

  • Bill Mitchell

    John Elway Endorses Romney

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Nothing is going to happen to anyone of any prominence. Not to Obie, not to Hillary, not to Rice, or anyone else in the upper tier of Obie’s administration.

    These “hearings” are beyond worthless.

  • Bill Mitchell

    The race is tied and Obama faces a sh*tstorm between now and Nov 6.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Elway endorsement put CO in Romney’s column.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The race is tied and Obama faces a sh*tstorm between now and Nov 6.

    Rest assured that the media will pull out all the stops to tamp it all down as best they can.

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Yes, but will the hearing make the news networks?

  • Grandma Perkins

    Another “-gate” for the media and the American people to ignore.


  • Nelle

    If not for bias, right about now Hollywood would be releasing “The Impeachment of Barrack Obama”, and there would be 3 weeks of non-stop interviews on every network news and talk show. It would feature Fast and Furious, the TSA, the healthcare horse-trading, Pigford, union-benefiting bailouts, Rezco, and much, much more.
    But all of our institutions have a strong liberal bias. So these things go unmentioned, and we get another round of hearings.

  • bg


    Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

    October 1, 2012 – by Dan Bubalo

    The Devious and Treacherous Left

    [ay Z, a successful man monetarily, supposedly resides on Mt. Olympus while it’sb conveniently overlooked that he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars selling two generations of people variations on rhythmic and mysogynistic chanting. No list of the vapid and meaningless distractions would be complete, of course, unless we include Mr. Ed’s daughter, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the harpies on The View. When it became evident that Mr. Obama was outright lying about a well planned Islamic terrorist attack in Libya he inexplicably avoids a meeting with major ally, Benjamin Netanyahu, to go sit on Whoopie Goldberg’s lap. What a wussie. Or, could it be that Muslim indoctrination grabs him by the throat every time he must make a statement against radical Islam, which precludes him from remembering his oath to protect and defend the United States of America?

    Once again, these are more than just fundraisers per se; they were created to remain smoke-filled divergences, coordinated and planned to deflect the spotlight of any substantive analysis of the most corrupt and inept man to ever serve our country as president. Don’t forget that when Mr. Romney immediately called the Libyan assault an act of terror, all the aforementioned lemmings went into attack mode. And if I’m wrong on the premise of media-selective cordiality, name me the last significant individual that hosted a Romney fundraiser. Don’t worry. I couldn’t name one, either.

    Apparently, if you kill people and you’re Muslim it constitutes to this president a “work-place issue” Obama has blatantly and without remorse supported Islamic terrorism, occasionally through what he thought were subtle means on his first apology tour but more often through an arrogance that challenges impeachment and flips it the bird, for enough footage exists which shows Obama yet to meet an enemy of our country with whom he doesn’t enjoy walking with a hand in their front pocket. He hasn’t merely used Air Force One, he’s abused the convenience for which it was intended. He obviously can get anywhere he wants at any time, but couldn’t make it to Fort Hood after a Muslim insurgent in our own armed forces conducts his version of jihad by slaughtering our soldiers. Apparently, if you kill people and you’re Muslim it constitutes to this president a “work-place issue”, very much like the humiliating and largely enabled attack that claimed the lives at our consulate in Libya was dismissed as being caused by a video nobody has seen.]

    more at links..