Breaking: After June Libyan Consulate Bombing Obama Administration Bragged: “Our Security Worked”

Islamic terrorists attacked the US embassy in Benghazi with rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire on 9-11. The terrorists were reportedly led by Sufyan Ben Qumu, a former Gitmo detainee.

Libyans dragged the body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens out of the compound after his murder. Al- Ahram

After the US Consulate in Benghazi was bombed in June the Obama Administration bragged, “Our security worked!”
Three months later terrorists slaughtered our ambassador.
The Wall Street Journal reported, via Draw and Strike:

State Department officials said security for the consulate was frequently reviewed and was deemed sufficient to counter what U.S. officials considered to be the most likely threat at the time: a limited hit-and-run attack with rocket-propelled grenades or improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

There was a string of attacks in Benghazi in the months before Sept. 11, including a June 6 IED explosion outside the consulate compound. “These types of incidents were the ones that were our principal concerns,” a senior State Department official said. Based on the outcome of the June 6 attack, in which a perimeter wall was damaged but no Americans hurt, a second State Department official added: “Our security plan worked.”

But, that was before the consulate was torched and the ambassador murdered.
Now the administration says a detachment of US Marines could not have protected the consulate from the terrorist attack.
Breitbart reported:

The Obama administration’s shifting claims on what took place in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11 became more defiant yesterday when unnamed officials suggested that no amount of security would have mattered in Libya, not even a detachment of US Marines. This came on the same day the administration also admitted the assault was a terror attack not a protest gone wrong.

The claim came as part of an investigative report by CNN. Unnamed officials described a pattern of previous attacks in Benghazi as “Stand-off attacks with no follow up.” By contrast, the 9/11 attack was “a whole paradigm shift for which there was no prior intelligence and there was no context to put in related to what was going on.” In other words, we weren’t ready for an attack this big.

Perhaps to emphasize the scale of the attack, an official claimed that even if Marines had been on hand it might not have mattered “More guards, or even a Marine detachment, the officials maintained, could not have curbed the lethal attack.”

Funny how the state-run media has completely ignored this, huh?

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  • squeaky

    and the economy is rebounding. only in obamaville.

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  • Patty (@littlebytesnews)

    Despicable, after they knew of previous attacks, one with an IED in June, the Obama admin still didn’t add more security in Libya, but now claims it wouldn’t have helped prevent the attack on 9/11??!! They will use any excuse to try to cover up their negligence&incompetence….I hope this event is the demise of the Obama administration. Anyone who cares about the lives and safety of Americans can NOT vote for this failed administration again! It is treason to do so, considering they support want to continue funding these barbaric countries that hate us.

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  • MrGoodWench

    There was a string of attacks in Benghazi in the months before Sept. 11, including a June 6 IED explosion outside the consulate compound.
    It would be fun to check what Obama Hussein Odinga was doing on June 5, 6 7 and 8 .

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  • Limousine Barry

    It worked!

    Not one terrorist was killed in the attack! Only, our Ambassador and two other Americans were killed. That’s a solid B+ in my in my world!

    Let me be clear, I may flip-flop on issues but I always blame someone else!

    It may or many not have been a preplanned attack… depending on which way my polling numbers are going! I’ll say anything to save my crappy campaign!

    Axelrod has got the MSM spin machine working! Now, we can say for sure that not even a detachment of Marines could have curbed the lethal attack… just ask any Marine!

    This unnamed source hired by Davy Axelrod now has proven that I should never have exposed our Ambassador to such danger! Um, I cannot see the TelePrompter. Please adjust it. That’s better.

    I take that back, this unnamed source has now proven that my bowing, boot-licking and brown nosing works! I may get the Muslim vote! Just ask Hillary!

    Further, I don’t have time for security meetings! I have a sick campaign to run! And, it is getting worse by the day!

    If you like the way I let our Ambassadors get murdered and our embassies get torched then vote for me! I promise more of the same if I am reelected!

    And, this is super important! Send me $57,599.95 before midnight. My campaign is going broke! My bus is very expensive to fill up! Worse, my donor’s want their money back. Send me your money Now! Good day.

  • SoLongSong

    “It worked!”

    Sounds a awful lot like what they said after the underwear bomber aboard that thar’ plane was thwarted – by PASSENGERS.

    This whitehouse seems to think that if they say something and repeat it and crow about it often enough, that’ll make it true. It won’t, but thankfully for them, the media backs them up every time. And those that aren’t paying close attention, the “undecided”, will swallow it.

    They’re the ones that will decide this election. Heaven help us all. I’m going to pray and pray HARD.

  • Militant Conservative

    Trying to be delicate.

    The Obama admin could not

    Even secure tha ambassadors

    anus from Muslim invasion.

    HUGE failure.

  • Joe Blow

    And the incompetent administration run by a total imcompetent president is probably going to be put back in office by a totally incompetetent voting public. How has the United States been so degraded to allow this to happen. Every thing they do turns to trash and by the leaders that get by with anything and lie openly in the process. How can more than 50% of the people think he should have more time to completely destroy the country and now it seems to allow the Muslims to help destroy the world.

  • SoLongSong

    Joe Blow: One answer: THE MEDIA and the near-dangerous tipping point of the percentage of people on the dole.

    HOWEVER, we’re not lost yet! I believe America Will Prevail.

  • SoLongSong

    Okay, so that’s TWO answers…

  • mg4us

    Not surprised that State run Media keeps silent. . need to get the word out. .Thanks Jim. . .

    Wether one was a Bush supporter or not (I had many issues with Papa and Son Bush and how they spent). . one thing is true, THERE WERE NO SUCCESSFUL EMBASSY ATTACKS under BUSH and after 9-11. . .NONE

    Think it might have to do with George attending briefings instead of flying ALL over. . .
    Or perhaps he put his country first?

    Remember in obama’s mind, ALL OF AMERICA is THE 1% while ROW is 99%!

    He wants to take us down a few notches . . and already doing that with increased unemployment and record high poverty. . .and lower US credit rating. . .

    See 2016:Obama’s America!. . .D’Souza exposed Obama’s dream that the US be downsized. . .

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  • pink tie Republican

    Undoubtably Barry and Hillary! did not want to offend the terrorists by putting a Marine detachment in there, for fear they would be angry and attack the consulate.

  • Days Of Love

    With the world in flame we need Days of Love, Problem is vultures have eaten the Lonely Dove, What I once thought were angelic hatted Lovers, Instead were machete wielding bookwise sufferers.

  • Days Of Dope

    With the worlds oil barons skids greased, You would project the radical fringe are peaced, We had naive pre-conceived notions of Hopes, Sadly what we are left with is Debt and Dopes.

  • Arch

    There is a State Department joke that diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice dog, nice dog,” until you can find a big rock. The truth is, diplomats are rock-averse. Diplomatic facilities are operated by people with zero security experience and a bias toward pacifism. I spent 1981 attached to a US Embassy in a Central American country at the height of their cvil war. It was maddening.

    Unlike Benghazi, we had a full compliment of Marines, but the country team were all very old school. For every security measure proposed, they found fatal flaws. We might offend the locals. Some faction might think we are taking sides. It could give the impression we do not trust the Junta to provide protection. (Well, yeah!)

    In late March, I was on the 3rd floor doing paperwork. A car stopped on the traffic circle in front of the building and fired an RPG at a window on the 4th floor where the Ambassador’s office was located. It detonated in his conference room directly over my head. No one was hurt. Local guards chased down the car, but the point was made. Threats were real. Patton was right, “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

    In Hillary’s State Department, they think the radical islamists love us because we threw American friendly regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen under the bus. Well, they don’t. Spiking the ball over Osama just before 9/11 was 30% of a good idea. If you listen to the mob in Cairo, they were enraged by the UBL mission not some stupid video.

    Like it or not, we are at war with islam and have been for 800 years. The sooner we wake up to the fact, the fewer people we will lose.